We the People are facing an existential threat. Not from nuclear powers like Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea or even potentially Iran. But from a fifth column of fellow Americans who seek to nullify the Constitution that defines our republic, but also guarantees that your inalienable rights and freedoms are not rescinded by government fiat. These are the people who want to fundamentally transform America into a utopian paradise that ignores human behavior and thus is impossible to achieve.

They know that they cannot advance their toxic agenda at the Congressional level because few of their ilk have the courage to actually stand before the American people and share their own feelings and agenda. Full well-knowing that their un-American actions could not withstand an up-or-down vote without severe and punishing consequences.

They know that they cannot advance their toxic agenda at the Executive level because what can be accomplished by executive order can be undone by the next executive to assume the office of the president.

So they rely on the Supreme Court, none unelected men or women who are appointed for life and who can negate facets of the constitution, usurp the powers of the Congress, and rescind many of the orders of the executive branch. With no higher authority, other than themselves, to nullify the effects of their rulings. And, this is why it is crucially important for the President to nominate a strict constitutionalist that honors our constitution and concepts of our Founding Fathers. A strict constitutionalist who will not manufacture new rights out of whole cloth and protect powers belonging to the states and “we the people” when ruling on serious issues. And, why it is crucially important for the Senate to confirm the President’s choice.

So who are they?

The people who want to deny you your freedoms are the anarchists, socialists, and communists who have infiltrated and assumed control over many of our governmental and private institutions. These are the miscreants who have taken control over the Democrat Party to the extent it appears to be another branch of the international socialist/communist movement.

How they assume control …

If it is impossible for the progressive socialist democrats to obtain a majority vote, they must settle for a plurality – where the politician, party, or proposition receives more votes than the opposition, but not a clear and decisive majority.  For this to occur, they need to divide and conquer America by cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, and racial lines. Amassing power by promising each group that you will address their real or perceived grievances in return for "temporarily" surrendering their political power until better utopian times which have never come to fruition in the history of mankind. By flooding the debate with confusing or contradicting positions so that most average Americans throw up their hands and vote with their feelings rather than with informed opinion. Where everything is re-defined or turned into a “team sport.”

They distract from the actual issues by reframing the proposition in religious, racial, and emotional terms.

What is the distraction they are likely to use?

Keeping in mind that the real issue is the U.S. Constitution versus the socialist/communist agenda, look for the progressive socialist democrats to reframe the proposition in terms of women’s rights and the possibility that a strict constitutionalism might vote for the repeal of the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade ruling – a code word for abortion.

For those who are unsure of what 1973 Roe v. Wade decision (410 US 113) is and actually means, it is a rather simple matter. It is a Supreme Court ruling where the court recognized, for the first time, that the constitutional right to privacy “is broad enough to encompass a woman's decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.” What is wrong with the ruling is that it is unconstitutional, that there is no such “right to privacy” in the U.S. Constitution and that the power to regulate pregnancies is either a states rights issue or must be a personal issue of “We the People.” 

While the progressive socialist democrats rally and riot over decisions with which they disagree, the very rarely point out that decisions made by a largely democrat-appointed courts: rulings associated with slavery (Dred Scott), segregation (Plessy vs. Ferguson), the internment of Japanese (Korematsu), and of course, the nullification of states rights in Roe v. Wade, all of which were harmful to the nation and were technically unconstitutional.

There is absolutely no indication that any given Court, no matter what its composition, will nullify Roe v. Wade or make any other startling decisions. Especially while Chief Justice Roberts is on the bench. But it is useful for the progressive socialist democrats to distract from the real battle between constitutionalism and communism to enrage and encourage its base to rally or riot.

The media is about to go crazy ...

Look for the progressive mainstream media to treat the issue of the nomination of a constitutionalist to the Supreme Court as a call to arms. Endlessly echoing progressive propaganda. Burying favorable stories on the nominee while highlighting negative stories -- even if they are based on innuendo, supposition, speculation, or anonymous sources. 

You can't count on Republicans ...

With RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and others, one cannot count on the GOP to uphold our nation's constitution.

Bottom line …

  • It's not about global climate change.
  • It's not about clean water and clean air.
  • It's not about preexisting conditions.
  • It's not about reproductive rights.
  • It's not about gay rights. 
  • It's not about immigration.
  • It's about the constitution versus communism!

The coming battle over the Supreme Court is not between progressives and the so-called right-wing, but between those who would destroy our nation, our freedoms, our individualism in return for a strong central authority with unlimited power to supersede the Constitution which guarantees our freedoms.

We need Supreme Court Justices that will uphold our Constitution and the freedoms in guarantees. Without a similar constitution, we saw Australia disarm its citizens leaving a pile of murdered victims, we say Britain jail a protester for daring to speak out against Muslims, and over-and-over again, we see the progressive state ride roughshod over the people they claim to serve and to protect.

If a strict constitutionalist cannot find clear and unambiguous authority to act, the decision is left up to either the states or the people.

If you want to change the constitution, you need to amend the constitution, not create law out of whole cloth. 

When you hear people speaking about right-wing, alt-right, or conservative nominees, they are blowing smoke up your behind and they are dead wrong.

What we need is a strict constitutionalist who will uphold the fidelity to the constitution – nothing else.

-- steve

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