Each day brings another creative list generation device or fundraising pitch from the “cause” industry which often appears to be more about monetizing public interest causes and fundraising than advocacy …

No matter how you may feel about the issue, make sure that your response is effective and is not simply a trick to capture your name or money.

Here is an example …


What a year in our fight for the Preborn.

Fellow Conservative...

Now you can have a direct impact on the battle that rages on today in DC
and easily send your personalized "Life Envelope Day" postcards.

The callous "baby parts" profiteering by Planned Parenthood has been exposed.

President Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court,
a Constitutional conservative who now needs your support. 

Despite this progress…

Planned Parenthood is fighting tooth and nail to maintain their 500 million dollar taxpayer subsidy as they frantically scrub their websites of any reference to offering "prenatal" care. Thankfully, that Planned Parenthood hoax is finally over.

The Senate Select Committee on Infant Lives is soon to recommend 22 criminal indictments of members of the abortion cartel.

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch , an eminently qualified Constitutionalist, is being called every false name in the book by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

But the killing of 3,000 Innocents per day continues.


Our National leadership needs to hear from you as the Preborn cannot speak for themselves.

It takes only a click of your mouse

And we’ve got just the way to do it, and it’s powerful in its simplicity. You see, we know first-hand just how powerful it is. Congressional staffers have often told us -

"Physically-delivered, postal mail is what gets the boss' attention... big time"

That's why this is the year to flood key-influencer's Congressional offices with delivered “Life Envelope Day 2017” cards culminating with a final delivery just before Life Envelope Day, June 18, 2017.


Remember, we do all the work for you. .

The Preborn need you. They need your voice. NOW!



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All inquiries please to: rich@<redacted>

Just wondering …

(1) It appears that the “privacy policy” link is simply part of an email template that was not completed correctly. (“advertiser_policy_url_here”).

(2) Pushing the “send cards” button redirects you to “” which is the same registrant and address as Statware, CauseAction, and Life Envelope Day 2017.

(3) Is the name for inquiries (“rich”) linked to Richard LePoutre who owns and operates the commercial list software firm Statware.

(4) Is this a scheme to create, verify, and update a list of “conservatives” which could be rented to other causes at a significant profit?

(5) Why cannot I easily find any reference to this effort that does not lead back to a single individual and a commercial list company? And, it appears I cannot find any legitimate designation of a “Life Envelope Day.”

Bottom line …

There is an old saying in data processing: if you do not know who is paying for the “free” product or service, it is likely that it is your information being sold for a profit to advertisers and government agencies.

Most mass action petitions mean little or nothing to legislators and other high-ranking officials who are mostly swayed by their political party’s positions, the lobbyists, the large contributors, the mainstream media, and public opinion polls. If you desire to break through the noise and have your opinion heard, telephone your representative’s local office, give your name and number, state your position politely, and ask for a follow-up. Following it up with an actual letter (in your own words) will maximize the impact. Having your neighbors sign a petition and delivering it to your local office means more to the legislator than a nation-wide petition containing names from non-constituents.

I leave you with the words of the Better Business Bureau: “Investigate BEFORE you invest.”

We are so screwed.

-- steve

Disclaimer: OCS is neither for nor against the position advocated in the illustrative example; nor do we take any position regarding the example’s sponsor.

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