The organizers are finally showing their true colors…

You may love your local teacher, but what happens when that teacher is coerced by union peer pressure or thuggery to become a useful idiot in the promulgation of a progressive socialist democrat ideology?

Red4Ed movement seen politicizing North Carolina teachers' wage protests


Teachers and their supporters marched on the state capitol in Raleigh, N.C., on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, to demand better funding in schools, increased salaries, the expansion of Medicaid, and better mental health services in schools, among other things.

About 20,000 North Carolina teachers and their supporters marched on the state Capitol on International Workers’ Day as part of the Red4Ed movement, which is backed by the nation’s largest teachers union and has drawn criticism from Republican leaders across the country.

[OCS: Why are public employee unions necessary in education when they demand rewarding seniority over merit, suppress innovation, resist competition and testing, and in general promote the democrat party?]

Hoisting placards and sporting red T-shirts, teachers, counselors, bus drivers and cooks took to Raleigh on Wednesday with demands for a new minimum wage, an expansion of Medicaid and the hiring of additional support staff.

[OCS: Petty soon they might demand pay parity between custodians and support staff – and then using the excuse that teachers should earn more than custodians to seek further gains. Lest no one look to closely, unfunded educational pension and healthcare liabilities will break the bank.]

They made a show of solidarity just a year after a similar number poured into the capital city in the first teacher walkout in recent memory.

“I believe there is a political aim to these walkouts,” said Terry Stoops, an education scholar with the conservative think tank John Locke Foundation, based in North Carolina.

Mr. Stoops said some teachers object to the Red4Ed’s imagery — a clenched red fist — because it does not represent their ideology or politics.

[OCS: You would think that a majority of Americans would reject any imagery that represents hundreds of millions of people slaughtered, tortured, or starved in the promise about bringing about a better society – a society of social justice and equality. Of course, that did not work out so well for Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea.]

Former teacher Mark Jewell, president of the North Carolina Association of Educators, spoke to the crowd at Halifax Mall and addressed the backlash.

To those who say Medicaid is not an education issue, then I say, ‘You don’t know what education really is,’” Mr. Jewell said.

[OCS: With the progressive socialist democrats, any rally is time to talk politics and their toxic political agenda.]

Schools in 34 districts among 31 counties closed for the teachers rally at the Capitol, forcing many of the state’s nearly 1.5 million schoolchildren to remain at home. North Carolina has 100 counties and 115 school districts.

The Hertford County School District on the Inner Banks held an “optional work day” for teachers but gave students the day off because it anticipated 50 or more teachers out of a staff of 500 to be headed southwest to Raleigh.

[OCS: In essence, the taxpayers are funding these rallies and teachers are disadvantaging their students. Think about that the next time the union claims “it’s for the children.” Perhaps school districts should dock the pay of teachers and bill the union for any unrecovered costs of keeping a facility open?]

It doesn’t include several demands by the North Carolina Association of Educators, including a $15-per-hour minimum wage for school custodians and other workers and an expansion of Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of people.

Republican dominance in state politics fell at the ballot box in November. The party lost supermajorities in the House and the Senate, and NCAE distributed promotional materials in advance. Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat who addressed the rally, has strong support from the state’s teachers union.

Joined by red-shirted teachers and his wife, also clad in red, Mr. Cooper said he had just returned from Charlotte, where a gunman killed two people and injured four more Tuesday night at the University of North Carolina.

“You are often the first line of defense for crises big and small,” Mr. Cooper told the throng of teachers.

A speaker earlier addressed the need for gun control, once more expanding the playing field of the traditional education topics.

[OCS: Gun control? You mean disarming law abiding citizens and denying their inalienable right to self-defense? You mean creating bigger victim pools? Turning schools into soft targets with a no-guns policy that does not deter criminals, crazies, and terrorists?]

Republican strategist Luke Stancil told an ABC News 11 reporter that he was not questioning the motivations of education supporters but said the focus was straying from the classroom to other Democratic interests.

“This is a rally to elect Democratic legislators in 2020,” said Mr. Stancil, noting that he had seen the distribution of pamphlets urging “hands off Venezuela.” “It’s not 100% about education.”

[OCS: Perhaps one should treat these “teacher protests” as unauthorized strikes and sanction and bill the organizers? Perhaps the media should take a closer look at the politics of the organizers when reporting “news?”]

On the eve of the rally, the House released a budget including some of the teachers’ demands: higher pay for veteran teachers and restoration of a salary bump for teachers with master’s degrees.

The South Carolina Department of Public safety tweeted that about 10,000 people attended a similar rally at the Statehouse in Columbia.

Oregon teachers plan to gather next week as walkouts that began in West Virginia last spring continue across the country, with many proving successful. <Source>

So many questions…


Why are teachers provided a lifetime job without a periodic evaluation of their teaching ability and subject-matter knowledge?

Why are teachers rewarded for abilities, such as a natural second language, that they never use on the job.

Why is  a teacher with a master’s degree in education teaching at the third-grade level and compensated like a high-school teacher?

Why are teachers supporting teaching at the lowest common denominator, often with barely literate or language fluent students, without demanding that students be side-lined and adequately prepared to be mainstreamed into classes commensurate with their abilities, not their age?

Why do we reward teachers at the poorest performing schools that churn out decades of functionally illiterate children at the same rate as teachers of children who operate at or above the norms established by testing?

Where are all of the so-called benefits of computer-integrated education other than producing students who cannot do simple calculations, like making change, without a calculator, tell time with an analog clock, or even write a paper without cut-and-paste spell-checking word processors?

Where is all of the money really going if it is not going to the classroom? What is the percentage of funds allocated to capital improvements, maintenance, administration, teaching, and teaching materials? Who are the politically-connected special interests serving the school market and what contributions are they making to politicians connected with education and civil administration? Why are textbooks so costly when the information is much the same from year-to-year – and in many cases, hundreds of years old?

Why is everything considered through the lens of race and social constructs?

Why do progressive socialist democrats dominate the education sector and what happened to male teachers in the K-12 schools?

Bottom line…

Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, have taken over the schools to fund and advance their toxic agenda which weaponizes political correctness, multi-culturalism, and  moral equivalency in to an anti-America worldview.

We – and our children – are so screwed.

-- steve

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