How beneficial is the so-called “Medicare for All’ initiatives proposed by the progressive socialist democrats to senior citizens?  

Truth: Like most government initiatives, it cannot pass the smell test when it comes to its description. The program does not have anything to do with Medicare, the well-respected, and functional entitlement you earned over your working life. It is more like Medicaid for all, the catch-all welfare system administered by your state. Of course, it will have a catchy new name, tagline, and slogan. SoylentCare: the ultimate Earth-friendly recycling program.

Truth: The single-payer health care systems in England and Canada are grossly overtaxed and on the verge of collapse. Denial, delay, and rationing are not unknown. People are dying while waiting in line. Similar to the government-provided healthcare to our veterans, where documentary paperwork appears to be more important than the provision of care.

Truth: Like Obamacare, once implemented, it will be all-or-nothing, there will be no fall-backs or safety features, mainly because politicians will be loathe to admit the error of their ways lest they are thrown out of their cushy offices and denied their perks and privileges.

Truth: A single-payer health care scheme would eliminate all employer, union, and private insurer plans in favor of a government program based on an individual’s utility value to the state. Non-productive individuals such as children and senior citizens would be de-prioritized in favor of those individuals who are actively employed and paying into the system via their significantly increased taxes.

Truth: The President of the United States stood before America and lied about the benefits of his healthcare initiative. Especially infamous were Obama’s hollow promises of being able to keep your plan, your doctor, and your facility.

Truth: Like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), nobody knows how a single-payer health care system might be implemented and administered. Everything is an estimate based on assumptions and spreadsheets. Wild progressive wishes and dreams without any specific plans or leadership capable of actually administering what would become a grossly bloated boondoggle. 

Truth: No politician read the 2000+ page Obamacare outline or knew anything other than House Speaker’s Pelosi’s dictum: “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” The bill was drafted in secret by the progressive socialist democrats with input from progressive foundations and progressive health care organizations. No amendments or supplementary addenda were allowed. Passing the unconstitutional law using a congressional trick known as reconciliation did not yield clarity; it yielded outrageously high premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Any savings from the program resulted from those who couldn’t afford healthcare because of the extremely high deductibles. Little or nothing was done about waste, fraud, and abuse, which appears to be a protected right of the special interests that prey upon the sick, elderly, and young.

Truth: Seniors could not trust AARP who was urging their members to call their members in Congress to pass the bill. Few mentioned that AARP derived most of their income from a single insurance company that helped draft the plan and that AARP’s leadership was enthralled with President Obama.

Bottom line …

Can you even begin to imagine what might happen if the federal government tried to run McDonald’s? Sixty union employees per shift with fines and penalties if the ketchup squirter reaches over to squirt mustard. Fifty dollar hamburgers. Being lucky to get a cold burger if they haven’t already run out of supplies.

Your health care should not be a progressive power grab based on an academic exercise by pointy-headed individuals.

How are these progressive socialist democrat fools going to improve our lives when they have historically failed at everything except slavery, segregation, and the imposition of misery.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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