Once again the leading progressive socialist democrat publication in America demonstrates their anti-Semitism…


Not only is this cartoon which appeared in the New York Times’ International Edition visually offensive, but it highlights an anti-Semitic trope where Muslims portray Jews as dogs. Of course, the Times would never run this cartoon in New York, with its large population of Jews.

An apology is not enough…


It is time to hold the New York Times and the Democrats accountable for their actions.

Update: A second apology taking more responsibility…


While the second apology acknowledging that the cartoon was anti-Semitic, it is still not enough – scapegoating a single editor appears to be a sham. The New York Times is still responsible for what they publish.

It appears that the cartoonist is Portuguese Antonio Moreira Antunes who has a history of  controversial cartoons. Most notably his 1983 defacement of an ionic picture taken in a Warsaw ghetto in 1943  where he placed the Star of David on the helmets of rifle-wielding Nazi soldiers and added Palestinian '”keffiyeh” headdress on a little Jewish boy and the Jews captured in the moment.

Another example of his work…


While editorial cartoonists are given an appropriately wide latitude in their subject matter – even if it is offensive to a segment of society – they are still judged by the public on their morality and intellectual honesty. Personally, I do not condemn the cartoonist – he has artistic license to be a vile as he wishes -- but the New York Times which provided the platform to spread his hate-filled message at a time when rising anti-Semitism is rearing its head worldwide. And, just yesterday in Poway, California (near San Diego, California) where an teenager attacked a worshiping congregation and killed one and injured others. Even though the Rabbi had two-fingers shot off, he tried to calm the gunman and continued the service. To be noted, you will not see the local Jews or Jews worldwide rioting and destroying people and property over this incident. A fundamental difference between Jews and Moslems.

Bottom line…


I find it supremely ironic that a portion of the progressive socialist democrats suggest President Trump is anti-Semitic (even though his "golden girl" daughter Ivanka, son-in-law, and grandchildren live openly as Orthodox Jews) and a portion suggest that he is a Nazi (inconsistent with being portrayed wearing a yarmulke). And since this is the "international edition," one can only wonder how this might be received in Israel where Trump has an approval rating in the 90+ range.

It appears that the New York Times is not only the media arm of the increasingly anti-Semitic Democrats (Representatives Omar, Talib, and others who support BDS and the Palestinian terrorists) but the newspaper of record for the fifth column attempting to destroy America from within.

We are so screwed.


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