There is little doubt in my mind that social media acts as an amplifier and echo chamber for any idiot who wants to voice their views. But one might expect that educational institutions and corporations would have the common decency and common sense to defend their employees against little more than the opinion of a loud-mouthed radical and racist.

To fire two black cooks for serving ribs is an abomination …

Black NYU Student Gets Two Black Cooks Fired for Serving ‘Racist’ Meal


A black student at New York University, which costs a mere $73,000 per year to attend, complained about a meal served in honor of Black History Month which included ribs, cornbread, collard greens, Kool-Aid, and watermelon-flavored water. As The New York Times reported, College of Arts & Science sophomore Nia Harris perceived the menu as racist and demanded an explanation for this atrocity from the head cook at Weinstein Passport Dining Hall. 

He rightly dismissed her petulance and informed the student “that the Kool-Aid was actually fruit punch (it was not, she said) and that the dining hall served fruit-flavored water ‘all the time’ (it does, she said, but not watermelon).” Harris was also informed that the two men who planned the menu were black.

But the 19-year-old student wasn’t satisfied and shouted her plight on Facebook, screaming, “This is what it’s like to be a black student at New York University.”

The bad press from this disgustingly viral outburst got back to NYU, which promptly blamed the food service company Aramark who provided the cooks. Aramark then fired the employees, claiming they violated the company’s “longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion." 

[OCS: I personally knew the late Davre Davidson, the founder of the multibillion-dollar Aramark automatic vending, and while he believed in diversity and being inclusive, he was protective of his employees and did not suffer fools lightly. I cannot believe that the company he founded actually fired the two employees. But if they did, shame on them.] 

This pleased Harris who gloated over the firings, according to the NYT:

In a phone interview Wednesday evening, Ms. Harris said she chose to believe that the Aramark employees had acted out of ignorance of their menu’s implications, not out of malice. But she added that, while she was glad they had been fired, it should not have been her responsibility to point out the problem — one that she said went far beyond a single incident.

[OCS: I was unaware that any particular group “owned” a food group. Southern cooking is not cultural appropriation but just another cuisine style that has been polarized and politicized by racists – the people who see everything though the prism of race and take every opportunity to divide rather than unite.] 

What a way to celebrate Black History Month by getting two black men with menial jobs fired for something she admits was not done in malice. Harris must be proud of herself. Check that. Harris is very proud of her elitist, privileged self.

[OCS: I hope that a potential employer will discover Harris’ social media and newspaper coverage and decide that she might be too divisive to be hired and possibly represents a clear and present danger that the company will wind up in the media or court – suffering reputational damage for a tempest in a teapot.]


Bottom line ...

It is about time that the majority recognizes minority tyranny and stop giving blacks a free pass for criminal, wrongful, or divisive behavior.  If blacks want to continue their communist-designed Black Liberation Theology revolution, it is time to call them out for their divisive and racist acts. One of my favorite meals consists of ribs, and because my birthday meal occurs in Black History month, this does not make me a racist.

Enough with the personal and political cowardice.

-- steve

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