Update: 08/28/2018 -  According to FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act), it appears that Lanny Davis is an active foreign agent of a pro-Moscow Ukrainian oligarch with direct ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.   How is it that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is running around looking for a link between the Trump's associates and the Russians  -- and failing to note that many of the Obama and Hillary Clinton groups have direct relationships with Russians? <Source>

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There is little doubt in my mind that Lanny Davis, the Yale-trained lawyer is both a douche-nozzle and a source of fake news…


From a column penned by Lanny Davis on July 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton has acknowledged, with the wisdom of hindsight, that she made a mistake in using one device for sending personal and business emails rather than using two when she was secretary of state, and in sending all of her emails to a private server.

[OCS: This is a bald-faced lie as it is well-known that Hillary Clinton used a number of devices during her activities while in office and that the FBI reports at least two of these devices were physically destroyed by Justin Cooper, an aide to former President Bill Clinton who also happened to be involved with the setup and administration of the email server. The FBI said it identified 13 mobile devices used to possibly send emails using Clinton's private email server. <Source>

It also appears that Cooper had access to classified information although he did not have a current security clearance.]

I respect and agree with FBI Director James Comey’s conclusion, speaking on behalf of a unanimous team of FBI professionals, investigators and expert technologists, that there was no criminal conduct. Almost all of the former prosecutors and experts with whom I have consulted agree with that conclusion, including a former inspector general of the National Security Agency.

[OCS: There is little doubt that former FBI Director James Comey deliberately misread the law and inserted the element of “intent” where none exists to find her not worthy of prosecution although he provided the damning evidence of a prima facie case of her guilt.]

Read further lies at No 'Extreme Carelessness' With Hillary's Emails

One wonders why Davis who had vigorously and vociferously defended Bill Clinton and his sexual escapades, Penn State and their sex-related issues, Hillary Clinton, and various dictators and despots have any credibility left and why he continues to receive invitations to appear on television, radio, and in the print media as a legitimate source of news?

Lanny Davis, the “fake news machine…”

Lanny Davis admits he was source for CNN's Trump Tower story, lied about it on air

Michael Cohen’s attorney has acknowledged being an anonymous source for the disputed CNN Trump Tower story and also admitted lying on TV about his involvement.

Lanny Davis told Buzzfeed News on Monday evening that he was a source for the story claiming that President Trump had personal prior knowledge of a controversial Trump Tower meeting with Russians — a story the Cohen camp has since repudiated. “I made a mistake,” Mr. Davis said. Both Mr. Davis and Cohen, who entered into a plea deal last week with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, have backed away from the Trump Tower story in the past week, though CNN stands behind it.

The article cited the plural “sources with knowledge.”

But as other news outlets wrote stories “matching” the CNN scoop, which if true would contradict the president’s repeated and public denials of any knowledge of the meeting, Mr. Davis was eagerly confirming the story to those other outlets. The New York Post and the Washington Post each has publicly named Mr. Davis as their confirming source for their Trump Tower meeting stories, despite initial grants of anonymity. <Source>

So much for the credibility and veracity of reports from anonymous sources appearing in mainstream media outlets.

Bottom line…

What most stories fail to point out is that the Trump Tower meeting was not an illegal or prohibited activity for candidate Trump or his campaign committee. The “Russians” who represented that they had dirt on Hillary Clinton were in fact linked to Fusion GPS, the home of the Steele Dossier, a disinformation campaign funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee through cutout attorney Marc Elias of the Perkins Coie law firm.

If there was any collusion with the Russians is was at the behest of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton. DHS confirmed that the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was granted special entry to the United States on multiple occasions in 2015 and 2016 at the request of the Justice Department. She was involved with the asset forfeiture relating to a Russian as well as lobbying as an unregistered lobbyist against the Magnitsky Act which sanctioned Russian oligarchs and prevented them from doing business in the United States. Not so coincidently, Veselnitskaya met with Glenn Simpson the founder of Fusion GPS before and after the meeting in Trump Tower. All concerned said there was no dirt about Hillary Clinton and it was mostly about a future Trump Administration repealing the Magnitsky Act.

There is no doubt that this is the largest political scandal in the history of the United States and one that threatens to severely damage the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law. It is a blatant attempt by the Obama Administration to politicize the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies and to influence a presidential election. Not to mention the ongoing attempt of the progressive socialist democrats to oust a sitting president on “trumped-up” charges.

Remember this when you vote. Voting for any Democrat is tantamount to endorsing the downfall of the United States of America as we know it and setting America on the road to becoming a third-rate nation like Venezuela.

We are so screwed.


-- steve

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