Hillary Clinton’s ‘alt-right’ speech, annotated

Hillary Clinton gave a speech Thursday in Reno, Nevada, slamming the "radical fringe" that she says is taking over Republican politics thanks to Donald Trump.

I want to be a small business president. My father was a small business man. And I believe that in America, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it.

[Hillary has always been about BIG: BIG Government, BIG taxes, BIG Business, BIG Donations, and BIG Administration Rules and Regulations. Nothing remotely suggests her sponsorship for small business. And, let us not forget that President Obama claims “you didn’t built it” – at least without government guidance, regulation, and tax-paid infrastructure. ]

And so, we’ll be talking a lot more about small business and about our economic plans in the days and weeks ahead.

But today, here in this community college devoted to opening minds and creating great understanding of the world of which we live, I want to address something  that I am hearing about from Americans all over our country.

[Hillary is the de facto leader of the progressives that have radicalized most of our educational infrastructure. Where truth is meaningless measured against ideology and doctrine – and where history is continually being re-written to disadvantage America and promote failed ideologies and fringe ideas. The progressive worldview is not only unrealistic in terms of world threats and trade, but is a clear and present danger to world peace and stability as we saw in Iraq and Libya when the progressives assumed power.]

Everywhere I go, people tell me how concerned they are by the divisive rhetoric coming from my opponent in this election.

[An interesting comment because nobody is allowed to speak with Hillary Clinton that has not been vetted as a committed ideologue and drinker of the Kool-Aid. Even her media outreach efforts are tightly controlled and scripted. As for divisive rhetoric, one can not get much more divisive that the progressive socialist democrats who are diving America into balkanized classes and weaponizing real or imagined grievances that the progressives promise to address in return for their votes. Of course, one need only look at the inner cities under fifty years of progressive governance to see that billions of dollars have been diverted into the pockets of special interests and politicians and that very little has been done to cure poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, disease, crime, and decaying of the infrastructure.]

And I understand that concern, because it’s like nothing we’ve heard before from a nominee for president of the United States from one of our two major parties.

[Perhaps she was not listening closely to the words (and lies) spewed forth by President Obama or even the words of Hillary Clinton when she opposed Obama for the nomination.]

From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia.

[The entire progressive socialist democrat party is built on prejudice and paranoia. Lest we forget, it was the democrats who supported slavery, segregation, the Jim Crow laws, and against civil rights. Some of the history they are trying to erase from the textbooks as their promote the alternative lifestyles and unconventional thinking.]

He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party.

[Did not Barack Obama take the radical anti-America, anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-capitalist views of his long-time mentor Jeremiah Wright, his pal Louis Farrakhan, and terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn into the mainstream progressive movement which took a sharp turn towards the communist party? Isn’t it Hillary Clinton and the progressives that support the black radical Black Lives Matter Movement that should be renamed Black Lies Matter?]

His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous.

[Other than self-serving corruption and cronyism, what values did Hillary Clinton ever embrace as she sold out her country to the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians?]

In just this past week, under the guise of “outreach” to African Americans, Trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms: “Poverty. Rejection. Horrible education. No housing. No homes. No ownership. Crime at levels nobody has seen." Right now," he said, "you walk down the street and get shot.”

Those are his words.

[Yes, those are the words of Donald Trump who was speaking the truth. And yes, they are considered insulting and ignorant by those who are responsible for those truths. It wasn’t the GOP that kicked black males out of poverty-stricken homes and destroyed the nuclear black family in favor of single mothers existing on welfare and having multiple children with multiple irresponsible males. It wasn’t the GOP that governed over the decline and decay of the inner cities brought about by the corrupt progressive unionism that destroyed both the private and public sector.]

But when I hear them, I think to myself: How sad. Donald Trump misses so much.

[Perhaps you should ask yourself if you and your corrupt party are so blinded by ideology that you truly cannot see the destruction and decay your policies have wrought? Are you unable to see that which can be seen on a simple car ride through downtown? Donald Trump did not miss anything.]

He doesn’t see the success of black leaders in every field, the vibrancy of black-owned businesses, the strength of the black church.

[Under capitalism, you can always see exceptional people at the top – and the theory that a rising tide lifts all boats remains a truism. Basically, the “black church” of which you speak is bought and paid for by the progressives who provide ego-boosting photo-ops and walking around money to the Judas goats that lead their flock astray. You do not hear Obama or Clinton denouncing the corrupt radical racial extortionists and race-baiters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – long time progressive associates.]

He doesn’t see the excellence of historically black colleges and universities or the pride of black parents watching their children thrive.

[The same historically black colleges and universities that promote racism, radicalism, socialism, communism, and the idea that white America needs to pay reparations beyond the billions pouring into minority social programs – some of which are unconstitutional and deny equal opportunities under the law.]

And he apparently didn't see Police Chief Brown on television after the murders of five of his officers conducting himself with such dignity.

[The majority of progressives condemned the police, supported the lies of the radical Black Lives Matter movement, and sent the Justice Department to harass police departments across the nation for made-up grievances based on traffic stops in most black precincts that we also areas of criminality. So citing one police officer does not get you off the hook for the hate spewed forth by the progressives against the military, law enforcement, or our capitalist system.]

He certainly doesn’t have any solutions to take on the reality of systemic racism and create more equity and opportunity in communities of color and for every American.

If racism is systemic and these people are so damn racist in black areas, point out to me the racist black politicians, chiefs of police, police officers, prosecutors, judges, and juries that are in charge of the system. A contradiction – or a big lie? Just who are these systemic racists that are acting as your straw-man argument?]

It really does take a lot of nerve to ask people he’s ignored and mistreated for decades, “What do you have to lose?” Because the answer is: Everything.

[It takes even more nerve for Hillary Clinton to ask the poor and minority voters who have been screwed for decades by the progressives to once again vote for a lying, crony, capitalist whose every political action speaks volumes about her future policies. “Trust Me” is not a policy, nor a prescriptive for what ails America. And, for Hillary Clinton to ask for that trust from those she has misrepresented for decades is dishonest, disingenuous, and downright criminal.]

Now, Trump’s lack of knowledge or experience or solutions would be bad enough.

[We can see what Hillary Clinton’s knowledge and experience have wrought in a decaying society and dangerous world. Whether it is blindly supporting teachers’ unions who promote yet another generation of functional illiterates or her actions in Iraq, Libya, and Iran that have cost blood, sweat, treasure, and actual lives, Hillary Clinton has zero achievements that she can point to as being beneficial to anyone except the Clinton Criminal Enterprise. Perhaps, on that alone, Trump’s fresh eyes can prove more beneficial that Hillary’s old, aging eyes which are blinded by ideological cataracts. ]

But what he’s doing here is more sinister.

[More sinister than selling out your constituents to the special interests. Promoting the interests of China, Russia, and Iran over national security? More sinister than ignoring the law regarding the handling of classified data? Who is Hillary Clinton kidding when it comes to sinister motives and corrupt actions?

Trump is reinforcing harmful stereotypes and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters.

[So says Hillary Clinton and her cadre of socialist and communists who exploit manufactured racial stereotypes and engage in class warfare. Trump wasn’t the one on stage barking manically like a dog when lies were being told. It was Hillary.]

It’s a disturbing preview of what kind of president he’d be.

And that's what I want to make clear today:

A man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far, dark reaches of the internet, should never run our government or command our military.

[It is not funny that, as more and more of the missing emails surface, the conspiracy theories appear to be grounded in provable fact. We can also say that the progressive socialist democrats with their long history of real – not imagined – racial discrimination should never run our government or command our military.]

Ask yourself, if he doesn’t respect all Americans, how can he serve all Americans?

[Was there ever a time when the progressive socialist democrats were in power that they respected ALL Americans with their continuing Administrative rules and regulations? I think not.]

Now, I know some people still want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

They hope that he will eventually reinvent himself – that there’s a kinder, gentler, more responsible Donald Trump waiting in the wings somewhere.

[II also hope Trump will reinvent himself and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt if he gives up his insane antics and moves toward constitutional conservatism. Until then, he remains just a slightly less defective and dangerous candidate than Hillary Clinton.]

Because after all, it’s hard to believe anyone – let alone a nominee for president  – could really believe all the things he says.

But the hard truth is, there’s no other Donald Trump. This is it.


And let’s not forget Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called “Birthers.” He promoted the racist lie that President Obama is not really an American citizen – part of a sustained effort to delegitimize America’s first black president.

[And let us not forget, it was Obama himself who refused to release his birth certificate, passport, travel documents, and school records. Spending millions in court fights to prevent any individual from actually examining the “in situ” birth records as maintained by the State of Hawaii. And, let us not forget, that the matter of his birth certificate, travel to foreign lands, school scholarship declarations, and other documents have never been judicially reviewed and certified. And, appear to be treated as state secrets. Why? should be the first questioned asked of either candidate after assuming office. We know that Obama did not write his first autobiography and it contained material misstatements and misrepresentations. So Trump gets a pass for asking the questions, but not for insisting he knew a secret – which he never revealed. The truth is that Obama is multi-racial and that while he self-identifies as Black, he appears to have little in common with other blacks.]

In 2015, Trump launched his own campaign for president with another racist lie. He described Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. And he accused the Mexican government of actively sending them across the border. None of that is true.

[Some illegal aliens were most definitely criminals and racists. And, the corrupt Mexican government has done everything in its power to assist illegal aliens in order to keep money flowing into Mexico and to relive the nation’s needs to build out its educational, employment, and judicial infrastructure.]

Oh, and by the way, Mexico’s not paying for his wall either.

[It is unlikely that the Mexican government will pay for the wall. And should Trump become the president, look for some tortured explanation of why the Mexicans and not the American taxpayer paid for the wall.]


When asked in a nationally televised interview whether he would disavow the support of David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump wouldn’t do it. And only later, again, under mounting pressure, did he backtrack.

And when Trump was asked about anti-Semitic slurs and death threats coming from his supporters, he refused to condemn them.

[Perhaps we should inquire about Hillary Clinton’s  effusive praise for racist and anti-Semitic KKK leader, Senator Robert Byrd. Or her support for the racist and anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement.]


Just recently, Trump claimed that President Obama founded ISIS. And he has repeated that over and over again.

[The truth is that the vacuum created by Obama’s sudden withdrawal from Iraq led to the creation of ISIS and the strengthening of al Qaeda. Perhaps we should inquire into the unconstitutional and potentially illegal weapons transfers that were occurring at the joint State Department/CIA compound that was destroyed by terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11. And, why our ambassador happened to be present with insufficient security on that specific evening. It appears that she told her daughter it was a terrorist attack on that very evening while insisting to the public it was a spontaneous uprising over a little-seen video. Even worse, dithering about whether any rescuers should be dressed as civilians with unmarked vehicles.]

His latest paranoid fever dream is about my health. All I can say is, Donald, dream on.

[Shut up and just release your health records if you want to prove that Donald is blowing smoke. But, then again, Donald does not have to be propped up with pillows when he sits down. Donald does not need to be physically “escorted” when he walks or delivers a speech. And, Donald is always on and campaigning – not taking copious “rest” periods.]


You know, I’ve stood by President Obama’s side as he made the toughest decisions a Commander-in-Chief has to make.

[Like “killing bin Laden” by finally giving in to those who urged action. Ignoring Valerie Jarrett who squelched previous attempts because it might look bad politically. Or like ordering the rescue of Americans under attack in Benghazi as they fought for their lives. Oh wait – Obama didn’t stick around, he went to bed and then flew to a fundraiser in Nevada the next day. What hard decisions? How to lie to the American public?]

In times of crisis, our country depends on steady leadership,  clear thinking, calm judgment. Because one wrong move can mean the difference between life and death. I know we have veterans here and I know we have families, mothers and spouses of people currently serving.

[We certainly don’t need an older, infirm lady who lacks the integrity of a Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir and who has sold out American interests to the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians in return for “donations.”]

The last thing we need in the Situation Room is a loose cannon who can’t tell the difference -- or doesn't care to -- between fact and fiction, and who buys so easily into racially-tinged rumors.

[We cannot afford a leader who lies with impunity about things that never happened – like the landing under sniper fire that, in reality, was a landing greeted by little girls with flowers. Hillary is a congenital liar and cannot be trusted with anything remotely resembling command authority. A known hater of the military, uniformed law enforcement, and her own protection detail.]

Someone so detached from reality should never be in charge of making decisions that are as real as they come.

[Amen! And, I mean Hillary Clinton is detached from reality, living in her own Clintonworld, serviced by her acolytes, sycophants, and others like Huma Abedin.]


He’d abolish the bedrock constitutional principle that says if you’re born in the United States, you’re an American citizen. He says that children born into undocumented parents in America are “anchor babies” and should be deported. Millions of them.

[This was never a bedrock principle that babies born of illegal alien parents are American citizens, but a Supreme Court decision, that can be overturned by Congress if they had the cojones to stand-up to the illegal alien front groups and our enemies. Of course, if one parent is a legal citizen, then the child would also be a citizen. Very few nations hold this viewpoint and at this point in time, it is counterproductive when there are no checks and balances on illegal immigrants flowing into the country.]

And he’d ban Muslims around the world, billions of them, from entering our country just because of their religion.

[The Constitution is not a suicide pact where we must admit Muslim terrorists into our nation. Trump clarified his position so that it was not based on religion, but on region. We vet people and simply do not allow people from terrorist regions free access to America. Common sense.]

Think about that for a minute. How would it actually work? So people landing in U.S. airports would line up to get their passports stamped, just like they do now.

But in Trump’s America, when they step up to the counter, the immigration officer would ask every single person, “What is your religion?”

[No, they would never get to the immigration counter because their VISA would have been denied before entry. And religion would never be an issue – although the overwhelming majority of terrorists are Muslim, and the worst ones appear to be Saudi-funded. No muss, no fuss.]


Trump likes to say he only hires the “best people.” But he’s had to fire so many campaign managers it’s like an episode from the Apprentice.

[All of Hillary Clinton’s long-time people appear to have been incubated at the Clinton Foundation which is little more than a criminal enterprise supporting the Clintons and their minions. They don’t have to fire anyone, they just move them around and pay them off.]

It's truly hard to believe, but according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, Breitbart embraces “ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right."

[The Southern Poverty Law Center is a radical far-left activist fringe outfit that services the left with pronouncements meant to disparage anyone who criticizes the ideology, the movement, or the people involved. ]

This is not conservatism as we have known it. This is not Republicanism as we have know it. These are race-baiting ideas, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas, anti-woman –– all key tenets making up an emerging racist ideology known as the ‘Alt-Right.’ Now Alt-Right is short for “Alternative Right.”

[How would Hillary Clinton even begin to recognize conservatism when she is a Marxist and pushes the socialist/communist line. Her policies are indistinguishable from Bernie Sanders – an outright communist – and Elizabeth Warren – another commie.]

The Wall Street Journal describes it as a loose but organized movement, mostly online, that “rejects mainstream conservatism, promotes nationalism and views immigration and multiculturalism as threats to white identity.”

[I would posit that the same things could be said for the Alt-Left and its organizations like the Nation of Islam, Black Lives Matter, and the current democrat party – actually the neo-communist party in the United States.]


Trump himself heaps praise on Putin and embraces pro-Russian policies.

[But it appears that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were complicit in aiding the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium production to Russian controlled entities with associations to Putin.

Wasn’t it Obama that told Putin’s buddy that he would be more flexible after the election? Wasn’t it Hillary that gave the Russians a botched “Reset” button? And, why are the Russians sending contributions to the Clinton Foundation when their own people are wanting?]


There’s an old Mexican proverb that says “Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.”

[Clinton is surrounded by crooks, cronies, communists, socialists, and Muslims with ties to terrorism. Nothing more needs to be said.]

We know who Trump is. A few words on a teleprompter won’t change that.

[We know who Hillary Clinton is and it is not a pretty picture. And, given her long and scandalous history, she is unfit to hold any office in the United States.]

And this isn’t just about one election. It’s about who we are as a nation.

I don't know about you but I don't think we have a person to waste. We want to build an America where every person has a place where if you work hard and do your part, you can get ahead and stay ahead. That's the basic bargain of America. And we cannot get to where we need to be unless we stand together and stand up against prejudice and paranoia and prove once and for all that America is great because is America is good.

[An amazing statement from someone who hates America.]

Thank you all. Let's go out and win the election. May God bless the United States and bless you!

To read the full speech in context: Hillary Clinton’s ‘alt-right’ speech, annotated - The Washington Post

Bottom line ...

Send Hillary Clinton to prison for violating the Espionage Act, obstructing justice, and running a criminal enterprise.

And, where in the mainstream media do you find that both Hillary and Bill Clinton's mentors were segregationists, Klansmen, or that the Clintons celebrated Confederate Flag day annually while in office. And let not forget that it was in Arkansas that the National Guard surrounded a school to prevent black children from entering -- until the 1101st Airborne was sent by a Republican to protect the children. Read more here.

Don't forget, it was a prominent progressive socialist democrat hero, President Woodrow Wilson, who was a stone cold racist and ordered the government to re-segregate the civil service after it was de-segregated by the GOP.

It's called projection: the progressive socialist democrats take everything that they are guilty of and ascribe the same motives and actions to the GOP. 

Donald Trump may be many things, but being a racist is not one of them.


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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