Once again, the New York progressive socialist democrats have cooked up a scheme to implement gun registration and control through the back door…

In an article titled “How Banks Unwittingly Finance Mass Shootings,” New York Times author Andrew Ross Sorkin goes off the deep end and confuses correlation with causation. His ignorant assumption is that because some individuals purchase weapons with a credit card and these weapons and supplies are used in a mass shooting, this justifies the creation of an early warning system by tracking the purchase of guns and ammunition via credit card.


There are more than a few problems with this scheme…

(1)   It defies common sense: criminals, crazies, and terrorists do not respect or obey the law. Most weapons are acquired by theft or third-party “on the street” purchases. Some even stolen out of police vehicles or sold by police for extra cash. And, speaking of cash -- the use of cash to purchase a weapon would become the preferred method of payment and that would falsify the entire scheme. 

(2)   It inconveniences and criminalizes the behavior of millions of law-abiding citizens who are now being surveilled by the government for a lawful purchase and engaging in a lawful activity.

(3)   It puts the credit card companies and credit repositories in the position of acting as agents of the government, much in the same manner banks are legally required to report suspicious transactions to detect money laundering.

(4)   It puts law-abiding citizens at greater risk for weapons-flagged “potential felony stops” by increasing the awareness of the officer to the point where a simple mistake turns into a tragedy.

(5)   It opens the door to gun registration and potential confiscation in the near future; with a more likely scenario seeing weapons heavily taxed, possibly on a retroactive basis.

(6)   It discourages gun purchases by law-abiding citizens and thus enlarges the victim pool which must depend on law enforcement officials who have no duty under the law to protect individuals.

(7)   It creates a list of potential theft targets should the list of names and addresses be compromised by the government or a third-party.

(8)   It establishes a specificity requirement to differentiate between items purchased at stores adding to transactional costs.

(9)   Unlike the registration of vehicles, owning a gun is not a privilege it is a constitutional right under the Second Amendment. An Amendment which does not limit the types of weapons purchased.

(10)  Women and others who are seeking protection from abusive spouses or others would enter the system and be subject to tracking and compromise.

(11)  Current privacy laws often prevent mental health professionals from reporting their findings to the authorities to prohibit mentally-ill or disturbed individuals from purchasing weapons.

(12)  Any law, rule or regulation would be discriminatory as it might disadvantage minorities without credit cards from owning weapons.

(13)  The progressive socialist democrats continue to push gun control while releasing criminals into our communities and downgrading gun-related offenses with plea deals.

Bottom line…

Sorkin and his enablers at the New York Times will use anything to promote their un-American gun control agenda to disarm America like some third-world banana republic. Mexico has some of the most stringent gun controls in the world and yet is awash in the murders of men, women, and children. Only the corrupt police and criminals are armed – citizens don’t have a chance. 

And, in the case of former President Obama’s “Fast and Furious” scheme, many times with weapons knowingly supplied to the Mexican drug cartels by the U.S. government to allow the Obama Administration to impose even greater gun control sanctions on America. Come to think of it, what were the outcomes of the FBI investigation and DOJ prosecution of those who executed Fast and Furious when it was implicated in killing an American Border Patrol officer?

What about Chicago and the inner cities? If one were to simply follow Sorkin’s advice on schemes to keep guns out of the hands of evildoers – why not preclude minorities from owning weapons since one can make a case that minorities disproportionately kill or maim individuals. Talk about disparate impact.

And, who is holding the mainstream media accountable for their glorification, promotion, and reporting of violence on a 24/7/basis?


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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