Once again we have a clear demonstration of the hypocrisy of Hollywood, especially the hypocrisy of those who are progressive socialist democrats…


Robert Redford: I think when you get to the core of American life, it has to do with independence. We were a country founded on independence—we wanted to break away from England—so we were going to have our own rules and our own laws, and guns made that possible. And we needed guns to fight the British, fight the Indians, and all that. So that just sticks.

And somehow, I think guns have become a symbol of our independence and they don’t want to give it up. They see it as an unalienable right that they don’t want to give up, and the NRA moves on it, and just uses that. But I think it’s really, really sad.

It does seem to be an American problem. When you look at a country with few guns like Japan, there aren’t mass shootings. There’s the occasional mass stabbing, but stabbing someone is a far more intimate act than hiding behind the barrel of a gun. <Source>

In Hollywood, they talk socialism, the walk socialism, but they never seem to walk away from the big bucks in gun-related violence as entertainment…

It appears that Robert Redford is out promoting his latest film called “The Old Man and the Gun” about an elderly bank robber named Forrest Tucker. (Coincidently the actor Forrest Tucker’s politics were the same as those other western icons, John Wayne and Charleton Heston who was President of the NRA). The real life Tucker was a “lifelong stickup man and prison escapee.” 

Official Synopsis: At the age of 70, Forrest Tucker makes an audacious escape from San Quentin, conducting an unprecedented string of heists that confound authorities and enchant the public. Wrapped up in the pursuit are detective John Hunt, who becomes captivated with Forrest's commitment to his craft, and a woman who loves him in spite of his chosen profession.

As reported by the Associated Press, Redford had the gall to note, “ We’re living in such dark times right now. The hope is that ‘The Old Man and the Gun’ will put a smile on an audience’s face. That’s something I think we could sure use right now.” And couldn’t help but add, “I try not to think about today’s politics. Otherwise, you get too depressed.”

Joined in this film by a radical, dictator-loving, Danny Glover and accused sexual abuser Casey Affleck, the film conveniently overlooks the fact that there is absolutely nothing charming about sticking a gun in another individual’s face and stealing his money. 

As for the idiocy of the progressives in this world… 

First grader suspended for making gun gesture with finger at Maryland school

A 6-year-old boy was suspended from his Maryland elementary school for making a gun gesture with his finger, pointing it at a classmate and saying "pow." The Washington Post reports the first grader's parents are fighting to remove the disciplinary action, which the school said was due to the child making a "threat" to shoot another student in December, from the child's record. The school says the child pointed his finger at a female student in his class as if it were a gun and said "pow." The school says the child had been warned before about similar behavior, but chose to do it anyway. <Source>


The latest case zero tolerance madness has occurred in Colorado Springs, as a first-grader has been suspended from school for pointing his fingers in the shape of a gun. It’s a familiar tale, as Elijah Thurston became just another in a long list of children to be punished for innocent imaginary play. The boy allegedly made the gun shape with his hand and said, “You’re dead” while pointing at another child in his class. Elijah was given a one day suspension for “threats against peers”, and was forced to undergo a lecture from a school administrator at Stratton Meadows Elementary School, regarding “what it means to be dead.” <Source>

8-Year-Old Florida Boy Suspended for Making Gun Shape With Fingers: ‘It Was a Game’

A pretend game of cops and robbers landed a Florida elementary school boy with a very real suspension after he made a pretend gun with his thumb and index finger. The mother of 8-year-old Jordan Bennett said her son was only playing with his friend at Harmony Community School in St. Cloud. She fears his one-day suspension, which was handed down Friday, wrongly labels Jordan as a violent person. “There was nothing in his hand. He used his thumb and index finger,” Bonnie Bennett told WKMG-TV. “It was a game.  He made no threatening advances or threats to harm anyone. No words were said.” <Source>

10-year-old suspended for making fingers into shape of gun

“Ten-year-old Nathan Entingh doesn't understand why he got suspended from school for three days. According to his father, Paul Entingh, one moment the boy was "goofing off" with his friends in fifth-grade science class, and the next the teacher was taking him out of the classroom, invoking Ohio's zero-tolerance policy. The offense? Nathan was "making his fingers look like a gun, having the thumb up and the pointed finger sticking out," said Entingh, describing the February 26 incident.” <Source>

I guess the moral of the Redford picture is “don’t do as I do, do as I say.” At six, I had cap pistols and a cap rifle; at eight,  I had a bb-gun and a real bow and arrow set; at nine, a pellet gun; at ten, a .22 caliber rifle; and twelve, I got my first .22 “six-shooter.”  Of course, I had my dad – an old-fashioned Democrat – to show me how to be safe. Since I was a Cub Scout, I have carried a pocket-knife. And for those who say, “different times,” I say – parental involvement, supervision, and a neighborhood where any adult could discipline you on the spot. (You got a second dose when you arrived home.) We had a police officer for a neighbor along with members of the entertainment community who were just ordinary hard-working folks. Lloyd Bridges taught me how to swim in a special above-ground tank a neighbor (who worked at nearby Douglas Aircraft) had built for the studios out of riveted aluminum and conveniently built a smaller one in his backyard. I have Black friends, Asian friends, an Indian friend – and they were all my playmates – likely to be found at our table or me at theirs. The community was a community, and you not only knew your neighbors but volunteered a hand when someone needed something. I went to NRA gun safety classes and had a great time with my friends on the range or shooting rats at the dump. Days that are impossible to repeat – mostly because those who spout socialist nonsense, swear allegiance to the collective, eschew individualism and want to turn rambunctious little boys into obedient little girls.

Bottom line…

As a life member of the National Rifle Association (Patrol Level), I detest and deplore Redford’s attitude. This progressive socialist democrat is a multi-millionaire, isolated from the craziness in the real world, and believes he knows best how we should live our lives. Too bad Redford is so progressive that he doesn’t understand that guns are not a symbol of our independence, that would be the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. The old west was always about individualism, self-empowerment, and a land where men were men, women were women, and you knew right from wrong.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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