The Democrats continue to charge that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, and even if he didn’t, he is undoubtedly guilty of obstructing the Mueller investigation which knew early on that the entire predicate for the investigation was a Clinton/Democrat National Committee-manufactured fable. An effort that saw the Clinton/DNC cabal using the assets of American intelligence and law enforcement agencies, law firm cut-outs, and third-parties to pay Russians, some connected to Putin’s Kremlin, for dirt on candidate Donald Trump. Dirt may turn out to represent a virulent disinformation campaign by both the Russians and the Democrats.

So why would I be surprised if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other San Francisco Democrats are planning to sell out their city, state – and nation – to a Marxist totalitarian government ruled by drug cartels? All disguised as compassion for wayward travelers.

Why would I be surprised to find that Mexico reduces their population issues by exporting poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime to America – possibly to prevent the conditions that might lead to another Mexican revolution?

How can you explain this?

SF lawmakers push to let noncitizens hold Democratic Party positions

State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, at the state Democratic Party convention on May 31. He wants undocumented people to be able to participate.

[OCS: Consider the harm to Californians of allowing individuals with allegiance to a foreign sovereign power to “interfere” in American politics. Remember, while this bill is aimed at illegal aliens from Mexico, it might very well apply to illegal aliens from Russia, China, North Korea, and the Muslim countries whose tolerance for free speech, freedom of religion, and other human rights is zilch.]

Undocumented immigrants and other noncitizens could soon play a larger role in shaping the policies that become the platform of the California Democratic Party.

[OCS: From what I can see, our enemies, both foreign and domestic, have infiltrated the Democrat Party, our government, our institutions, and those organizations who control our critical infrastructure with impunity. Starting at the top of the Democrat Party with former President Barack Obama handing the keys to the front door to socialists, communists, and those who do not wish America well.]

State lawmakers from San Francisco proposed legislation Friday that would allow noncitizens to participate in Democratic Party politics as state convention delegates and county committee leaders.

[OCS: Considering that the Democrats promote open borders, allowing illegal aliens further entry into our political process could conceivably set the stage when a critical mass is reached and our enemies simply vote us out of our own county – with the approval of the United States Supreme Court.

How susceptible to foreign influence will these new Democrat leaders and participants be? What incentive will they have to uphold current federal immigration laws when the media will report their actions publicly – possibly creating a situation that currently exists in Mexico where you are offered “silver or lead?”]

State law now limits noncitizens’ ability to participate in party politics.

Supporters of the new proposal noted that Democrats dominate California politics, and said it was important for noncitizens to have a say in party policymaking.

[OCS: Why? America is a sovereign nation administered by and for its citizens – not those with an allegiance to a foreign power and who refuse to assimilate into our culture, use of language, and embrace our system of law and order.]

“We need to continue to send a very, very loud message that we are … going to embrace and uplift and support all American immigrant neighbors,” state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, said at a news conference at which he and other Democrats unveiled his bill, SB288.

[OCS: How soon before California decides that large corporations and wealthy individuals must participate in a wealth redistribution scheme to uplift our “neighbors in Mexico and Central America.”]

He said it would counter Trump administration policies that have “caused enormous fear and anxiety” among many immigrants.

[OCS: The fear and anxiety are normal and customary – experienced by those who break the law and may be held accountable for their actions. Trump’s duty to the United States is to uphold the Constitution, provide for the safety and security of our country, and to faithfully execute the constitutional legislation passed by Congress and signed into law. The majority of his policies existed before he took office and it appears he is just a convenient straw man to be used to push un-American policies.]

The bill would apply only to leadership roles and delegate positions in the Democratic Party. It would not apply to California’s Republican Party, whose leaders have not commented on the bill.

[OCS: It should not be surprising that the California Republican Party, weak and feckless as they are, should desire to participate in what may very well be a suicide pact that will result in a totalitarian California that exists only to fund our enemies, both foreign and domestic.]

Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, a co-author of the bill, said the proposal reflects Democrats’ goal of a state “where human beings are not considered illegal” and immigrants are welcomed into the political system.

[OCS: What if those “human beings” are representatives of a foreign hostile power or a culture that is fundamentally at odds with Western civilization? One should remember that among the largest classes of illegal aliens we see  Russians, Chinese, Indians, Koreans, and others who already have established self-segregated enclaves for the purposes of protection from the authorities and political power.]

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Perhaps it is best explained by a cartoonist…


Bottom line…

The Democrat Party cannot be trusted with the safety and security of California or any other state in the union. Sad but true. It was Democrat former President Jimmy Carter who gave us Islamo-fascism, it was Democrat former President Clinton who gave us a nuclear North Korea, and it was Democrat former President Barack Obama who gave us the potential of a nuclear Iran.

Let us not give the Democrats the ability to gift our nation to our enemies.

-- steve

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