Corrupt criminals, creepy clueless crazies, and communists who could not stand up to the relentless scrutiny and negativity of the media given to President Trump on a daily basis…


There was a time in our nation when honorable, dedicated men would risk their fortunes, and in many cases, their lives, to create and guide a nation “conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” These men were imperfect, but they had a dedication to something higher than their self-interests.

Where have such men gone? Why is it we come upon those who purport to heed their conscience, represent their constituency, defend, preserve, and protect our Constitution and our inalienable rights but are guided by their self-interests and the agenda of the party that offers them a path to gain or maintain political power.

Unfortunately, the lives of ordinary individuals are not a matter of world affairs, but of solving the trivial issues that arise in the course of their day-to-day affairs. More interested in their health, familial relationships, employment, and general wellbeing than in saving humanity from a planetary disaster, whether from nuclear war, climate change, or human-made pandemics. These are the things they leave to the “big thinkers,” the leaders who purport to possess the knowledge and expertise to deal with complex issues and important matters of state.

How disappointing it is to find that many of these so-called leaders are dumb-as-rocks, have little or no expertise other than posturing and putting forth platitudes in an age of celebrity and mass communication?

How disappointing is it to find both major political parties jockeying over who will lead the looting of the public treasuring by trading favors for campaign funding, voter support, and media attention?

How disappointing is it to find the press, ostensibly the watchdogs guarding against political corruption and tyranny, taking dictation from the corporate interests that pay their salaries, lying to the public by commission and omission?

We can do our part and vote, but I have come to believe that political corruption and evil is baked into our system by the way districts are chosen to provide a majority vote to specific incumbents. Incumbents who have made a career of government service and lining their own pockets.

I am not sure what the future holds, but I do know it is not as we imagine it -- getting better -- as “We the People” are completely and thoroughly screwed.

Representatives are elected every two years, presidents every four years, senators every six years -- and Supreme Court Justices serve for life. I cannot imagine a Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and several others losing their elected offices due to the majority of their constituency even though most of these people are evil and care little or nothing about our freedoms, our Constitution, or our welfare.

It bears repeating; we are screwed.

-- Steve

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