There is nothing that will erase the stain from Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel who immediately grabbed a microphone and began attacking the National Rifle Association for somehow being complicit in the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.


While claiming that his department was doing everything to protect the community and berating NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch and the entire membership for failing to stand up for children, he forgot to mention that an armed School Resource Officer (ONE OF HIS DEPUTIES WITH 3O+ YEARS OF SERVICE) wearing body armor did nothing for four minutes while children were being slaughtered during the six-minute shooting. And, that additional armed deputies sheltered behind their vehicles, pistols drawn and also failed to enter the school premises. It took arriving Coral Springs’ officers to make entry and secure the premises.

Was it cowardice, inadequate training, or a stand-down protocol that must have been approved by Sheriff Israel?

Even worse, it appears that the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the school system had numerous encounters with the perpetrator and did nothing. He was expelled from school for violent behavior, and the authorities did nothing. His foster family reported that he allegedly held a gun to the head of his brother and mother – and nothing was done.

Doing the right thing …

Police Chief Anthony Pustizzi of the Coral Springs Police Department said approximately 130 of his men responded to the shooting at the school, which borders the city and is about three miles from the station. 40 of the arriving officers made entry, secured the premises, and carried out 23 victims, of which 20 survived.

Could this progressive sheriff be following the dictates of former President Barack Obama and his corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder?


In an attempt to reduce the optics of a minority trail from school to jail, a number of school administrators and law enforcement officials were constrained by the PROMISE program which provides money to schools when arrests are not made and gives the school the authority to handle criminal acts committed while on school property. THIS PROGRAM WAS ACTIVE IN BROWARD COUNTY!

The PROMISE Program (Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Supports & Education) represents the most comprehensive thinking available to address socially unacceptable or illegal behavior, targeting both short and long term academic success, aligning best practice models and Restorative Justice principles, and developing pro-social and resiliency skills. PROMISE, while addressing the behavior specific to the youth, is committed to addressing family and community circumstances that serve as both strengths and challenges for the youth’s resiliency. PROMISE is an intervention-based program designed to correct student behavior that violates Policy 5.8 and/or Policy 5006, Suspension and Expulsion. PROMISE utilizes a comprehensive set of supports and education. The intent of PROMISE is to safeguard the student from entering the judicial system. <Source:>

For those who do not speak in progressive bafflegab, “restorative justice” is a process that attempts to repair the harm caused by a crime by getting criminals together with victims to discuss their feelings and possible restitution. What possible justice is available to the parents of this tragedy? Certainly nothing involving the NRA. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the shooter should have entered the school system’s criminal index, should have been designated as a mental patient, both of which may have prevented him from obtaining a weapon. But, then again, criminals and crazies don’t respect or obey the law.

Bottom line …

Are you willing to allow the politicians and mealy-mouthed asswipes like Sheriff Scott Israel help to destroy the Second Amendment and to disarm law-abiding citizens to create bigger victim pools and one-way shooting galleries?

Are you willing to put your life – and the lives of your children – in Sheriff Scott Israel’s men. Men who stood by while innocent children were being slaughtered.

As a life member (Benefactor Level) of the NRA, I believe President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are certainly more responsible for this tragedy than the NRA.

-- steve

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