It appears that Bob Woodward, a noted liberal who made his reputation (with Carl Bernstein) taking information handouts (leaks) from FBI Associate Director Mark Felt (aka “Deepthroat”) and reporting for the Washington Post. It is believed that this reporting is one of the proximate motivations for former President Nixon’s resignation. This led to a Pulitzer Prize for reporting, a book, “All the President’s Men,” and a movie starring Robert Redford as Dustin Hoffman as Bernstein.

Now, Woodward is back with a book on President Donald Trump timed to be released a few weeks before the November mid-term elections in the fashion of an “October Surprise.”  One only wonders how much of this information has been leaked by the FBI since Woodward was such a great conduit with the media years ago?


The book Bob Woodward did not have the guts to write …


Bottom line …

More smoke and mirrors from the virtue-signaling salon wing of the progressive socialist democrats.

What Donald Trump did as a businessman before the election is not relevant, even if filled with the type of tales one might expect to be told about a high-flying New York real estate developer operating in a politically corrupt environment and coexisting with organized crime in the unions and building trades.

It was not Donald Trump that set up his own private email server to evade disclosures to the government, the Congress, the Courts, and the American public. A server which was hacked and compromised by foreign entities. And all of the document destruction, lying, obstruction of justice, and government corruption to allow Hillary Clinton to escape felony charges under the Espionage Act and various other felonies activities.

As for “colluding” with the Russians, it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that hired, through a law firm cut-out, Fusion GPS, a firm that was known to be lobbying for the Russians and provided the “Steele Dossier” which was shopped to the media and couldn’t gain traction until the intelligence community (James Clapper, John Brennan) pushed the FBI (Comey and cohorts) to give it a legitimacy it did not deserve and to use it as a pretext to spy on American citizens associated with the Trump campaign.

In the matter of the infamous Trump, Jr. meeting in Trump tower, it appears that the Russian operative involved met with the very same Fusion GPS before and after the meeting – and it had nothing to do with hacked emails, but lobbying to eliminate financial sanctions on Russian billionaire pals of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the final analysis, this book is merely another part of the Hillary Clinton distraction and disinformation campaign to buy enough time to allow her, her corrupt husband, her corrupt foundation, and her corrupt friends from being held accountable for prosecutable crimes against the United States.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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