It appears that a fundamental rule of law, that an individual is presumed innocent until they are convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction where the accused can confront their accuser and test the quality of evidence during cross-examination has been turned upside down. You are now assumed to be guilty until proven innocent. And, that the recounting of events, even decades old events, by biased, emotional, or publicity/money-seeking individuals are being given a level of credibility as if it happened yesterday. That numerous people with similar recollections, grievances, or motivations constitute proof of the events claimed. Or that events – which were commonplace dating rituals and ploys long ago – somehow rise to the level of rape.

Now it appears that all you need to gain fame and fortune is to run to the media with your allegations against the famous or powerful and provide the names of a few individuals who were allegedly told a one-sided story, contemporaneously, about an event but lack first-hand knowledge of the event itself. How many times have we seen a woman claim she was raped when her boyfriend found out about a consensual extra-relationship affair or a one-night stand? There are any number of sleazy attorneys willing to grab for the brass ring – a multi-million dollar out-of-court settlement complete with the routine non-disclosure agreement. Some of which appear to consider an active media campaign of shaming to be just another legal tactic to force a quick settlement.

Personally, I do not give a crap that Donald Trump used his wealth and position to make himself attractive to women. I do not care that he dated hookers. I do not care if he buckled under to extortionate demands for “hush money.” But I do care that a self-serving media-whore lawyer is attempting to gain fame and fortune by exploiting a lawsuit to nullify a routine non-disclosure agreement from a sex worker who was paid $130,000. Perhaps the real crime is that Trump’s attorney was too cute by half in attempting to hide the payment. Or that Trump is not bringing suit against both her and her attorney for breaking the NDA which I hope is found legal – if for no other reason than to wipe the smirk off the face of the media-whore lawyer.

I do care that the President is being distracted from his official duties by a progressive socialist democrat who ran with Rahm “never let a crisis go to waste” Emanuel and was known to engage in opposition research and dirty tricks on behalf of the Democrats. I do care who is funding the attorney because it isn’t, according to her statements, the complainant.

I do care that men are disadvantaged, unfairly and illegally, by progressive institutions and individuals who now believe they have a right to adjudicate sexual matters outside of a court of law and without any form of due process and judicial review. Creepy behavior does not rise to the level of a criminal act just because some progressive snowflake is “uncomfortable.”

Bottom line …

We have sufficient laws to deal with unwanted contact (assault and battery), date rape, and other criminal behavior. But it should be addressed in a court of competent jurisdiction before a jury or trier of fact – not in a progressive media that is incentivized to sensationalize and speculate about the matter to the extent of destroying an individual’s reputation or costing them their job on mere allegations.

It is time to reject the snowflakes and hold people accountable for false accusations, even those leveled at “public persons.” And perhaps we should acknowledge that the rich and powerful have always had an advantage, witness Hillary Clinton’s actions against her sexual predator husband Bill Clinton when he was accused of assault, battery, and rape by multiple women. What changed? Nothing – it is just that the progressive socialist democrats operate under a double standard.

We are so screwed as we see our legal system crumble under the assault of progressive socialist democrat politics and progressive media attention.

-- steve

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