Another RNC e-mail soliciting funds, but what has the Republican National Committee actually done?

  • They solicited funds to take back the House of Representatives. We gave them the funding and the votes to win the House and nothing changed, the GOP voted with the progressive socialist democrats.
  • They solicited funds to take back the Senate. We gave them the funding and the votes to win the Senate and nothing changed, the GOP voted with the progressive socialist democrats.
  • They solicited funds to elect Mitt Romney President. We gave them the funding and they gave us Mitt Romney, a man who could not stand on the same stage as Barack Obama and articulate the GOP vision or push back against Obama’s lies.
  • The RNC leadership set the debate schedule – and allowed decent GOP candidates to be savaged by the progressive mainstream media.

 I look at the current crop of candidates and see two totally unqualified candidates as the nomination frontrunners. Partly out of disgust for the status quo and party failures under the RNC, and partly because of the mealy-mouthed performances of candidates who do not have a coherent party platform to differentiate between democrats and the GOP (democrats-lite).

I am tired of campaign promises and zero performance. So screw the RNC and the Northeastern Liberal Elite Wing of the GOP who has allowed Barack Obama to weaken our nation, our military, our economy, our healthcare – and flood the nation with illegal aliens, possibly including terrorists.

Here is their pathetic pitch which arrived today … [my comments in bracketed blue italics]

This is our chance to take back the White House.



As the new speaker of the people’s house, I promise to reignite our conservative vision.

But don’t forget: without a Republican president, we can only go so far.

[This is not true. The House GOP could always put up bills and forced votes to demonstrate to the American people where progressives, socialists, and RINOs stood on individual issues.

The House GOP could have modified House Rules to allow for single purpose bills that clarify rather than confuse the issue with 2000+ page bills nobody reads or understands before they vote.

The House GOP could have defunded odious progressive programs.

The House GOP could have scheduled budget matters so not every funding resolution was never discussed on the floor and became a must-pass crisis that was resolved in the dead of night with little or no scrutiny from the public or media.

The House could have impeached malfeasant public officials up to the President of the United States.

Ditto the Senate who could have demanded President Obama adhere to the Constitution. Where presidential agreements were designated as treaties and needed Senate ratification.

The Senate could have withheld all Obama nominees until Obama stopped violating the Constitution of the United States.]

That doesn’t mean we give up. I promise to fight for our principles every single day President Obama remains in office.

[And, what principles might those be: the crony capitalism that drives the mainstream GOP membership or the conservative values that Americans want?]

But we can also never stop working to take back the White House in 2016.

Stephen, I’m challenging you to support the Official Committee in Charge of Taking Back the White House -- the Republican National Committee (RNC).



We can only succeed if we stand united. I need you on board, Stephen.

Please let me know by tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24 that you’re committed to helping the RNC take back the White House.

Our Party needs your help securing the resources to win.

Note: If you’ve saved your payment information with GOP.com, your donation will go through immediately:

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I can say this with confidence: we will not win without the RNC’s help.

When Mitt Romney ran for president, the RNC helped us every step of the way.
They raised $371 million. They took on the Mainstream Media. They executed a nationwide grassroots program.

[The RNC gave us a stiff that was so liberal, many of the conservatives sat out the election and put Obama back in charge. Not that Romney’s policies were all that different from the crony capitalism of the Bush Administration.]

But most importantly -- they work to unite every conservative across the country behind our shared goal of electing a conservative president.

[I wonder what e-mail the RINOs got? Trump is not a conservative. Carson is not a conservative. Rubio is not a conservative. Kasich is not a conservative. And, the RNC and GOP seem to hate the only truly qualified and competent conservative in the race – Ted Cruz.]

If we stand united, just think what we can accomplish.

Support the Official Committee in Charge of Taking Back the White House.


Speaker Paul Ryan

Contribute Today

Paid for by the Republican National Committee

[These are the people who respond to the special interests, not the small donors.]

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
310 First Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

Paul Ryan is more pragmatist than he is conservative, but infinitely better that the country club republican John Boehner.

Bottom line …

More empty promises from the people who are content to sit back and rake in their share of the spoils – win, lose, or draw. Just like the croupier in Vegas dragging in the house vigorish.

When are they going to post a conservative party platform and have all of the candidates pledge to support the platform? When are they going to stop playing the progressive’s gotcha games with social issues? When are they going to vet the candidates they allow to run under the GOP banner? And, when are they going to embrace conservatism, smaller government, lower taxes, fewer rules and regulations rather than be the party that goes along to get along as they promote the type of crony capitalism that doomed George Bush (43)?

I urge my fellow conservatives to donate to the individual candidates of your choice and tell the RNC you do not reward empty promises and failures at all levels.

With the current RNC, we are so screwed.

-- steve

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