In California, a state ruled by a single party whose illegal and malignant actions on behalf of the progressive socialist democrats have brought decay and despair to millions of its residents, it appears that our current governor, Jerry Brown, is trying to bury a scandalous pardon of a fellow progressive socialist democrat who was convicted of felonious voter fraud.


Roderick Wright is another corrupt and crooked progressive socialist democrat who represented California's 35th State Senate district (including many predominantly Black neighborhoods in Carson, Compton, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lawndale, Long Beach, Watts, San Pedro, and Torrance) until he was forced to resign on September 22, 2014.

No stranger to “Black politics,” Wright was the District Director to the notorious Congresswoman Maxine Waters who is about to ascend to a dominant position on the House Financial Services Committee where she previously was to alleged to have used undue influence to secure favorable treatment from financial regulators on behalf of her husband, then associated with a technically insolvent bank.

A professional politician, he previously represented the 25th district from 2008-2012 and California's 48th State Assembly district from 1996 until he was term-limited in 2002.

In April 2010, the corrupt California Senate leaders secretly approved a $120,000 settlement of a sexual harassment claim against Wright.

In September 2010, the Los Angeles County grand jury unsealed an eight-count felony indictment against state Sen. Roderick Wright accusing him of filing a false declaration of candidacy, voter fraud and perjury beginning in 2007, when he changed his voter registration to run for the Legislature.

Wright was convicted of eight counts of voter fraud on January 28, 2014.

In September, he was sentenced to ninety days' confinement and banned from public office for the rest of his life.


I am surprised that he was convicted as the progressive socialist democrats have a historical pattern and practice of voter fraud. It appears that it is not so much the fact that Wright was sentenced to 90-days of “celebrity confinement with a near immediate release from custody,” but that he was banned from public office for the rest of his life and was to be considered a felon which precluded most post-slammer careers in finance and other potentially lucrative politically-related activities. 

Now comes California Governor Jerry Brown who removed all of the previous restrictions of Wright’s post-conviction behavior with a pardon on November 21, 2018. The impetus for the pardon appeared to be the fact that the disreputable California Legislature changed the law so that politicians no longer need to live in the district which they serve. Since Wright’s actions, post-facto, are now legal, the Governor was approached for a pardon.

So what are they hiding?

In response to a formal records request from the nonpartisan First Amendment Coalition to unseal records filed by the governor’s office,which include the pardon application and supporting letters from prominent people, it appears that the Governor’s Office has requested that the California Supreme Court deal the records relating to his pardon of former Senator Wright. The argument was that “confidentiality” is consistent with historical practice and is supported by state law. The truth is that many influential people do not want their names to be known as requesting clemency for a convicted felon associated with political crimes.

Peter Krause, the governor’s legal secretary told the Court that the records requested to remain sealed “contain highly sensitive, and potentially embarrassing materials" about the applicant as well as candid views of victims and prosecutors.

The attempt to shield these records from scrutiny under the “executive privilege” authority would enable any governor to hide criminal activities behind a shield of anonymity, thus depriving citizens of critical information needed for political decision-making.

Bottom line…

It is bad enough that voters have allowed a single-party to dominate California politics, but they openly condone fraud and deceit by elected officials. Let us hope that the California Supreme Court, packed with progressive socialist democrats, considers the public’s right to know about those who have been convicted of a political crime involving public policies.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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