The facts …

  • Earth’s climate has always been changing since the Earth had an atmosphere. The Earth has been hotter, colder, with more atmospheric carbon dioxide and less atmospheric carbon dioxide – well be for any widespread agriculture, industrialization, or urbanization.
  • The significant drivers of climate change are: The Sun’s energy output in all spectral bands, cosmic ray production, the Earth’s position relative to the Sun, the Earth’s rotational and precessional dynamics, plate tectonics and vulcanology, deep ocean currents, and the greatest greenhouse gas: water vapor. All seemingly interlinked with feedback and response mechanisms to support life on our planet.
  • Climate change appears to be a chaotic and cyclical with few clues to its periodicity and amplitude; but it appears that climate regresses to the mean – providing both cooling and warming cycles.
  • Reporting on climate change over short-periods of time, even a hundred or more years may not be enough to separate man’s input from the climate’s natural variability.
  • Weather is the short-term measurements that aggregate to climate change over time. There are relatively few certified and dependable climate stations scattered mostly in populated and semi-populated areas. Vast swaths of the Earth do not have weather reporting stations. Much of the terrestrial temperature record has been manipulated and homogenized so it is of dubious value. Satellite data, while more comprehensive and accurate, only extends back a relatively short time. The temperature record is not reported as temperature, but as anomalies as measured against a man-made time interval of 30 years or so.
  • Many climate related findings are limited to local areas and to project these findings on a global scale may not be prudent.
  • Global warming, the natural consequence of moving past the Little Ice Age, is an expected occurrence. As is the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide as dissolved carbon dioxide is outgassed from warming oceans much in the same manner a beer bubbles out carbon dioxide on a warm day.
  • The subject of climate change has been highly politicized in a battle for political power and funding for pro-climate change institutions, scientists, and projects overwhelms the funding for negation or confirmatory studies. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a political body of the United Nations and produces no scientific finding of their own. They appear to cherry-pick the literature to fulfill their mandate to study “man-made” global warming to the exclusion of other natural explanatory phenomena. While everyone should be for a cleaner environment with less contamination of the air, water, and land – carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and is a basic part of life without which we would be hard-pressed to produce oxygen and food.
  • All projections are produced by computer models that are incomplete in terms of assumptions, programming, and data input. Few climate models are accurate enough to support political actions and the expenditure of trillions of dollars. Many of the original predictions of the past decades have been falsified and have not come to pass. Pretty much why the activists keep rolling forward the dates by thirty to one-hundred years while claiming that there is a planetary emergency that requires increased political control (at the expense of your freedoms) and immediate spending (at the expense of your wallet).
  • The enlightened and educated elites may speak about such things as cheaper, cleaner energy – but it is a ruse. Have ubiquitous cheap energy, clean or not, is against their core beliefs that we need to de-industrialize and pare back our standard of living. Deriving their political power from managing real or imagined scarcity. Cost effective energy abundance is the last thing they want; pretty much why they abhor fossil fuels, coal, and nuclear energy and are promoting wind and solar power that cannot power a nation’s growth; at least not at an acceptable price.





Here is what happens when you simply change the Time of Observation …


For some, climate change has become a religion, with unquestioned assumptions, dogma, and defenders of the faith ..

The truth is that science is a process of controlled questioning and skepticism as much as it is of original exploration of ourselves and our environment. One puts forth a hypothesis, designs and experiment with the necessary controls, analyzes the data, presents findings to one’s peers and others – and then wait while the findings are supported, hopefully by using another methodology, negated, or sent back for further study. Much of the older findings based on specious data or incomplete models has already been falsified and proven to be inaccurate or incorrect. Unfortunately, as in religion, myths die hard – especially those that sound like plausible explanations for unknown phenomena.

Calling people “deniers” does nothing to improve climate science, but has its roots in the political process. Especially the use of iconography to put forth a message like the shrinking number of polar bears. Truth is that the original count was nothing more than a flyover estimate; with most polar bears living in inaccessible places and remain uncounted.

So the politicians, special interests, activists, and others appear to ignore science in favor of manipulating the message …  [my comments in bracketed blue italics]  

Climate and Energy Truths: Our Common Future

Our research reveals clear strategies for communicating the need for environmentally sound ways of addressing our climate and energy challenges. Attitudes on these topics are highly malleable with good messaging. Knowing themes, like “American Leadership” is not enough. Unity and discipline through consistent and effective wording and sequence is absolutely necessary to move public opinion. Starting with values, and paying attention to specific words and sequencing, can make messages much more effective.

[Commonsense science will not get the message across, so the progressives need manipulative messaging to spin the story of climate change.]

Aspirational messages that tap into American exceptionalism, American ingenuity, American energy independence, American jobs, “freedom” and America’s future are powerful messages on both energy and climate change. Voters like any language calling on America to “lead.”

[Conflate and confuse the message: climate change is patriotic. Ignore your loss of personal freedom, higher energy prices, and restrictive mobility that leads to mass transit boondoggles susceptible to union waste, fraud, and abuse.]

Stay away from debating science or specific policies. Voters believe that there are many sides to the science and question it. There is no debate around the desirability of dealing with pollution, protecting our families’ health, and developing new clean and safe energy.

[Heaven forbid you should discuss science or public policies. Better you should put forth arguments that few disagree with like your family’s health.]

As on many polarizing issues, on climate messages, it is important to recognize and address people’s ambivalence while communicating a positive message about how we can address problems. Strong language includes: We can argue about the causes of what we’re seeing, but scientists agree there’s something we can do about it.

[This a two part blatant falsehood. One that scientists agree; and two, that man can affect the weather in a measurable way. Is there any evidence we can stop a volcanic eruption that leads to global cooling or restore the Sun’s activity during a solar minimum cycle? Changing light bulbs won’t do it.]

We can successfully and should repeatedly characterize coal as “dirty” and
nuclear as “unsafe.”
Our best approach, however, is to embed these issues in
a broader, comprehensive approach to energy that is environmentally sound
and economically advantageous. We win far more strongly by fighting on the
terrain of clean, safe energy than by debating specific technologies considered
one at a time

[Clean coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and as safe as possible – except when plant’s are sited for economic advantage by special interests or based on NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) locations.  Look at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in California. Shut down due a radiation leak caused by the power company trying to stick more tubes in a heat exchanger leading to its failure. Nothing but bad engineering behind the closure.


The only science from these folks is manipulative science … move along, nothing to see here.]


Bottom line …

Where climate change is involved, the progressive socialist democrats, acting on their political power and funding agenda, want to sell the American people a bill of goods that will cripple the economy, increase political control, limit your freedoms, and plunder your wallet.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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