There is little or no doubt in my mind that the Wall Street Journal panders to those who want cheap labor, but not necessarily cheap labor that also votes for progressive socialist causes. In spite of owning the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, Rupert Murdoch is himself an immigrant from Australia who appears to have become an America so he could own and operate telecommunications assets in the United States. He does not appear to be a constitutional conservative or anything other than an opportunity-seeking businessman.

Mixed Messaging: Stop if you do not bring an economic advantage.


So we must question why the Wall Street Journal is apparently condoning the use of “false documents” and suggesting that strict enforcement of our immigration laws be relaxed for illegal aliens who have committed “minor” crimes.

Trump’s Deportation Surge Bravo for sparing the ‘dreamers,’ but the rest is enforcement overkill.

President Trump campaigned on enforcing immigration law, and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly plans to deliver. On Tuesday Mr. Kelly ordered a deportation surge that will cost billions of dollars and expand the size and intrusiveness of government in ways that should make conservatives wince.

In a pair of memos the Secretary fleshes out the Administration’s immigration priorities to protect public safety. By all means deport gangbangers and miscreants. But Mr. Kelly’s order is so sweeping that it could capture law-abiding immigrants whose only crime is using false documents to work. This policy may respond to the politics of the moment, but chasing down maids and meatpackers will not go down as America’s finest hour.

[OCS: “False documents” implies perjury in obtaining legitimate credentials, forgery of government documents, or identity theft which is the assumption of documents that belong to another. I was challenged by the Internal Revenue Code to account for about $16,000 of additional income that I did not report. I sent the IRS documentation of my income and they determined that someone just made up a social security number like mine and went about their business. Their use of false documents cost me time, effort, and money to clear my name. Consider someone who is actually denied medical care because their insurance account was appropriated by an illegal alien. False documents are a major problem and should be punished severely.]

Under Mr. Kelly’s guidelines, any undocumented immigrant who has committed even a misdemeanor could be “subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removal from the United States.” So a restaurant worker with an expired visa or driver without a license who is caught rolling a stop sign could be an expulsion target.

[OCS: Entering the United States illegally the first time is a misdemeanor; however every subsequent entry is a felony. Perhaps we should look at those who continually cross back-and-forth over the border as felons, not as those who are guilty of a lesser crime.. The truth is that most of the illegal aliens do not want to assimilate into an American culture, but want to preserve their language, customs, food, dress, and allegiance to their nation of original – while enjoying safer conditions, better pay, and a host of social safety-net benefits not found in their country. As for the WSJ example, it is a straw-man argument because this is clearly a situation where prosecutorial discretion applies.]

One question is whether all this effort is needed. More than 90% of the 65,000 undocumented immigrants removed last year from the U.S. interior were convicted criminals, and about 2,000 were affiliated with gangs. This suggests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is already targeting and removing as many bad guys as it can locate.

[OCS: Politically correct bafflegab. First, these are not undocumented immigrants, they are illegal aliens under the law; with no legal right to remain in the United States and provided with “constitutional rights” because they are on our soil. Second, what of the 40-plus percent of “documented” illegal aliens who arrived in the United States legally and then overstayed their visa. Thus violating their pledge to return to their country of origin; and possibly have committed perjury if there were false statements in their visa application.]

<Source: Wall Street Journal>

Bottom line …

America is being sold out by the grand poohbahs that run the show – be they billionaires like the former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the former Aussie immigrant Rupert Murdoch, or the President of the United States, Donald Trump. All businessmen who may regard conservatism and the United States Constitution as an impediment to doing business globally. They are insulated by their wealth and position from the consequences of their decisions.

It is time to realize that illegal immigrants, like a hoard of locusts, is fast devouring our resources and changing the culture and character of our nation.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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