Trey Gowdy: Republicans have already investigated Ivanka's emails more than Dems did Benghazi

Rep. Trey Gowdy, outgoing chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Sunday that Republicans have done more in the last week to investigate Ivanka Trump’s emails than Democrats ever did on the 2012 Benghazi attack.

“Congress has a responsibility to make sure that the records and the Presidential Records Act is complied with, and that is true no matter who the person is, whether it’s Secretary Clinton or whether it’s Tom Perez or whether it’s Ivanka Trump,” Mr. Gowdy said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“So we’ve taken steps, we’ve done more in the last week than some of my House Democrat colleagues did the entire time we were looking into Benghazi,” he said. “So I’m at peace with what we’ve done, but we need the information and we need it quickly.” <Source>

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Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the retiring Republican chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, known for his fiery rhetoric, sharp letters requesting information, and combative hearing demeanor is investigating Ivanka Trump’s use of her personal email account to conduct government business.

Specifically, Gowdy has asked the White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, to provide additional information about how Ivanka Trump’s emails were handled by the White House. And how the use of a non-governmental email account affects the Presidential Records Act and security matters involving Presidential communications.


The Honorable John F. Kelly
Chief of Staff
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear General Kelly:

On September 25, 2017, the Committee requested documents and information from the
White House related to compliance with federal recordkeeping laws, the use of private email
accounts, and the use of text messaging and other phone-based applications and encryption
software to conduct official business. In response to the request, the Counsel's office provided information in a bipartisan briefing on October 18, 2017.

During the briefing, the Counsel's office advised there was an ongoing review related to
information requested by the Committee on September 25, and the review covered certain
allegations of recordkeeping noncompliance. The Counsel's office committed to in possession of the
findings of the internal review with the Committee as soon as practicable.

Today, it was disclosed Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump used a personal email
account to communicate about official White House business.
According to a spokesman, Ms. Trump "sometimes used her personal account, almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family." The spokesman also stated Ms. Trump turned over all her government related emails months ago so they could be stored permanently with other White House records.

Ms. Trump's use of a personal email account for official communications may implicate
the Presidential Records Act and other security and record.keeping requirements. In light of the importance and necessity of preserving the public record and doing so in a manner that is reflective of relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, the Committee must assess whether the White House took adequate steps to archive Ms. Trump's emails and prevent a recurrence.
To assist the Committee, please provide the following documents and information:

1. Identify with specificity the number of emails to and from Ms. Trump's personal email
account referring or relating to official business;

2. Certify whether and how each of those emails was preserved and archived in accordance
with relevant recordkeeping statutes, including the Presidential Records Act;

3. Describe whether the emails in question contained sensitive or classified information; and

4. Provide documents sufficient to describe any regular updates and reminders to White
House staff about prohibited use of private email.

Please provide a response to the above as soon as possible, but no later than December 5,
2018. Additionally, provide a briefing to update the Committee on the status of the internal
review of the White House's recordkeeping practices, to include any interim findings related to Ms. Trump's use of a personal email account. If you have any questions about this letter, please contact Steve Castor of my staff at (202) 225-5074.


While most news reports cite Gowdy’s bona fides as a six-year stint as a federal prosecutor in the District of South Carolina to prove he is both tough and fair, I have yet to see any Gowdy-led investigation that actually led to someone being held accountable for criminal acts. Or, even following up on subpoenas for failing to turn over documents.

Gowdy, the so-called “Republican point man” in the House investigation of Hillary Clinton's email use surely had enough information in the public domain to make a case for violations of the Espionage Act, the destruction of documents, lying to investigators, and obstruction of justice. And beyond Hillary Clinton, there was the document treasure trove on Huma Abedin’s computer in possession of her estranged/deranged husband, Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Another investigation left to die a natural death.

With the retirement of Gowdy, one only wonders why he still shows up in Committee meetings.

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Smoke and mirrors. Yada, Yada, Yada!

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