There is little or no doubt in my mind that the progressive socialist democrats, aka the neo-Communist Party in the United States, has virtually no respect for the U.S. Constitution, except when it can be “interpreted” to advance their toxic and un-American agenda. So I thought that it might be of interest to know which candidates in office were endorsed by the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and the key points of their agenda.

The agenda…

Key Progressive Socialist Democrat “Signature” Agenda Items


** Single-payer health care – those that control the delivery of healthcare can exert significant control over the population of the United States and bring about the chaotic disruption that is said to lead to a revolution against capitalism and the installation of a more authoritarian (totalitarian) system of centrally-planned government.

** Campaign finance reform – controlling the messaging of the opposition by restricting campaign finance laws and by expanding controls over opposition messaging is a vital element of creating a permanent governing class.

** Living wage –- the so-called $15 (or more) minimum wage is little more than pandering to the vast hoard of illegal aliens (potential progressive socialist democrats) who need to support larger families while being employed with minimal skills.

** Affordable housing – one must house the voting poor and the hoard of illegal aliens who are capable of changing our culture and our economic system. Look for rapid development of centralized housing units (similar to the state-provided Russian apartments) and the disadvantaging of rural developments and the expansion of suburbia.

** Criminal justice reform – primarily the release of so-called “low-level” offenders back into the community and, most importantly, the restoration of their “voting rights” lost under felony convictions.

** Education – primarily continuing the flow of funding to teachers and their unions, even in the face of declining performance and the creation of yet another generation of functional illiterate who cannot function without a hand-held calculator or mobile computing device.

Additionally restrict any effort, such as charter schools, that might produce better-educated students with a grasp (horror) of history, civics, and useful occupational skills.

** Taxes – higher taxes to support bigger government and continue funding programs that are little more than wealth re-distribution schemes.

** Population control – a continuing emphasis on reducing population growth using a mixture of abortion, non-reproductive homosexuality, and discouraging the strengthening of the concept of a reproductive nuclear family.

Some of the key propositions on the ballot…

Locally Endorsed Ballot Initiatives

  • AZ – No on 305 – School Vouchers
  • CA – No on Prop 6 – Gas Tax Repeal
  • CA – Yes on Prop 1 – Affordable Housing Bond
  • CA – Yes on Measure L – Raise Anaheim City Worker Minimum Wage
  • CA – Yes on Measure O – Berkeley Housing Bonds
  • CA – Yes on Measure WW – Long Beach Fair Work Conditions for Hotel Workers
  • CA – Yes on Measure Y – Close Oakland Eviction Loopholes
  • CA – Yes on Prop 12 – Minimum Enclosure Size for Animals When Raised for Meat or Eggs
  • CA – Yes on Prop 2 – Housing for People w/ Mental Illnesses
  • CA – Yes on Prop C – Our City Our Home
  • CA – Yes on Measure P – Tax on Wealthy Berkeley Property Transfers
  • CO – No on Amendment 74 – Corporate Power to Sue Governments Over Laws That Affect Their Property
  • CO – Yes on Amendment A – Removal of Exemption to Slavery Prohibition for Criminals
  • CO – Yes on Prop 111 – Cap Payday Loans
  • CO – Yes on Question 2E – Democracy for the People
  • FL – Amendment 4 – Felon Re-enfranchisement
  • IL – Yes on – Lift the Ban on Rent Control (Non-Binding)
  • MA – Yes on 2 – Limit Corporate Election Spending
  • MA – Yes on 3 – Trans Non-Discrimination Protections
  • MA – Yes on 4 – Medicare for All (Non-Binding)
  • MD – Yes on Question E – No Baltimore Sewer Privatization
  • MD – Yes on Question H – Baltimore Fair Election Fund
  • MO – Yes on Amendment 1 – Clean Elections
  • MO – Yes on Amendment 2 – Medical Marijuana
  • MO – Yes on Prop B – Raise Minimum Wage to $12
  • OR – No on 103 – Ban Grocery Taxes
  • OR – No on 104 – “End Easy Taxes”
  • OR – No on 105 – Repeal Sanctuary State Initiative
  • OR – No on 106 – Ban Public Funds for Abortions
  • OR – Yes on 26-200 – Portland Campaign Finance Reform
  • OR – Yes on Measure 26-201 – Portland Clean Energy Fund
  • TN – Yes on Amendment 1 – Davidson County Community Oversight of Police
  • TX – Yes on Prop A – Affordable Austin
  • WA – Yes on Prop 2018-5 – Bellingham Affordable Housing Levy <Source>

The players…


Nationally Endorsed Elected Officials

  • MD – Gabriel Acevero House of Delegates – District 39
  • MD – Vaughn Stewart House of Delegates – District 19
  • ME – Mike Sylvester State House – District 39
  • MN – Kara Gloe School Board, Moorhead
  • MT – Jade Bahr, State House – District 50
  • NY – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez US House, NY-14
  • NY – Julia Salazar State Senate – District 18
  • PA – Elizabeth Fiedler State House – District 184
  • PA – Sara Innamorato State House – District 21
  • PA – Summer Lee State House – District 34
  • RI – Rachel Miller City Council, Providence – Ward 13
  • TX – Franklin Bynum Judge, County Criminal Court: Harris County 8
  • Locally Endorsed Elected Officials
  • CA – Dianna Reddy, Redwood City Council
  • CA – Eduardo Martinez City Council, Richmond, CA
  • CA – James Chang Rent Board, Berkeley
  • CA – John Selawsky Rent Board, Berkeley
  • CA – Justin Cummings City Council, Santa Cruz – At-Large
  • CA – Lorrie Brown City Council, Ventura – District 6
  • CA – Maria Poblet Rent Board, Berkeley
  • CA – Monica Montgomery, San Diego City Council – District 4
  • CA – Paola Laverde Rent Board, Berkeley
  • CA – Rachelanne Vander Werf, American River Flood Control District Trustee
  • CA – Sofia Rubalcava City Council, Ventura – District 1
  • CA – Soli Alpert Rent Board, Berkeley
  • CO – Julie Gonzales State Senate – District 34
  • DC – Beau Finley Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C-04
  • DC – Dan Orlaskey Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B-02
  • DC – Emily Gasoi Board of Education, DC Ward 1
  • DC – Matthew Sampson Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B-01
  • DC – Ryan Linehan Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D-01
  • DC – Todd Brogan Democratic State Committee – Ward 4
  • HI – Amy Perruso State House – District 46
  • MD – Marc Elrich County Executive, Montgomery
  • MI – Katie Scott Board of Commissioners, Washtenaw County – District 9
  • MI – Kristy Cooper District Library Trustee, Ypsilanti
  • MI – Rashida Tlaib US House, MI-13
  • ND – Ruth Buffalo, State House – District 27
  • NY – Emily Adams Democratic State Committee Member – AD 125
  • RI – Sam Bell State Senate – District 5
  • TX – Danny Norris Dept. of Education Trustee, Harris County – Precinct 1
  • TX – DaSean Jones Judge – 180th Criminal Court
  • TX – Julie Ann Nitsch Community College Trustee, Austin – Place 9  <Source>


Bottom line…


Max Planck, the eminent Nobel-Prize winning physicist, posited that “A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” There is no doubt in my mind that the same can be said of political systems as illustrated by newer generations being educated, in reality – indoctrinated – by an academic world disproportionately populated and controlled by progressive socialist democrats.

We are majorly screwed.

-- steve

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