In the process of attempting to understand the trade dynamics of China's Huawei Technologies, I stumbled across a fundamental truth that is shocking in its scope and impact on our freedoms…

That is, with 4G, fourth-generation technology, individuals were able to somewhat opt-out of coercively providing mobile device information to third-parties, be they the hardware, operating system software,  application developers, or governmental agencies. With the projected capacity, speed, and omnipresence of 5G, fifth-generation technology, it will be almost impossible for an individual to opt-out of an electronic network that can be used to surveil their entire existence, including what they are doing in the home -- a place where there is a legal assumption of privacy.

It is no longer about “improving the customer experience,” but collecting, massaging, targeting, and selling your data…

Essentially, those third-party "terms of use' agreements will force individuals to surrender any rights to privacy and the ownership of generated data -- and make them vulnerable to bad actors, be they malevolent hackers or a totalitarian state.

With 5G, it is no longer a case of surrendering freedom and security for convenience; it is a case of being forced to engage with the system as more and more devices are connected to the internet.

As we have seen, the government has at its disposal "secret courts" where the proceedings are classified, and exculpatory evidence relies on the integrity of the agencies and individuals appearing before the court. Unfortunately, we have seen that the entire system can be easily corrupted with no individual or agency held responsible for wrongdoing or evil intent.

Our privacy laws, written by special interests and promoted by corrupt, pay-for-play legislators, are now and will be defective by design -- full of loopholes, exceptions, and waivers.

It gets worse…

Perhaps you should consider the implications of millimeter wave technology in 5G systems. Especially the type of millimeter-wave scans that see-through clothing and walls. Or cell densification that improves the granularity of system tracking abilities. Or the health effects of being awash in an electric atmosphere of radio frequencies.

If this does not scare you, consider two other factors. One, electronic games to impart carefully targeted propaganda and to divert children and others from physical and emotional development so that you weaken the moral fiber, character, and physical ability to resist tyrannical demands. Two, becoming so reliant on the information, correct or not, on the internet, that the day the cloud dissipates, you are left with a mass of functional illiterates. Look at today's younger generation who can barely function without computer-assistance.

Which brings us back to Huawei...

Any company that controls the build-out, operation, and use of a significant 5th generation platform can exert tremendous influence on the geopolitics of the world, the internal dynamics of a nation, and can direct the behavior of individuals into a cohesive and dangerous collective force.  There is little or no doubt in my mind that the Chinese Army has ordered Chinese companies to incorporate back doors into their electronic devices and enable some of those devices to spy on its enemies, either for military or commercial gain. Already the Chinese are implementing a surveillance system to calculate a “social credit score” based on their citizen’s observed behavior. A score that can be used to limit educational, employment, and housing resources as a form of reward/punishment system. A scoring algorithm that was built in Silicon Valley and is used to target you for goods and services based on your past behavior.

Imagine such a system in the United States to incentivize conforming behavior, including the support of certain political parties and individuals on social media and in everyday conversations?  It is known that Russian bots created and enhanced several demonstrations using social media platforms, so we know these techniques are valid and can be used to influence behaviors.

Bottom line…

So, the single most crucial question you need to ask: do you want that level of power in the hands of the Communist Chinese or the hands of an American mercenary corporation?

And before you answer that question, consider that the Silicon Valley progressives who shout about violations of human rights are the same companies behind the new technology and collecting and selling our data. Even worse, they are infiltrated by government agents, both foreign and domestic, and beholden to the politicians for multi-billion-dollar contracts and the regulatory environment under which they operate.

Unless stronger privacy legislation is passed, and both individuals, as well as corporations, are held responsible for their actions, we are totally and thoroughly screwed.

-- steve

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