Sexual Assault: Bill Clinton or Bill Cosby? What Difference Does It Make?



Washington is filled with political cowards who ask heroes to die for them, and then they turn their back on those who return as if their sacrifice was little more than the cost of doing business on behalf of the special interests they represent. The head of the VA openly questioning why they need to use “wait times” as metrics when Disney did not appear to do the same in their theme parks. Of course, I am unaware of any soldier dying while waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland. And yet this West Point asswipe political appointee still has his job.

It is time for Americans to draw together, to vote out career politicians who care nothing about our constitution, only ensuring that their power, perks, and privileges remain strong and viable no matter who heads the government. To demand the resignations of those who will not or cannot do their jobs; especially among the unelected bureaucracy.

How is it that a Hillary Clinton, a Bernie Sanders, or a Donald Trump can be considered acceptable by the two political parties that dominate American politics? A corrupt Marxist, a communist, and a progressive socialist chameleon all seeking the power of the presidency. All unfit to lead our nation. And, all displaying a lack of American character and core values. Rather than discuss the constitution and our out-of-control waste, fraud, and abuse, they each point fingers and claim that they would be more able, more suitable that anyone else to manage the existing Washington dung heap.

And, where is the media. The truth is on display in any number of ways, but yet they suppress or bury news items that informed people need to know about their potential leaders. Reporters grovel for a bit of time that might mean more face time in front of the cameras or a larger audience.

Hundreds of millions of campaign contributions have dissipated with little or no results. Donald Trump has achieved the near impossibility of running a cheap primary campaign based on little more than accepting the fact that the media whores can be spun in return for a few outrageous comments and continuing access lest he break news on their shows. They have sacrificed their journalistic ethics as they pretend to ask him hard questions. Questions which he never answers completely or satisfactorily – in full coherent sentences.


Here we have Trump calling out  “Corrupt Hillary,” “Crazy Bernie,” Lyin’ Ted, and “Little Marco.” And, no one with the cojones to designate him as “two-faced Trump” – even as he takes both sides of an issue and then lies about lying about what he said.

And, in one of the most stunning displays of divide and conquer, beyond democrat and republican, beyond race, beyond ethnicity, beyond national origin, and beyond sex, the politicians are at it again with new definitions of aggrieved individuals in special classes that are protected under the law. Instead of everybody being equal under the law, we see that George Orwell was right, some people are more equal than others. So who are these new hyphenated-Americans? According to New York Mayor comrade de blazio, they are …


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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