The Mexican government is unstable, with socialist/communist/criminal influences. Mexico is exporting poverty, illiteracy, disease, crime, and an increasingly militant political force that is trying to re-create their homeland on American soil rather than assimilate into the American melting pot. Not to mention serving as a gateway for others to illegally access our country. Our country is being flooded with drugs that destroy our communities. And more and more illegal aliens who are consuming our resources without regard to the damage they are doing to our economy, our culture, and our political system.

Yet, the politicians are claiming all is well.

The progressive socialist democrats and their progressive RINO (Republican In Name Only) friends apparently see no problem with illegal aliens compromising our sovereignty, social safety nets, emergency medical assistance, or educational systems as long as the special interests have access to cheap labor and the progressive socialist democrats have access to future voters -- and those who may illegally vote in our elections with little or no threat of prosecution.  They waffle on-and-on about NAFTA, trade agreements, and the balance of payments but have little to say about money being repatriated to Mexico.

The progressive socialist democrats have little to say about the potential July 1st election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), an authoritarian socialist/communist in the mold of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, and Hugo Chávez. A man who appears likely to grant the leadership of drug cartels a form of amnesty in return for their financing and political support. They appear to be blind to a man who wants to change Mexico’s constitutions and become El Jefe for life. He has no problem with illegal immigration and open borders. He hates NAFTA and believes it should be renegotiated. And, he has no problem with inviting the Russians and Chinese into the country to help develop natural resources.

Bottom line …

While the American Congress obsesses over trivialities like Stormy Daniels and the past corruption of  Paul Manafort and others, we have a clear and present danger looming on the horizon. Call me a bigot, xenophobic, or any other label used by the progressives to quiet their opposition. The truth remains, we have a serious and unchecked threat on our Southern border. Personally, I believe in reciprocity. We should treat illegal aliens as illegal aliens are treated in their country of origin. Imagine any American demanding welfare in Mexico, let alone attempting to work in the country without citizenship? Imagine what might happen if Americans marched and demanded Mexican citizenship?

We are screwed. And, Trump may just be the right guy, in the right place, at the right time.

-- steve

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