Update: Attorney General Lynch as told the media that she will accept the recommendations of FBI Director James Comey.

Can Loretta Lynch, a member of Obama’s Chicago inner circle, be trusted to pursue justice in matters that involve the Obama legacy, obstruction of justice within the Obama Administration, and serious allegations that may be presented against a former president and former Secretary of State?


In what universe does the Attorney General of the United States, the nation’s top law enforcement officer/prosecutor meet privately with the husband of a suspect being investigated by her department? Even more pointedly, take a meeting when that husband is not only a potential witness to the case involving his wife, but may be under suspicion for serious crimes as a co-conspirator? And, why did the FBI tell reporters that they could not exercise their First Amendment rights to photograph a public official in a public venue?

It looks and smells like a continuing pattern and practice of Obama/Clinton political corruption …

  1. Inappropriate private contact by the United States Attorney General with the subject of an ongoing investigation by her department and whose wife is similarly under investigation.
  2. Stonewalling and Obstruction of Justice: The Justice Department has filed a motion to inform a judge that correspondence email correspondence between Hillary Clinton, her four top aides, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton-associated consulting firm Teneo Holdings(who employed Huma Abedin while she worked for the State Department) would be delayed for approximately 27-months. Long after the presidential election, long after the departure of President Obama (who could render all matters Clinton moot with presidential pardons, and long into the new president’s term. It is publicly known that Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law was deeply involved in matters under consideration of the State Department (the Greece bailout) and it is unknown if Hillary Clinton would have considered any communications to be “personal” and purgeable rather than departmental work product.
  3. Violation of Civil Rights: The FBI “ordered” people standing around Loretta Lynch’s plane “no photos, no pictures, no cell phones.” An act that violated the First Amendment rights of a reporter and of individuals who are free to record the actions of a former President and the current head of the Department of Justice.
  4. Continued refusal to recuse herself from the case or appoint a special prosecutor; possibly to keep herself in the loop in order to inappropriate information to parties under investigation or their legal team.

The “optics” are bad. The “smell” is overwhelming. And, the behavior appears consistent with the pattern and practice of interference and corruption within the Obama Administration.

But, it could be entirely innocent …

It is possible that an impulsive and entitled Bill Clinton decided to capitalize on the proximity of the Attorney General and simply walked aboard her plane. In that case,  Loretta Lynch had to receive the former president as a courtesy and is simply the “victim” (how the progressive socialists love that word) of circumstance. If this is true, she should be given a pass for any assumed wrongdoing; other than a possible failure to lecture former attorney Bill Clinton on his inappropriate behavior. It doesn’t mitigate the fact that she is a political appointee and should have appointed a special prosecutor long ago, or the stonewalling behavior of her department.

Bottom line …

Could this be a ploy to misdirect the media into concentrating on inconsequential events and further play out the clock by generating a public outcry that would force Loretta Lynch to appoint a special prosecutor and thereby extend the investigation and prosecution beyond the 2016 presidential election and Obama’s term in office? It has the feel of the Machiavellian nature of the Obama Administration.  Especially after we saw the woefully inadequate Department of Justice response to Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and other such matters involving the Administration’s obstruction of justice.

We are so screwed when we have to question the motives, ethics, and behavior of our elected and appointed officials.

-- steve

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