The fact that the progressive socialist democrats can no longer pretend their party’s corrupt and unconstitutional practices are not detrimental to the United States, its sovereignty, safety, and security, so they must radically and fundamentally transform the nation, its culture, and import future citizens who are willing to vote for progressives in exchange for access to the American dream and all our our social safety nets even though they have not contributed to the system to which they lay claim.


One need only ask themselves why Mexicans, who risk their lives and limbs, trying to enter this country illegally refuse to assimilate and swear allegiance to the United States of America? One need only ask themselves why Mexican flags are being flown over rallies instead of the Stars and Stripes?

One need only ask themselves why the progressive socialist democrats refuse to pass immigration reform that provides work permits, but not citizenship, and demands the use of e-verify to check the status of workers?

One need only ask themselves why American Blacks continue to support a party that has oppressed them in the inner cities and given their jobs, housing, and social benefits to illegal aliens – spreading only the equality of misery?

And one need only ask themselves why the mainstream media continues to preside over the disaster that is unfolding in front of their eyes? Where a cabal of progressives cannot be held accountable for their actions that are demonstrably unconstitutional and criminal?

Why are illegal alien children “dreamers” and our children are simply pawns of the education unions? What about jobs taken from our children?

Why are our lawyers being allowed to aid and abet illegality without being disbarred?

And, what about all of the children separated and removed from the custody of their parents during routine criminal proceedings? What rights do illegal alien parents have when they drag their children over the border?

Bottom line …

If America sucks, as the progressive and the media suggests – why are illegal aliens still crossing the border in record numbers? Why are they being allowed to recreate the shit-hole they left on American soil?

Can anybody point out anywhere in the Constitution of the United States where America is legally bound to import illiteracy, poverty, disease, crime, and an anti-America attitude to dilute the interests of legitimate law-abiding Americans and legal immigrants?

Once the facts are known, it is no longer a conspiracy. No culture or civilization can survive with open borders and unrestricted immigration.

I think we have just lost our country and that we have gone over the tipping point.

We are screwed.

-- steve

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