In their world of intersectional identity politics, the progressive socialist democrats invented the concept of disparate impact … that the percentage population in any minority cohort must mirror that minority’s percentage population in the general population or it is prima facie “evidence” of racism that can lead to government sanctions and court-enforced remediation. First applied to housing, employment, and loans, we are now seeing this unconstitutional, un-American excuse for reverse-racism enter education. The accused is guilty until they prove their innocence -- turning our system of jurisprudence upside down. 

It seems that all the rhetoric about “the best and brightest” and “preparing to cope with global competition” is more progressive bullpucky. The truth is that the progressive socialist democrats do not want to produce leaders or those who can think for themselves. They want to pander “to the numbers” rather than to the relatively few individuals with the potential to make a difference in society. They want more activists rather than academics. 

In a fantastic display of hypocrisy, it appears that the progressive socialist democrats want to erase the cultural differences between Asians, who venerate education, excellence, and hard work and those cultures that are content with the mediocre or underperforming status quo.

Let us look at a prime example from the heart of liberal-land, Montgomery County, Maryland…

Excerpts from the Montgomery County Public Schools: Study of Choice and Special Academic Programs report of Findings and Recommendations …

** Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is the nation’s 17th largest school system, serving more than 156,000 students in 202 schools, including 37 National Blue Ribbon schools. MCPS is one of the most diverse school systems in the country with students from 157 different countries and native speakers of 138 languages.

** According to the student enrollment trend data provided by the MCPS Division of Long-range Planning, the enrollment of Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and low-income students has increased dramatically—by as much as 20 percentage points over the past decade—within schools that have been historically high-poverty schools. As a result, MCPS is currently facing increasing levels of concentration of students by socioeconomic and racial/ethnic groups at specific schools within the county.

[OCS: This is how life works and should not surprise anyone given the increasing numbers of illegal aliens, the number of people who choose to self-segregate into communities where they are comfortable, and the lack of dispersed affordable housing.]

Data on applications and acceptances to elementary centers and secondary magnet and application programs show that Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, Limited English Proficient (LEP), special education, and low-income students are less likely than White, Asian, and higher income students to be selected and enroll in these programs. As a result, Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, LEP, special education, and low-income students are underrepresented in academically selective programs when compared with districtwide enrollment data.

[OCS: Again, nothing new here. Less educated, less motivated, and less interested individuals are less likely to enroll in premier educational centers – and their parents are less likely to encourage such enrollment. You will note that it a basic characteristic of the progressive socialist Democrats to manage scarcity for political advantage rather than increase the availability of opportunity for larger numbers of students.]

These data are found despite direct efforts by MCPS to increase representation of all groups in the elementary centers and the secondary magnet and application programs. The district utilizes multiple indicators in the selection process that include, in addition to cognitive assessments, teacher recommendations and other school-based input, report card grades, unique student profiles, demographic data such as eligibility for free and reduced-price meals (FARMS), and the lack of an intellectual peer group at the home school. Yet, the lack of diversity and underrepresentation of some student subgroups in these programs suggests that the process may rely too heavily on one or more indicators or may need to consider additional measures of student ability.

[OCS: Yes, by all means, remedy the disparity in representation by gaming the system by changing the selection criteria to include some criteria that equate to “race” without explicitly using that term.]

These indicators may include broadening the definition of gifted to include noncognitive
measures such as motivation and persistence, using group-specific norms that
benchmark student performance against school peers with comparable backgrounds,
offering automatic admissions for students in the top 5-10% of sending elementary or middle schools in the district, or using other methods that are outlined in the report and utilized in other districts across the country.

[OCS: Yes, let’s concentrate on “subjective” criteria which can be manipulated rather than objective criteria like test scores. And it seems to be a swell idea to change the idea of excellent performance overall to simply measuring performance against others who do not measure up to objective criteria.]

So who is on the receiving end of the racial disparity conundrum?

It appears that the federal government is investigating the Montgomery County School system over allegations that it may be racially discriminating against Asian-American students by curtailing their admission to premier educational programs at select schools. According to published reports, Asian-American enrollment into two premier programs during 2016-2017 dropped by 23 percent; and the following year the enrollment declined by 20 percent. By using the “peer group” selection method, school authorities found it easier to deny admission to larger groups of superior performing cohorts (Asians) while enrolling those individuals who demonstrated excellent performance – not against the whole, but against their own peer group. Sort of trying to game the selection from the overall best performers to the best performers in the lesser performing group.

Bottom line…

Considering the overall dismal performance of our socialist-infiltrated educational system which produces decade-after-decade of functional illiterates who lack the abilities to compete against those across town let alone across the globe, it seems prudent to nurture those who actually are the best and the brightest while developing programs for those who will never exhibit academic achievement. It would also be wise to test the teaching ability and subject-matter knowledge of instructors and eliminate tenure to promote competition in the K-12 schools.

The fundamental problem with progressive socialist democrats is that they try to override human nature and behaviors to compel obeisance using the force of law, and when that fails, the force of arms. It is time that we conservatives point out that it would be better to employ waterfall education – where students can enroll in top-level courses and then fall-back to lesser classes if they lack the ability or preparation to succeed in high-level courses. A form of natural selection. It would also be helpful to de-racialize student discipline by identifying and eliminating those disruptive students who prevent individuals from learning or bully students based on their superior performance. I personally know two minority students who deliberately underachieve to avoid being beaten up after school for making the lesser achievers in the class look bad.

Enough with the political pandering to the parents of those who score 30 – 65 on tests and time to concentrate on and reward those who are superior students. Importing more poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime into our schools is likewise counterproductive.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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