There is no doubt in my mind that the progressive socialist democrats who govern the State of California have little or no respect for the Constitution of the United States, in particular the Second Amendment which is the ultimate check and balance against government tyranny.

So it should come as no surprise that the State of California, already a declared sanctuary for illegal aliens, would attempt to lower the penalties for criminals who use firearms in the commission of a crime. It should be noted that lazy or corrupt prosecutors often plea bargain away more serious gun charges in return for a guaranteed “feel good – look good” conviction on lesser charges. Thus putting Californians in greater jeopardy of losing their property or lives.

Even more egregious is the backdoor attempt to impose onerous gun control in the State of California with the sole purpose of disarming the population and making the people more vulnerable to violent criminals who always find some form of weapon to intimidate and coerce innocent citizens. 

The sad story used to sell the bill …


Sen. Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) said he introduced the bill after a 17-year-old riding in a car involved in a drive-by shooting was sentenced to 25 years in prison even though he denied shooting the gun. <Source>

Boo-effing Hoo … it is well known in the law enforcement community that the violent drug-dealing street gangs use minors as enforcers knowing that they will be given lighter sentences, even for premeditated murder.  If Bradford, xxx, wanted to feel sorry for someone, how about the innocent 8-year-old who lost his life in a drive-by? Perhaps he should care more about the drive-by victims rather than the perpetrators.

Drive-by shooting kills 8-year-old boy inside California home

An innocent 8-year-old boy was killed in a drive-by shooting after the bullets flew into a home in Southern California Monday evening, police said.

The shooting unfolded around 6:36 pm in Pomona. Fire dispatcher Ed Pickett confirmed that the boy was shot in the head.  The child was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The boy and his family were visiting family members when at least three bullets were fired at the house. It was not clear exactly how many times he was shot. The home reportedly belonged to two local school teachers who had two young children of their own. According to Sgt. Bert Sanchez, the family had no ties to any gangs. “From all indications, it’s a very good family.” Neighbors said that there were other young children at the scene when the victim was shot. “It appears they were just (at) a family gathering with friends – minding their own business,” Sgt. Sanchez told KABC. <Source>

One need only read paragraph two to see that Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas is speaking the truth about the situation regarding backdoor gun control …


September 25, 2017

The Honorable Jerry Brown
Office of the Governor
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: Senate Bill 620 – Oppose

Dear Governor Brown:

The Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA) strongly opposes Senate Bill 620 that would change firearm sentencing enhancement requirements by allowing felons who use a gun during the commission of their crimes to receive lower sentences. Under Penal Code 12022.53, "10-20-life: Use a Gun and You're Done" law, anyone who uses a gun in committing very specific violent felonies including murder, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking and rape, is subject to an enhancement which adds 10 years in prison for use of a gun, 20 years for firing the gun, and 25 years to life for killing or seriously injuring someone by firing the gun during the commission of said crime. The enhancement is in addition to and consecutive to the underlying felony conviction. Penal Code Section 12022.5 provides for mandatory consecutive sentences of three, four or 10 years in prison for use of a gun during the commission of any felony.

SB 620 would allow the judge, at the time of sentencing, to strike or dismiss firearm sentencing enhancement under these provisions. This will directly result in our most violent felons receiving lower sentences. It is incomprehensible that, at a time when California is continually increasing gun regulations to make lawful gun possession more onerous, the state is on the verge of lowering criminal penalties for the use a firearm by dangerous felons.

The gun enhancement laws have been a very effective vehicle in which to deliver public safety through the incarceration of criminals who commit the worst crimes while using a gun. SB 620 would weaken this important public safety protection. I respectfully urge you to veto Senate Bill 620 and prioritize public safety for our community.


Tony Rackauckas
District Attorney

<Source: Press Release>

There it is …

The State of California wants to punish law-abiding Californians, a clear violation of the Second Amendment, and deny them their inalienable right to self-defense.

Bottom line …

Why is it that the progressive socialist democrats are hell-bent on protecting members of their voter coalition, the thugs, the criminals, the illegal aliens, and the crooked politicians over decent, law-abiding citizens?

It is almost as if the State of California wants to create a class of victims entirely dependent on the government for their protection. Protection that cannot be everywhere it is needed; when it is needed. In fact, law enforcement’s only duties are to protect the state and its officials as well as maintain a state of law and order in the general populace. Thus, you cannot seek redress against the State or its law enforcement agencies for their failure to protect life and limb in exigent circumstances leaving weakened citizens unable to exercise their God-given right to self-defense.

In what “interest of justice” justification might this provision be used? “The court may, in the interest of justice pursuant to Section 1385 and at the time of sentencing, strike or dismiss an enhancement otherwise required to be imposed by this section. The authority provided by this subdivision applies to any resentencing that may occur pursuant to any other law.”

To induce and reward one dangerous criminal to testify against another dangerous criminal? Or, more likely, to release more minority felons from prison by erasing weapons-related enhancements?

We are so screwed …


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