As we close out 2018, the GOP under the leadership of President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the retiring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, is chaotic and in disarray. The progressives and their mainstream media propaganda machine have sowed chaos and confusion among the people.

It appears that the traditional political spectrum is morphing from a broad range of subjects along traditional lines …


to a 90-degree shift to a single economic issue of have and have-nots. Where votes will be purchased on the strength of entitlements and give-always and the traditional GOP line about “fiscal prudence” has been proven to be an outright lie under Presidents Bush 41 and 43, and now Donald Trump. Even with a measure of tax reform and the slashing of regulations, spending has increased and promises to go even higher.

The new model is a 90-degree narrow-band based on economic interests…


Bottom line…

It is increasingly hard to go along with a GOP who shuns broad-based individual support in favor of billionaire mega-donors and big-money bundlers.

It is increasingly hard to go along with a party that preaches fiscal restraint but seems to vote with the progressive socialist democrats in expanding the spending and to continue funding non-essentials in a time of fiscal crisis.

It is increasingly hard to go along with a party that shuns constitutional conservatives but embraces those who want to impose religion-based restrictions via the law.

It is increasingly hard to go along with a party that claims to support law and order but is clearly afraid to investigate and prosecute those who have clearly broken the law and engaged in unconstitutional and criminal activities.

It is increasingly hard to go along with a party that refuses to use all of the legislative and executive tools at their command to fight against the progressive socialist democrats. And, for those who claim President Trump is a fighter, a counter-puncher, and someone who is not afraid of the media – look again. All of his fights are with and in the media. As he has said in the past, he welcomes negative stories because anything that provides him with the media attention and the ability for more recognition is fine by him.

For 2019, it is apparent that the party must define a platform, get out of the abortion business, uphold our national sovereignty, and exert party discipline on those who refuse to support the platform. As yourself how someone like Maxine Waters or Adam Schiff can rise to positions of power. Both are bat-shit crazy and hyper-political, yet they won their offices fair and square.

We are in deep trouble when an aisle-hopping RINO (Republican In Name Only) like Lindsey Graham is the public face of the party and the apparent voice of reason.

We are still on the precipice of losing our country, and Donald Trump is not the answer. He may be a delaying tactic, but he has proven he is ignorant on most issues, refuses to study the briefing books, and mostly wings it on his gut feelings. One can easily imagine our foreign policy being destroyed on the day he awakes with constipation. For those who do not believe this, remember it took only one telephone call to Erdoğan, the Turkish President, for Trump to tweet out a new military order without consulting his Secretary of Defense (who resigned) or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is scheduled to leave office in September 30, 2019.

We are screwed unless something changes. And, I do not see a GOP leader on the horizon that isn’t an establishment hack or a RINO. The idea of continuing under President Trump, Vice President Pence, John Kasich, or any of the 2016 retreads is appalling. Fun speculation: James Mattis and Nikki Haley.

-- steve

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