Colin Kaepernick Insults America: Refuses to Stand During the National Anthem


Traditionally, you find American Jews predominantly support the progressive socialist democrat party in the United States.  Unfortunately, the democrat party of my parent’s days – the party of Kennedy – is long gone and while the political chicanery and corruption remains, the party has taken a definite turn towards malignant socialism and communism. And, even worse, the party has promoted programs and policies that have denigrated and disadvantaged Israel in favor of funding and supporting terrorist groups. And, just when you think it can’t get worse, you find out that the most important person next to Hillary Clinton, other than B.J. himself, is a Muslim with ties to terrorists.

It is time for American Jews to set aside their traditional blind support of the progressive socialist democrats and their corrupt, lying candidate Hillary Clinton.  It appears that numerous websites and commentators are trying to tar Donald Trump with the broad-brush of Anti-Semitism and bigotry. Trump may be many things, but he is pro-Jew, pro-Israel, and anti-terrorism.

In this video, Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media issues an appeal to "my fellow Hebrews," making the case for a Donald Trump presidency …

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Look, my fellow Hebrews. I know you love the Democrats.

And I know you have heard that Trump is anti-Semitic. Every Democrat I follow on Twitter has tweeted pictures of Trump with his arm out, Heil Hitler-style. Of course, you can do that with anyone. 

So is Trump a Jew-hater?

Let me answer that charge in two ways:

How does Donald Trump treat Jews in his own life? And even more important, how does he treat Jewish issues in his political life?

All of Donald Trump’s children are either married to or dating Jews. That’s in his personal life. 

His company, the Trump Organization? Pretty Jewy.

Executive vice president, Michael Cohen. Executive vice president, Jason Greenblatt. Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg. There’s a token gentile as chief operating officer though. 

And his campaign? Jewish. Stephen Miller, the firebrand speechwriter who warms up the crowd for Trump’s rallies? Jewish. Abboud, communications coordinator? Sounds Muslim — but no, he’s a Sephardi Jew. Steve Mnuchin, finance chair —Jewish.

Stephen Miller, the firebrand speechwriter who warms up the crowd for Trump’s rallies? Jewish. Abboud, communications coordinator? Sounds Muslim — but no, he’s a Sephardi Jew. Steve Mnuchin, finance chair —Jewish.

So, everywhere Trump goes, he’s pretty much outnumbered by Jews. 

But still — maybe he’s a secret racist. I mean, Hillary Clinton says so, and she wouldn't lie about that, would she?

Well, in June Trump gave the most amazing policy speech I’ve ever heard by a politician, of any party outside of Israel, where he speaks so plainly and honestly about radical Islam and its war on Western values.

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He’s also been posting pro-Israel tweets way before he launched his campaign for president. 

That’s Trump. There has never been a more pro-Israel candidate for president. Ever.

What about Hillary?

Hillary loves the Saudis —and they love her. They gave her foundation $25 million.

And that’s just from the “Kingdom” itself. Other Saudi sheikhs donated to her personally, as did Muslim dictatorships like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates. Millions of dollars to her personal foundation, while she was Secretary of State! That’s why she kept her emails secret.

Clinton never says the words “Islamic terrorism”. Clinton says she’d increase the number of Muslim migrants to the United States by 500%.

So, yeah, Jews. I think it’s time to grow up a bit.

If being Jewish to you is just about bagels and remembering the Holocaust, vote for whoever.

If you hate the Republicans because your family always voted Democrat, and you think Trump is a bit much, vote for whomever.

But if you actually care about Israel and the rising threat of anti-Semitism, then give your head a shake.

Hillary Clinton is the most anti-Israel candidate in history.

And then there’s the guy with Jewish advisors, a pro-Israel foreign policy, a national security immigration policy and eight Jewish grandchildren who probably call him “Zaidy.”

Pretty easy choice, I think.

Bottom line ...

The progressive socialist democrats have nominated a candidate that is unfit to become the President of the United States. A corrupt liar who has seemingly sold out the United States to the Chinese, to the Russians, and to the Iranians. While Donald Trump may be many things – and far from an admirable candidate – he certainly is not a traitor to Americans or Israelis.

You owe it to your nation to look at this video.

-- steve

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