Jon Fleischman (Executive Director, CA Republican Party (1999-2001) & Vice Chairman, South - CA Republican Party (2007-2011)) wrote a whiny column lamenting the impossibility of Republicans to gain traction in the State of California, specifically the race for California Governor.

He cites two major factors and then cites the real reason as a throw-away …

GOP Field For California Governor Grows, and Chance of All-Democrat Runoff

There are two factors that, together, augur bad news for Allen, and other would-be GOP governors of the Golden State.

The first was the passage of Proposition 14, the so-called “Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act,” which went into effect in 2012. That measure changed the manner of voting in all partisan primaries in California, except for President of the United States, so that any voter could cast his or her vote for any candidate, from any party, – and the two candidates receiving the most votes advance to the general election. No longer does the top voter from each political party have a guaranteed spot on the November ballot.

The other factor is the decisive and overwhelming voter registration advantage that Democrats have over Republicans in California. As of February 10 there were 8,600,440 registered Democrats in California, and only 5,027,714 Republicans. (In addition, there are 4,762,212 voters with no party preference). Then it is a simple matter of math. With three and half million more Democrats than Republicans eligible to vote in the next gubernatorial election, it is extraordinarily likely that two Democrats will be the top vote winners. In fact, the optimal path for the Republican Party to have a candidate make the runoff is for there to be just one serious GOP candidate on the ballot.

There is no serious money to help push a Republican into the runoff because, frankly, the run-off, if between a Republican and a Democrat, will not be competitive. The massive voter registration advantage held by the Democrats ensures the outcome.

Ironically, the when the primary sponsors of the open primary measure, then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado, were promoting it to the voters, one of their biggest pitches was that its passage would result in greater voter choice in California.

But in fact voters now have less choice, forced to choose between two Democrats in runoff elections in statewide elections.  <Source.>

Let us start with the second factor, the overwhelming number of Democrats in the State of California. Simply put, the California Republican Party is all talk and no walk. Like Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham they take every occasion to hop the aisle and support the opposition agenda. Even when they talk “conservative” like Representative Tom McClintock, they turn out to be ineffective and corrupted by the special interests. In the case of McClintock, using his parent’s home in Thousand Oaks as “his residence” while living in Sacramento, being bought and paid-for by the Indian gaming interests, and unable to win his race for Lt. Governor with Schwarzenegger on the ticket. Like Rand Paul, and his father Ron Paul before him, speaking conservative but being ineffectual.

Perhaps if the Republicans could be counted on to uphold the values which they tend to espouse, fiscal responsibility and social probity, there would be more registered Republicans. I quit the party in disgust and re-registered as an Independent. Re-registering only to vote for Trump to keep the corrupt crony socialist Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Now let us look at the second factor, the crazy proposition that was designed by the progressive socialist democrats to ensure a Democrat majority, in perpetuity, in the State of California. Promoted by a corrupt RINO (Republican In Name Only) and a sell-out who sold the deciding vote in an historic tax increase for the title of Lieutenant Governor.

Schwarzenegger was a Republican because he said so. He also said he was so rich that he was beyond corruption. And, he positioned himself as a “post-partisan” politician in the mold of former President Barack Obama. All lies to jump the waiting list in the Democrat Party. Schwarzenegger's first act was to appoint a long-term lesbian Democrat operative/activist as his Chief of Staff – not so coincidently the very same Chief of Staff of his corrupt predecessor who he replaced after a recall election. Schwarzenegger governed like a Kennedy Democrat (He was married to one until he cheated with his maid, had a secret son out of wedlock, and then painted California’s First lady out of his official portrait.) Except for the portrait, Schwarzenegger appeared to emulate Senator Ted Kennedy, lecher and murderer. And, speaking of murder, Schwarzenegger's last act in office was to commute the sentence of a real murderer as a political favor to a powerful Democrat leader in California. To this day, Schwarzenegger is promoting the progressive socialist democrat agenda of global warming.

Bottom line …

As far as I can tell, California Republicans are content to allow the Democrats to take the heat for their political actions while enjoying the minority’s portion of the graft, campaign funds, and political benefits. Why would anyone invest in the Republican brand when they know that the Republicans, as a group, are not honorable and can be easily bought by Democrat’s promises of personal gain (political position or appointment to six-figure “no work” commissions after they are termed out) or professional gain like projects for their districts.

I do not even know what the Republicans stand for … on a local, state, or national basis.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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