There is funny. And there is truth. And little of it appeared at the Oscars in the opening moments.

Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue confused and conflated a constitutional and lawful order by the President of the United States on immigration threats facing the safety and security of America  with real discrimination as practiced by Hollywood.

“In Hollywood, we don’t discriminate against people based on what countries they come from. We discriminate on them based on their age and weight.”

I wonder if documentarian Ezra Edelman sees the rank hypocrisy for calling out law enforcement while accepting an award for a documentary about a black man, O.J. Simpson, killing two white individuals.

“But I want to acknowledge that I would not be standing here tonight if not for two people who are not here with us, Ron Goldman, Nicole Brown. This is for them and their families. It [the Oscar] is also for others. The victims of police violence, police brutality, racially-motivated violence and criminal injustice. This is their story as well as Ron and Nicole’s. I am honored to accept this award on all their behalves. 

Of course, the director of a foreign film from Iran, Asghar Farhadi, did not attend out of respect for those banned from the country … but mentions nothing about the degradation of women, gays being killed for their beliefs, or the death of American soldiers from the improvised weapons supplied by the state-sponsored terrorists from his country. This asswipe represents a country that shouts “Death to America” from the highest councils of power – and then disrespects the Academy and the American people when presented with a prestigious award.

“I am sorry I am not with you tonight. My absence is out of respect for the people of my country and those of other six nations whom have been disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S. Dividing the world into the us and our enemies category creates fear. A deceitful justification  for aggression and war. These wars prevent democracy and human rights in countries which themselves been victims of aggression .

Hey Asghar, about the democracy and human rights in Iran ---


And, the same to those in the audience who stood up to cheer and applaud.

Presenter Gael García Bernal, took a shot at American sovereignty with a speech that implied citizens from other counties have some sort of right to enter the United States and he is against any barrier to entry.Of course, he makes no distinction between legal immigrants and workers who are welcomed with open arms and the illegal aliens who trespass on our soil, plunder our kindness, and demand we change our culture to honor the craphole they escaped. 

“Flesh and blood actors are migrant workers. We travel all over the world. We build families. We construct stories. We build life that cannot be divided. As a Mexican, as a Latin American, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I am against any form of wall that wants to separate us.”

Orlando von Einsiedel (“The White Helmets”) reads a statement from Raed Al Saleh, the head of the White Helmets about the war in Syria. One might ask where are the “Blue Helmets” of the United Nations’ Peacekeepers who are charged with keeping civilian populations safe from genocidal dictators? Or where was former President Barack Obama when he drew that red line against the use of chemical weapons and promptly left to place golf?

“We are so grateful that this film has highlighted our work to the world. Our organization is guided by a verse from the Qur'an, ‘To save one life is to save all of humanity.’ We have saved more than 82,000 civilian lives. I invite anyone here who hears me to work on the side of life to stop the bloodshed in Syria and around the world.”  Added by the statement’s reader, “It’s very easy for these guys to feel forgotten, this war has been going on for six years. If everyone could just stand up and remind them that we all care this war ends as quickly as possible.”

The crowd leaps to their feet in a demonstration of virtue signaling, mindless of the total hypocrisy that this war is about Muslims fighting other Muslims without regard to the Qur’an or their religion of peace.

This Oscar performance will be added to the record book …

It appears that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway accidently announced the wrong picture for the evening’s biggest award for best picture.

Bottom line …

The hypocrisy and smarminess and snarkiness of Hollywood knows no end. As for the shots at Trump – he is a New York celebrity just like them and can take care of himself just fine. Let us not forget that these are the “Do as I say, Don’t do as I do” crowd that believes that they have some moral imperative to tell us how to live our lives as they entertain us. Unfortunately, there is less entertainment and more indoctrination in film. Oh where is John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, and the other patriots of old.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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