Most of us love our first responders who risk their lives to keep us safe, their unions are a whole different matter …


Unfortunately, there are a few facts you should consider when it comes to public employee unions…


(1)  Collective bargaining is coercive bargaining, a Faustian deal between corrupt politicians who want union campaign funding and voter support and the public employee unions that use coercive tactics, peer-pressure, and thuggery to keep those members who disagree with their political positions in line. The Democrats own the unions and it is a marriage of both corruption and convenience.

(2)  Most municipalities and states are in financial trouble due to the continual wage increases negotiated between corrupt or frightened politicians and the unions. It is a sad fact that the taxpaying citizens are not represented at the bargaining table, having been pushed aside by the self-serving politicians and their union negotiators. It’s Kabuki theatre where both sides talk tough, posture for the media, and then settle on the increase that appears to be cooked into the negotiation scheme.

(3)  It is not simply money being discussed. The union uses complex and little understood contracts to beef-up their “take” from the table. Contractual items which split workloads to require more union members to perform a task that can be performed by one person; arcane calculation methods that reward highly-paid union employees with salary and retirement bumps just before retirement; and of course, those crazy linkages that mandate wage and benefit increases if another union or class of employee in a more easily manipulated small city wins an increase on their own.

(4)  The true costs of unions are often hidden as some public employees are paid to perform union duties while on their primary job.

(5)  Until recent court decisions, the public paid the cost of collecting union dues that were baked into the payroll system.

(6)  Unions do not add value and are mostly unnecessary as they suck up critical resources and short-change the public. The old idea that the union ensured worker safety and prevented management abuse is no longer true. With the number of official tip-lines and legal resources in the community, employees have adequate remedies for their grievances.

Then there is Joe Biden, a man of the people and a champion of the middle class…

(1)  2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is a serial liar and plagiarist. His entire “common man” persona is a fiction created by Biden and accepted without question by the mainstream media which serves as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

(2)  Like Bill and Hillary Clinton, corruption is a family affair as we find that Joe Biden’s son Hunter received an investment of approximately $1.5 BILLION from the Communist Chinese government during the period that his father was serving as the Vice President of the United States. In 2011 Hunter Biden, as part of an official delegation, flew on Air Force 2 to China with his father. A few hours before Biden met with the President of China, Hunter was busy meeting with the Communist state-owned Bank of China where he got a $1 BILLION dollar investment for his Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC., a private equity investment fund. The investment was subsequently increased another half-billion dollars.

According to published reports, part of the money was reinvested in AVIC’s (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) automotive subsidiary. AVIC is a large military contractor to Communist China’s military contractor and has been accused of stealing U.S. military technology. In late 2015, AVIC purchased, with the help of Joe Biden’s son, 51 percent of American precision-parts manufacturer Henniges, Hunter bought the other 49 percent. Because Henniges has contracts with the U.S. military and used technology that could be used for military purposes, the deal needed to be approved by CIFUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States). It is not surprising that the deal was approved by the same committee where Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder ruled the roost and allowed the Russian government to purchase twenty-percent of the uranium production in the United States.

And did we mention that Joe Biden apparently directly interfered in the Ukrainian judicial system to have its top prosecutor-general fired – who not so coincidently was investigating Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company that employed Hunter Biden on its Board of Directors?

(3) Then there is the vicious Joe Biden who attempted to destroy Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, even when he believed that a portion of the Anita Hill testimony was a lie. Biden shielded Hill from further scrutiny and still lost the battle. Let us not forget that it was Joe Biden who was behind the vicious smear of another Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork – and that time he succeeded in killing the nomination of a decent man and brilliant jurist.

Bottom line…


Joe Biden represents all that is currently wrong with America as he attempts to salvage the legacy of former President Barack Obama and his own legacy as Vice President during a time of economic collapse and “lead from behind” foreign policy that provided aid and comfort to our enemies while disadvantaging our allies.

Biden has been on the wrong side of history his entire political life. To allow this Democrat establishment tool in the White House would be disastrous.

The gaffe-prone Biden is a golden gift to the progressive mainstream media as their ratings collapsed as fast as their anonymously-sourced “collusion” fable. Look for Biden in the echo chamber as the media waits for his inevitable goof-up.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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