We are truly living in an Orwellian age, where the government appears to be run by activists and agitators; where science and reason have given way to feel-good faith-based nonsense …

Days after another school shooting, again involving a white, middle-class, boy that may have been prescribed psychotropic drugs, comes an article in the decidedly progressive Business Insider.  The article is titled “What it’s like to actually hear voices in your head.” You need to see the video contained in this article.


There's a cultural stigma, especially in the US, that hearing voices in your head is inherently a sign of mental-health issues. There's a community of people on Reddit who have chosen to create voices in their heads, called tulpamancers. Their voices are called tulpas. Here's why this isn't a mental-health concern.

[OCS: With progressives, everything can be reduced to culture, stigmas, and victimhood. Almost as if they are oblivious to the fact that most stigmas were created as a social warning of unacceptable behaviors. People who choose to live in a fantasy world or alternative reality are definitely outliers on the spectrum of normally accepted behavior.]

- [Narrator] In pop culture, hearing voices is generally not perceived as a good thing.

- [Male Voice] I am Jack's smirking revenge.

- [Narrator] But there are people who find the voices in their heads to be therapeutic. They intentionally create these voices. They're called Tulpamancers. A Tulpamancer creates a Tulpa, similar to an imaginary friend but with a twist. These imaginary friends possess their own thoughts and emotions. They can act independently of their creator. Meet Jacob, he's a Tulpamancer. We met on Reddit and I reached out to learn what it's really like to hear voices.

[OCS: What would happen if one of these so-called Tulpas turned toxic and suggested an act of revenge for all of the real or imagined hurt inflicted on either the individual or their Tulpa?]

- [Jacob] About four and a half years ago decided to you could say, no longer be alone.

[OCS: Is there a problem where this individual cannot make friends or sustain relationships at his age – forcing a retreat into a fantasy world to avoid feeling bad?]

- [Narrator] Jacob is a 20 year old psychology student. He grew up in a military family and four and a half years ago he created a Tulpa, Aury. We interviewed Jacob, the Tulpamancer and his Tulpa, Aury. To keep track of who's talking look in the top right corner. If you see a purple pony, that's Aury.

[OCS: That the individual in the story is a young adult student gives one pause. And, you don’t need a visual representation of a purple pony to know who is talking. The voiced character sounds like a little girl’s voice.]

- Jacob and Aury are two people that live in the body that you're looking at right now.

- I am Aury. And I am a Tulpa. I see myself as a bat pony, as a pony with bat wings and glowing golden eyes and a gray coat and a midnight plume.


- [Narrator] So Jacob sees Aury as a pony. This is Doctor Samuel Vessiere. He's the first person to ever conduct research on the Tulpa community. He has a theory about why Jacob sees Aury as a pony. Because there are more things that one can do with the imagination they also provide, I don't want to call it an escape but they provide an opportunity to engage in a richer fantasy world. This is why many Tulpas have non-human forms, such as elves or ponies or sort of made up beings.

- [Narrator] Why would someone choose to create a Tulpa and hear voices?

- [Jacob] I would move every other year, being raised in the military and so I desperately needed someone who could stick with me.

- I think the purpose of a Tulpa fits the completely normal human urge to connect with other people. And to not be lonely and to be social. We are through and through evolution we are social beings.

[Clearly this is a coping or avoidance mechanism and may indicate some form of psychic trauma. This might be valid for a young child operating in a strange and unknown environment, but when one is a 20-year-old student, one might wonder if this is can be a sign of impending trouble or psychiatric issues?]

- [Narrator] Aury is able to possess the body and front, meaning she can control the body and speak for herself. Jacob and Ari have come up with two different methods for switching.

[OCS: Any time a fantasy character can take control and effectuate independent thoughts and actions should be considered troublesome. In essence you have an alter ego that might be beyond the control of a more rational mind.]

- There's a possession scene in the movie where someone who comes into the body grasps the hand of someone else and flips it and when they flip it, the identity, the entity that wants to possess the body flows into the body. And since seeing that, that's been a way that Aury and I have been able to quickly possess. So all I'm gonna do is relax my body and let go of tension. And just allow the presence that is Ari to flow in to my feet, and then my legs, then my midsection, then my arms, and then my neck. And when she begins to enter my head I hear my voice begin to travel into the back and I hear hers being to go into the front as she affirms that.

[OCS: Listen to how this individual invokes his imaginary character – indistinguishable from the relaxation technique used to induce self-hypnosis.]

- [Aury] Then I'm in front. Hello. Everything that people see Jacob do, I can do. Some areas better than him, some areas not as well.

[OCS:  Including acting out, shooting a weapon, invoking a fit of anger.]

- [Narrator] So Ari lives in Jacob's mind. Typically, characters in pop culture with voices in their heads are associated with mental-health issues. Do Tulpamancers fall into that category?

- Even in the most conservative, medically-minded psychiatry, hearing voices is not in and of itself considered a problem. So hearing voices is only a problem if the person who hears them reports being distressed. And if other people around them also report being distressed.

[OCS: So, a mental health professional sees nothing amiss with a young adult who hears self-induced voices in his head and has the means to effectuate the thoughts of this fantasy character.]

- Once upon a time, my parents decided that my being LGBT was a mental illness that was symbolic of something going on in my head that shouldn't. They chose to blame Tulpas for changing me in some way or shape or form and they sent me to a clinical psychologist to check whether or not I had schizophrenia and the therapist told them straight up, "This isn't schizophrenia. "You can't give yourself schizophrenia. "Schizophrenia is something genetic. "It's not something you can give yourself with meditation."

[OCS: Being LGBT might account for some of the social issues and lack of connections. Maybe why this individual voices his fantasy friend in a little girl voice. It might not be schizophrenia, but it is “something” that needs to be investigated. Especially if this individual is taking psychotropic drugs.]

To continue reading the article in context, it can be found here …<Source>

Creating more victims?

In a world that requires some level of strength and resiliency to survive, it appears that the progressives are creating and encouraging more snowflakes – fragile people who require government intervention to prevent the outside world from intruding and interfering with their mental construction of a fantasy world.

- [Narrator] Unfortunately, the Internet isn't always the nicest place for Tulpamancers.

- Tulpamancers suffer quite a bit of bullying. I have read some very derogatory comments towards Tulpamancers because they're probably an easy target. They're very sincere, they're enthusiastic about their practice and they do something that is really radically different so it takes people the wrong way and as such, they become the target of bullying, which I find very unfortunate.

[OCS: It would be a simple matter for these individuals to reduce their internet and social media profile -- but they appear to have few, if any, friends and their lives are intertwined with social media in an unhealthy manner.

How soon will it be before the internet platforms begin taking proactive action to monitoring all conversations to “prevent” bullying and silence those voices with which they find fault?]

- [Narrator] But despite the bullying, Jacob has found comfort in Aury.

- [Aury] I like to think that I've made Jacob a better person. I think that with me around she not only takes better care of herself but better care of others.

[OCS: It appears that the “Tulpa” recognizes that the host might be transgender.]

Not to mention the progressive-dominated educational system that exposes youngsters to alternative sexual behavior at early age and now considers gender to be another fluid construct. The idea that one’s gender is “assigned” at birth based on anatomical or chromosomal features is an anathema to this crowd. It should be left to the individual to decide what gender they want to adopt. With hormone treatments and sexual reassignment surgery being covered by insurance.

More Progressive Insanity from the New York Times …

The Boys Are Not All Right by MICHAEL IAN BLACK

Last week, 17 people, most of them teenagers, were shot dead at a Florida school. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School now joins the ranks of Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine and too many other sites of American carnage. What do these shootings have in common? Guns, yes. But also, boys. Girls aren’t pulling the triggers. It’s boys. It’s almost always boys.

I would like men to use feminism as an inspiration, in the same way that feminists used the civil rights movement as theirs. I’m not advocating a quick fix. There isn’t one. But we have to start the conversation. Boys are broken, and I want to help.

America’s boys are broken. And it’s killing us. <Source: New York Times>

This schmuck is not an academic, but a progressive comedian, actor, and author. He is part of the pussification and weakening of American men. Had the putz been intellectually honest, maybe he would have noted a few facts:

(1) This is a recent phenomenon within the last 30 years – coinciding with the rise of progressivism in education and the use of psychotropic drugs.

(2) Twenty-nine out of the thirty-three mass shootings were perpetrated by white, middle-class, boys on psychotropic drugs –some found to be “clean” because they went off their meds.

(3) You do not see similar behavior among the poor, Black, or Hispanic community – mostly because they do not have the money or desire to send their children to psychiatrists or purchase psychotropic drugs. And, let us not forget that some of these minority communities are awash in weapons, many of them fully-automatic and used to support drug-dealing gangs.

(4)  There are fewer and fewer men teachers or authority figures in schools and physical discipline (like swats) are a thing of the past. If a teacher even touches a child, someone files a police complaint or a lawsuit. Conversely, if a child acts out, the matter is escalated to the police, psychiatrists, and the progressive system that wants little boys to become little girls.

Bottom line …

I cannot help but think that this might be the beginning of a progressive trend to “cure” toxic masculinity and to further infantilize students. Giving them permission to live in the alternative reality that is the progressive’s world. Promoting a cultural shift that allows boys to remain little boys well into adulthood. Weakening the character of young men who may be called upon to defend themselves, their families, their neighbors, their community, and their nation in the near future.

I am not suggesting that anything is wrong with the individual that is the subject of the story, but of the academics and cultural elite that try to normalize this behavior and make it appear as an attractive alternative to facing the hard realities of today’s environment.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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