Trump Derangement Syndromet-covers

If Trump Derangement Syndrome were a real thing, Yale University psychiatrist Bandy Lee would be a prime candidate for a psychiatric evaluation.

Her insistence that President Donald Trump is unfit for office based on a “psychic” pseudo-medical exam that never took place, is evidence enough that Lee is either a publicity-seeking media whore or someone who needs to be professionally evaluated before allowing her to practice her profession.

By Lee’s criteria, most New Yorkers, especially those from the Bronx (including herself) and Queens, appear to exhibit the same characteristics that are said to afflict President Trump.

Like any other group of political activists allied with the Democrat Party, one should be extremely skeptical of their pronouncements and the motives of those involved.

Perhaps the very best you might say of Lee is that she appears to have flushed her career down the drain to join the legion of Wing-Nuts that hate Donald Trump for no other reason that he made a mockery of the Democrat’s socialist platform and highlighted the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was a corrupt, lying Marxist with the likeability of a used piece of toilet paper.  And that Trump bypassed the traditional Democrat propaganda spewed by a biased mainstream media using social media. Unlike elites George Bush and Mitt Romney, both political cowards who refused to engage their enemies or define the GOP’s position, Trump counterpunched and called out his adversaries like any other American citizen who was attacked for his political position.

Now, Lee and her cohorts are planning a July 23rd “town hall” meeting, ostensibly to present their “armchair analysis” of the president and list all of the reasons why he should be removed from office.

From the Washington Times…

Democrats plan town hall event on Trump's 'deteriorating' mental health

House Democrats say they will provide a platform to a psychiatrist to speak to members and the public on what she calls President Trump’s deteriorating mental state, despite professional guidelines against diagnosing public figures.

Dr. Bandy Lee, a Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist who edited a book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President” will attend the town-hall style meeting on Capitol Hill, to which all lawmakers will be invited

“We are planning to do something where she can make a presentation to other members, so that they’ll be aware of what she’s been working on,” Rep. John Yarmuth, Kentucky Democrat and House Budget Committee chairman, told The Hill on Wednesday.

Mr. Yarmuth and Rep. Jamie Raskin, Maryland Democrat, will host Dr. Lee and perhaps other psychiatrists, The Hill reported. <Source>

Bottom line…

Am I the only one to notice that most socialist, communist, and other totalitarian regimes have weaponized psychiatry to eliminate or neutralize their opponents.

If it were truly possible to analyze patients without any personal connection, why hasn’t the profession moved beyond the which-doctor phase (as in which medication should I try next?) to screening out potential mass murderers and other psychotic deviants? I am not saying this facetiously as Lee’s area of expertise is purported to be a “violence prevention,” especially in prisons and in the communities.

We saw this playbook during the Goldwater era and the ploy appeared to work then. Can it work at a time when many view Bandy Lee as just another useful idiot that has been enlisted in the war against freedom, liberty, and the ability of individuals to choose their own destiny? Imposing her politics and morality on the citizenry as if her degrees in medicine ( M.D. from Yale Medical School) and theological studies (MDiv from the Yale School of Divinity) were enough to legitimatize her remote analysis of the President?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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