Once more we are reminded that the Clintons are snakes that are willing to sell-out America for personal gain …


The President of the United States, Barack Obama, has taken official note of the passing of Sandy Berger, who served as the National Security Advisor to former President Clinton. More importantly is what Obama failed to say, how Sandy Berger violated national security and was part of the Clinton organized crime family; complicit in making America less safe to Chinese aggression.

Let us not forget that there were links between illegal foreign contributions to the Clinton campaign and the illegal transfer of American missile technology to the Chinese which allowed them to substantially improve their missile targeting accuracy.

Specifically Sandy Berger was complicit in …

  • Chinese nuclear espionage

In 1999, Berger was criticized for failing to promptly inform President Clinton of his knowledge that the People's Republic of China had managed to acquire the designs of a number of U.S. nuclear warheads. Berger was originally briefed of the espionage by the Department of Energy (DOE) in April 1996, but did not inform the president until July 1997. Can you say plausible deniability and protecting the President. Certainly not protecting the America or the American citizens. <Source>

  • Unauthorized removal of classified material

On July 19, 2004, it was revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating Berger for unauthorized removal of classified documents in October 2003 from a National Archives reading room prior to testifying before the 9/11 Commission. The documents were five classified copies of a single report commissioned from Richard Clarke covering internal assessments of the Clinton Administration's handling of the unsuccessful 2000 millennium attack plots. An associate of Berger said Berger took one copy in September 2003 and four copies in October 2003. Berger subsequently lied to investigators when questioned about the removal of the documents. In April 2005, Berger pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material from the National Archives in Washington.

According to the lead prosecutor in the case, Berger only took copies of classified information and no original material was destroyed. Berger was fined $50,000, sentenced to serve two years of probation and 100 hours of community service, and stripped of his security clearance for 3 years. The Justice Department initially said Berger stole only copies of classified documents and not originals, but the House Government Reform Committee later revealed that an unsupervised Berger had been given access to classified files of original, uncopied, uninventoried documents on terrorism. During the House Government Reform Committee hearings, Nancy Kegan Smith acknowledged that she had granted Berger access to original materials in her office. <Source>

Imagine that, Berger was caught sanitizing official government documents related to the Clinton Administration. A pattern and practice of Clinton’s cohorts and accomplices since their days in Arkansas and which continue today with Hillary’s emails while serving as the Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Why Berger would risk prosecution and disgrace for no apparent personal gain can only be answered by the suggestion that Berger, like so many other Clinton acolytes, was cleaning up the Clinton record for future political actions.

President Obama’s remarks … 


Statement by the President on the Passing of Sandy Berger

Sandy Berger was one of our nation's foremost national security leaders.  From his service in President Carter's State Department to President Clinton's National Security Advisor, Sandy devoted himself to strengthening American leadership in an uncertain world.  Today, his legacy can be seen in a peaceful Balkans, our strong alliance with Japan, our deeper relationships with India and China.  Around the globe, families and children are living healthier, more secure lives because, as a private citizen, Sandy was a humanitarian who helped the world respond to crises and feed the hungry. 

With his trademark passion, wisdom and good humor, he is remembered fondly within the ranks of the National Security Council, where those he mentored carry on his work. 

I'm grateful to Sandy because, as President, I've benefited personally from his advice and counsel. 

Our thoughts are with Sandy’s beloved family, including his wife Susan, his children Deborah, Alexander and Sarah, and five cherished grandchildren. 

May they find some comfort in knowing that the America he loved is stronger because of his service. 

Source: Statement by the President on the Passing of Sandy Berger |

By all accounts, Sandy Berger was a corrupt liar willing to compromise national security on behalf of the Clintons. And, you may wish to read “How China Conquered America. The Real Bill Clinton Scandal,” to see a timeline that suggests that the Clintons sold out America for campaign donations, both foreign and domestic.

Bottom line …

You cannot trust President Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats or the Clintons to keep America and ALL Americans safe from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. How any political party can present a corrupt, lying, criminal to represent the party as a credible presidential nominee speaks to the political corruption of the democrat party – now considered the neo-communist party in the United States.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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