It should not surprise me that the Los Angeles Times continues to report on the race for Los Angeles Unified School District board candidates from the perspective of progressive socialist democrat identity politics. A progressive world where individuals in minority areas should be represented by minorities and if a minority’s proportional representation does not equal or exceed that minority’s percentage representation in the general population it must be prima facie proof of racism.

Enough with the racial politics and progressive liberal hacks in the LAUSD…

It’s bad enough that the LAUSD is struggling financially and said to be in danger of being taken over by Los Angeles County in three years if the voters do not pass Measure EE, a parcel tax said to fund “educational improvements, instruction, and programs.” Which, of course, appears to be the type of lie we see often in LAUSD fundraising pitches. What is really being funded in not students in the classroom but the corrupt and self-serving LAUSD apparatus – the underfunded union pension and benefit funds as well as the special interests, including land developers, contractors, consultants, and vendors who seem to prey on the school system.

It’s bad enough that certain special interests, like a billionaire art aficionado, are allowed to disproportionately influence board politics.

It’s bad enough that the LAUSD continues to graduate functional illiterates year-after-year. Lowering standardized and graduate testing to give the impression of being a successful educational enterprise. Acceding to unions demands to avoid teacher competency testing for teaching ability and subject matter knowledge. Using gym teachers to teach English and math to preserve their “seniority: status when younger subject-matter specialists are being laid off.

It’s bad enough that the LAUSD has a “teacher jail” where teachers do nothing because they are suspected of crimes against children and it is next to impossible to terminate their employment under onerous union contracts. Some receiving “buy-outs” that do not affect their pensions and benefits to voluntarily leave the school system. 

And, it’s bad enough that the LAUSD continues to concentrate its efforts on dealing with problems of poor and minority students whose problems begin at home and for whom school is just another form of babysitting.

This L.A. district is 80% non-white, but both school board candidates are white.


Maria Villatoro had a few things on her checklist that would sway her vote for her kids’ new school board member: They should make the superintendent work harder, visit schools in her southeast Los Angeles neighborhood more often — and preferably, be a Latina, who might better understand the needs of her community.

[OCS: An administrator or education needs to understand the needs of the children who need to be educated and the administration of a large and diverse staff, not the broader needs of the community.]

But in the Tuesday runoff election, she will have to choose between two white candidates in Board District 5, even though about 8 in 10 residents are not white and nearly 90% of the district students are Latino.

The election will have significance beyond its boundaries, no matter the outcome. Four of the board’s seven members will be white in a school district where 9 in 10 students are non-white.

The numbers underscore that even though Latinos now make up nearly half the population of Los Angeles, they still lag behind in voting rolls and political clout in parts of the city. Some Latinos in the school district are not citizens, so they’re not eligible to vote. But even among those who are qualified, voter turnout in the heavily Latino southeast portion of Board District 5 remains low.

[OCS: Oh, the progressive horror of not being politically correct and proportionally represented. Of course the turnout remains low – because most, not some, are illegal aliens. Because parents have priorities other than education. And because certain cultures do not hold education in high regard when compared to other cultures.]

How the candidates are trying to connect

Villatoro, whose son attends Fishburn Avenue Elementary in Maywood, said she’s most worried about cuts in arts classes, counselors and nurses. In the primary, she voted for Cynthia Gonzalez, a Latina from Huntington Park who she believed could fix those issues and best understand Latinos’ unique needs.

“For me, it would be important to have a Latino [on the board],” she said. “They understand the culture and the trauma that kids have in certain neighborhoods.”

[OCS: Elementary school is a place to learn social behavior, language, reading, mathematics, and useful information. Arts are fine in a secondary role. School is not a mental or physical health clinic for the underserved population. Children are children and should be treated equally. When I hear “unique needs,” I hear accommodations for ill-prepared illegal aliens who are mainstreamed into school by age and not ability – pretty much where problems start because children tend to act out or tune out when frustrated.]

But it was two white women — Jackie Goldberg and Heather Repenning — who emerged from a crowded pack of 10 candidates — seven of them Latino — to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of a Latino, Ref Rodriguez, who pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge related to campaign finance allegations.

[OCS: Former LAUSD Board Member Jackie Goldberg is an old-time progressive socialist democrat political hack. A 74-year-old liberal activist with education rooted in the uber-liberal University of California, Berkeley and the University of Chicago. The openly lesbian Goldberg also did a stint in the California State Legislature and is backed by the United Teachers Los Angeles, which has endorsed and financially supported her candidacy.

Heather Repenning, 44, is also a progressive socialist democrat hack, having served as the Vice President of the Board of Public Works Commissioners. She is also backed by unions, including the notorious and socialistic SEIU. Portraying herself as “an independent voice” is ludicrous considering her union affiliations.

It appears that the pragmatic uber-liberal billionaire Eli Broad who has a history of interfering in the LAUSD Eli Broad made a $100,000 donation to the SEIU Local 99 political action committee backing Repenning. It appears that Broad’s interests in charter schools seems to outweigh his disinterest in unions. Broad also contributed $250,000 to support the parcel tax.

Both political hacks appear to be more interested in charter schools, teacher retirement benefits, school accountability, the looming budgetary crisis and plans for some restructuring of the district than they are on improving children’s abilities.]

Both candidates said they believe that Latino representation is important and vow to aggressively advocate for the communities in the district.

Goldberg, a veteran politician, has argued that she was the only candidate with enough name recognition to ensure a charter school-backed candidate would not be elected.

“I believe it’s a Latino seat,” she said in an interview. “But I will tell you, in all honesty, I don’t believe that we had any chance of keeping a fourth vote from being a charter vote unless I ran.”

[OCS: The truth emerges. The LAUSD believes they own both the students and their associated revenue streams and even if charter schools do a better job educating students, we can’t have those non-union teachers in the system.]

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

Bottom line…

Education is big business in Los Angeles and where there is business you find money and politics. It has never been about “the children” but all about the rapacious unions, preservation of the K-12 educational monopoly, expanding the reach and influence of the schools into other areas of domestic life, and turning the school system into a pension funding mechanism.

No matter how the residents of Los Angeles vote in this educational edition special election, you are not voting for your children, you are voting for multi-million dollar special interests.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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