As we prepare for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony on his eponymous “Muller Report” let us keep a few things in mind…

** Mueller’s appointment was illegitimate, and he required Senate confirmation like any other U.S. Attorney.

** The proof of Mueller’s conflict of interest is highlighted for all to see, starting with his association with agencies and individuals under investigation and ending with his selection of rabidly partisan assistants.

**  The Mueller report was prepared outside of Department of Justice guidelines knowing that the report would be released to Congress.

**  It is likely that Mueller and/or his associate colluded and conspired with the House Democrats, particularly Jerrold Nadler, in preparation for today’s hearing.

**  It is not the purpose of a Special Prosecutor to exonerate any party, but determine if any party has broken the law and enough evidence exists for a prosecution.

**  A special prosecutor speaks publicly through indictments and remains silent about those not indicted.

**  The report itself is from a prosecutor’s viewpoint and none of the evidence or testimony has been challenged in a court of competent jurisdiction. The report contains hearsay, speculation, and uses information leaked to the media as “evidence” of the public’s interest.

**  And in the final analysis, nothing was keeping Mueller from saying that he believed President Trump should have been indicted except for a long-standing policy of not indicting sitting presidents. 

A rehearsed and staged production staring crap-weasels Bevis and Butthead …


Nadler: Dems Holding Mock Hearings Today, to Prepare for Questioning Mueller Tomorrow

Members of the House Judiciary Committee are holding mock hearings today, Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said, in preparation for tomorrow's testimony from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

[OCS: One can just imagine the Democrats practicing interrupting Republican’s during questioning or bringing up arcane points of procedural order to disrupt the flow of testimony and questioning. Or practicing mugging for the cameras when asking convoluted multi-part questions that always begin with a three-minute screed.]

But in his interview with CNN's "New Day," Nadler would not say who, if anyone, is playing the role of Mueller as part of today's dress rehearsals.

[OCS: Why would they need a Mueller as it is likely that Mueller or his representatives have mapped out the flow of Democrat questioning and possibly assisted in preparing the answers.]

Democrats have a lot riding on Wednesday's back-to-back congressional hearings, at which they hope to "break the lies" put out by President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr.

[OCS: What about the lies told in the Steele Dossier, the spies planted by the Obama Administration, and the various criminal acts of perjury, destruction of documents, lying, and obstructing justice on the part of the government; especially members of the Obama Administration?]

But no matter what emerges from Mueller's five hours of testimony, there is more to come, Nadler said.

As I said, our goal is to break the lies of the president and the attorney general in saying that the report found no collusion, found that there was no collusion, that there was no obstruction and exonerated the president," Nadler told CNN. "It did not exonerate the president. The report is chock-full of very damning information against the president.

Again, as I said, it found ten instances of the president obstructing justice. It found instances of the president instructing people to lie to investigators and to lie to the American people. And the American people need to hear this from Mueller.

[OCS: The report cited ten instances where a one-sided interpretation could have been argued – perhaps without success. Most of which was well within the President’s constitutional powers.]

And then after that, we need to get some of the witnesses cited by Mueller before the committee. Now, the administration has done what no administration has ever done before. They've stonewalled all subpoenas, they've said no one will testify. We will break that and we will hear from people like Don McGahn, etc. and they will testify. And people will know what the report found, will know the facts and then can make judgments.

[OCS: The progressive socialist Democrats will continue this steady death-by-a-thousand-cuts strategy up until the 2020 election – or perhaps until a number of Democrats are indicted by the various investigations underway. Don McGahn, the President’s attorney, provided 30-hours of testimony to Mueller – and got only a mention of a few sentences. Perhaps they should release the entire transcript. BTW: There is a legitimate Separation of Powers issue than can keep certain members of the Executive Branch from testifying.]

Nadler noted that most people have not read the 448-page report, and he and other Democrats are trying to give them the movie version of what's in it.

But regardless of whether tomorrow's hearings sway public opinion, there is more persuasion still to come.

[The Democrats are counting on an ignorant public that consumes its information from the mainstream media – the majority of whom will provide a false and misleading spin on the day’s affairs.] 


Bottom line…

We are so screwed when we see Congressional Democrats staging a dog-and-pony show.

-- steve

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