It is a sad day for America when every aspiring politician on the stage is more aligned with the values of the communist party than the values of most Americans…


The real debate is between Joe “The Old White Man” Biden and Kamala “The Chameleon” Harris …

Joe Biden, attempting to ride Barack Obama’s coattails and position himself as a moderate, has his hands full (perhaps I should not use that descriptive in reference to Biden) with Kamala Harris, a far left radical who will say or do anything to knock  out Biden, the current frontrunner. As with last night’s finalists, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both Biden and Harris are deeply flawed and a clear and present danger to America and Americans.

Again, like last night, the policies of all candidates are similar.

Medicare for all is nothing more than the final destruction of health care in the United States: the elimination of private insurance plans, the destruction of the Medicare you have worked your whole life to fund, the massive expansion of the welfare program known as Medicaid, and the delay, denial, and death that comes from rationing. It is physically impossible to service more people without increasing physicians, facilities, diagnostic devices, and other medically-related necessities.

Comprehensive immigration reform is a joke as these are open borders advocates. The theme that children are separated from their parents is crazy as any American citizen who is incarcerated is separated from their children; many of whom go into foster care. Amazing, they declare there is a crisis at the border, refuse to fund a lawful solution, and then blame President Trump.

Gun violence – progressive idiots ignore that criminals, crazies, and terrorists do not respect nor obey the law. These are the people who let criminals plea bargain away serious gun-related charges and release criminals into our communities. This is not a public health issue, it is a law enforcement issue.

Criminal justice – treat criminals like immigrants, rehabilitation not incarceration.

According to the progressives, it is all the fault of those “evil corporations” – you know the one’s responsible for advancing humanity. The fact is that bigger government produces bigger problems.

Education – want to fix education? -- get rid of unions, tenure, and poor-performing teachers.

Climate – the sky is falling!!!  It’s science, so shut up.

Unions – why would any sane person encourage a corrupt system that rewards seniority over merit, ignores technology over manual labor, and increase the costs and completion time of everything they touch.

Trade – trade treaties should not include labor unions. The unions are the source of most labor disruptions.

Race – identity politics was invented by democrats. They are the racists who point to others as being racist.

Our “military is the best on Earth” – so let’s  cripple or destroy it. Yeah – a piece of paper is going to prevent a nuclear Iran.

Impeach the President – no mention of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat dossier.

You must be kidding?

De Blasio – Tax the hell out of the wealthy. (Productive people are leaving the ruins of New York City.)

Bennett – Children belong in classrooms not in cages. (Obama’s cages.) Equal is not equal. Let’s fix our school system. (Perhaps he needs to run for a school board.)

Inslee – The Democrats are the last best hope for humanity on this planet. We can defeat the climate crisis. (Write a law to control the Sun.) White nationalist in the White House. America should be a refuge. (Sanctuary nation – for Muslims?)

Gillibrand – Nothing is impossible. Health care is a right. Trump wants to take your health care. (Perpetual motion and honest politics are impossible.) Self-described white woman of privilege. (Another racist.) First thing she would do is Clorox the Oval Office. (Cute.) Donald Trump is a divider. (Last time I looked, it was the Dems who practiced identity politics.)

Gabbard – I know what patriotism is. (Wrap yourself in the flag, avoid talking about policies.) Al-Qaida stronger than after 9/11. (Lie) There is no [nuclear] shelter, it’s a lie. (Appeaser)

Castro – We were reminded and inspired by our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. (The land of corruption – yeah, right.) Marshall Plan for Central America. (Wealth redistribution.) Attacks law enforcement and cites Michael Brown (a thug who was killed while attacking a police office and trying to grab his weapon.) The President is a racist. (Castro plays the race card every chance he can.)

Yang – Give every American $1,000 per month. The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math. (Racist and crazy.) Pay people to stay out of jail. (HUH?) Re-enter Iran agreement. Reality show president.

Booker – It’s Donald Trump’s language. (Look in the mirror.) "Some immigrants are from shithole countries, and some are from worthy countries. We need to reform this whole immigration system." (Trump was correct.)

Harris – We are better than them. The cost of doing nothing is far to expensive. (Cheaper than the alternative.) President pushing science fiction not science fact. (Activist science is provably corrupt.) Fine companies who do not adhere to government wage controls. We have a predator in the White House. Trade policy by Tweet. (Trump will destroy Harris.)

Biden – It started the minute Harris walked on the stage. ["Go easy on me, kid."] Mr. President … yada, yada, yada. Obamacare is working. (Back to the future.) Jail insurance executives for opioid crisis.

CNN – Nice camera work in using split screen with two candidates nose to nose when they debate. Lemon cites President’s racist rhetoric. (Lemon is the racist who makes everything about race.) Projection – cites everything wrong with the Dems.)

Biden was clearly under attack by his fellow democrats on stage. He held his own, energetic, engaged, and able to recall facts and figures. Harris was combative and as tedious as Elizabeth Warren. It looks like Biden kept his lead.

Bottom line…

Only a politician could explain an intractable and complex problem and the solution in two minutes – proving they are “experts” who know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.

All of these progressive socialist democrats who want to take big money out of politics are lying. What they mean is we should outlaw big money going to their opponents.

YADA, YADA, YADA … think about California’s trillion-dollar high-speed (a lie) train to nowhere.

Where do the progressive socialist democrats get these moonbats and morons?


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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