Senator Feinstein Releases More Partisan Progressive Garbage

Once again, I find DiFi’s one-sided bull-pucky in my inbox …


An Update From Senator Dianne Feinstein

May 30, 2018


Preliminary Findings About Trump Campaign’s Effort to Obtain Incriminating Information on Secretary Clinton from Russia at Trump Tower Meeting (May 16, 2018)

“The June 9, 2016, meeting is one piece of a much larger puzzle and confirms that the Trump campaign was willing to accept Russia’s assistance. The Committee’s staff interviews reveal that top Trump campaign officials were frustrated and angry that the meeting did not produce enough damaging information on their opponent. Their efforts to conceal the meeting and its true purpose are consistent with a larger pattern of false statements about the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia.” To read the full statement, CLICK HERE.

The Committee’s investigation remains incomplete, including further review of the June 9, 2016 meeting. Nonetheless, the following preliminary findings are clear:

  • The Trump campaign was willing to accept Russia’s assistance.

[OCS: Why is Feinstein ignoring that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC surreptitiously funneled money through a law firm (Marc Elias at PerkinsCoie) to engage Fusion GPS who actively solicited Russian intelligence operatives to dig up dirt on candidate Trump which they then used to feed to top Obama officials to instigate an investigation of the Trump candidacy?

Why is Feinstein ignoring that the Obama Administration failed to protect Americans from such interference – especially at the direction of National Security Adviser Susan Rice who ordered security officials to “stand down” and not take active measures against Russian computer penetration attempts?

Why is Feinstein ignoring that the DNC refused FBI requests to forensically examine a computer server at the base of the hacking claims?

Why is Feinstein ignoring the fact that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra provided the FBI with a phony computer serve to avoid having them examine a compromised House server system?] 

  • Top campaign officials Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner accepted the offer of incriminating information on the campaign’s opponent from a hostile foreign government.

[OCS: Top Obama Administration officials, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC accepted actual incriminating information from a hostile foreign government – not a bogus offer, but actual information.]

  • These Trump campaign officials did not report the offer of Russian assistance to proper authorities.

[OCS: Why did Hillary Clinton and the DNC hide payments to Russian operatives using an attorney cut-out and Fusion GPS? Why has nobody mentioned Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer and any contacts they may have had with Christopher Steele and his Russian informants.]

  • Top campaign officials made clear their frustration that more damaging information was not produced at the June 9 meeting in Trump Tower.

[OCS: There is apparently nothing wrong with receiving damaging opposition research from any party or the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and others would already be in prison.]

  • Donald Trump Jr. and the White House misled the public about the June 9 meeting with Russians and other campaign contacts with Russia.

[OCS: In spite of his public relations, Donald Trump has been described as being ‘dumb as a rock” and having daddy issues which makes him prone to reckless actions when viewed in a political context. This is not Junior’s first screw up if you consider the failed mortgage business and the failed contractor supplies company.]

  • Several significant questions remain unanswered about this meeting and the numerous other contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian associates.

[OCS: You cannot even begin to count the questions involving the Obama Administration, domestic spying, obstruction of justice, and other criminal activities. Most important about that meeting was that the Russian operative was given clearance to enter the U.S. by the Obama State Department, met with Fusion GPS before and after the meeting – and the entire episode looks like a stinking setup.]

To read the preliminary findings of the Senate Judiciary Democrats in full, CLICK HERE.

[OCS: Remember this is a biased report which contains numerous inaccuracies and interpretations.]

Source: Senator Feinstein Releases Preliminary Findings From Russia Investigation

Bottom line …

Dianne Feinstein and her husband have grown wealthy at the government’s teat. She is not an unbiased observer, but a multi-millionaire hack politician who supports Obama and all of the progressive socialist democrat agenda.  It appears that only Devin Nunes is trying to get to the truth. Others, like the articulate Trey Gowdy, are simply issuing letters and bloviating.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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