I remember a time when the word “woke” was simply the incorrect tense of “awake.” Now, like most politicized and bastardized words and meanings, its usage conveys a perception of political awareness – but only of the ideology of the progressive socialist democrats.

Implied in the word’s current usage is for an individual to understand “what’s really happening,” as defined through the filter of political context. And, to acknowledge that most of what you assumed to be the truth is wrong, evil, or somehow phobic when political context is considered.

To be woke is to recognize the great injustices and disparity in today’s society and, in many cases, being aware that the remedy is to provide privileges, perks, and handouts to any class of people who have some tenuous link to historical injustice. No matter if that link is mostly non-existent in modern society and those being charged for the privilege of redressing historical grievances had nothing to do with the events and actions of their ancestors.

Being “woke” is a Marxist/Communist political ploy to bring about the class warfare that leads to chaos, anarchy, and eventually the type of revolution that installs a totalitarian government “for the good of the people.” Management by a cadre of elites – many of whom are as clueless as those who toil in academia where perception trumps reality.

Woke appears to be a convenient means for those virtue-signally individuals in academia, with virtually worthless degrees that need bias and agitation to be validated, to feel superior to those imperfect individuals who founded this country and whose work contributed to the benefit of all mankind. For it is far easier to criticize the creators or their creations than actually create something great themselves.

I find it amazing that most people will accept the ranting of individuals who view everything through the prism of their own politics, bias, and activism and then label others who do not adopt a similar view as bigots, racists, and phobes. Never once considering that they have self-identified as the real problem with modern society.


An example of the clear and present danger of this outlook can be found in the work of Dr. Paul Ernest, emeritus professor of the philosophy of mathematics education at Exeter University in the United Kingdom.

The Ethics of Mathematics: Is Mathematics Harmful? 

In this chapter I challenge the idea that mathematics is an unqualified force for good.

[OCS: Perhaps the good doctor does not understand that mathematics is simply a descriptive language, neutral in intent, that seeks to describe the nature, character, and properties of the phenomena which we encounter in our universe. It is a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used for good or evil depending on the intent of the individual wielding the implement.]

Instead I show the harm that learning mathematics can inadvertently cause unless it is taught and applied carefully.

[OCS: By “taught and applied carefully,” one assumes that Dr. Ernest is speaking about teaching the meaning of mathematics within a political context. Sort of a “woke” version of mathematics that provides legitimacy to political ideologies. Perhaps Ernest should read the Nobel Lecture of Hayek titled “The Pretense of Knowledge” in which Hayek argues that using the tools of mathematics in the social sciences may lends a degree of legitimacy and credibility which is often undeserved.]

I acknowledge that mathematics is a widespread force for good but make the novel case that there is significant collateral damage caused by learning mathematics.

I describe three ways in which mathematics causes collateral damage.

First, the nature of pure of mathematics itself leads to styles of thinking that can be damaging when applied beyond mathematics to social and human issues.  

[OCS: Ernest makes the case that the characteristics of thinking about mathematics are often “detached” and “calculated” and that “rules, abstraction, objectification, impersonality, unfeelingness, dispassionate reason, and analysis” may be harmful when interpreted or applied to human issues.] 

Second the applications of mathematics in society can be deleterious to our humanity unless very carefully monitored and checked.

“Money and thus mathematics is the tool for the distribution of wealth. It can therefore be argued that as the key underpinning conceptual tool mathematics is implicated in the global disparities in wealth.”

[OCS: The progressive professor’s true colors have been revealed with his conflation of mathematics as a conceptual tool implicit in the global disparities in wealth.

One must ask a fundamental question: Carefully monitored and checked by whom? The thought police? Political progressive ideologues who have no restraint about redefining words and concepts to fit their twisted ideology? Unelected bureaucrats of unknown origin who are inclusive and diverse in that their numbers are artificially manipulated to approximate the proportion of “their kind or class” in the general population?] 

Third, the personal impact of learning mathematics on learners’ thinking and life chances can be negative for a minority of less successful students, as well as potentially harmful for successful students.  

[OCS: It should come as no surprise that the good doctor claims that mathematics is often viewed as a “masculine” subject and therefore women can encounter difficulty in learning the subject-matter. Perhaps he should have been more inclusive and made a provision for the minorities and the poor?

Is Dr. Ernest suggesting some form of affirmative action and participation trophies to be handed out to those incapable of earning a degree in mathematics for the sole purpose of making them feel better about themselves. We have gone down this path and the incompetence of these individuals appears to be costing society a great deal as “We the People” pay for their mistakes and miscalculations.] 

I end with a recommendation for the inclusion of the philosophy and ethics of mathematics alongside its teaching all stages from school to university, to attempt to reduce or obviate the harm caused; the collateral damage of learning mathematics.

[OCS: Yes, by all means – let’s pollute the descriptive language of mathematics with political ideology much as the progressives have polluted our language with their silly words and redefinitions.]

Dr. Ernest believes, “Reasoning without meanings provides a training in ethics-free thought.” The question simply becomes one of, whose ethics are we to accept as being the valid and correct interpretation of reality as described by a mathematical equation. And, of course, the nanosecond after which the word ethics is used, the meaning is clear – ethics conditioned by the progressive ideology. An ideology which has been historically recorded to be a force for evil and the devolution of political systems into a state of anarchy or totalitarianism.


The above equation is what a real revolution looks like, it is Einstein’s Field Equation for General Relativity, and I am not quite sure how one might interpret this in a political context or impose affirmative action on its understanding.

Bottom line …

Like I said, “woke” is what’s wrong with America today. Perhaps we should “wake up” to the clear and present danger presented by the progressive socialist democrats who want to fundamentally transform our nation into a third-world culture that is no better nor worse than any other unexceptional banana republic in the world?

The idea that these progressive fools can substitute their criticism for creation will be our downfall.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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