Throughout her long political career, Hillary Clinton has fought for only one thing: herself …


From promoting her husband, to steering business to the Clinton Foundation, to using her “friends” to spread lies, to hustling for the trans-pacific partnership, to the nomination for the presidency … it has always been about Hillary Clinton and her personal agenda. She apparently believes she is the smartest person in the room and clearly above the law unlike the “little people” who often stand in her way. She apparently has no core values that cannot be changed for expediency, and appears to have no compunction about corruption, lying, and criminality. Whether it is perjury, obstruction of justice, selling offical favors, or simply corruption, there appear to be no ethical or moral boundaries.

When it comes to Hillary’s campaign slogan, Pogo said it best …


Bottom line …

We can no longer tolerate corruption in politics or corrupt candidates who lie with impunity and sell out America to the highest bidder. As we have seen with the Obama Administration, the progressive socialist democrats can no longer be trusted to protect America and ALL Americans. This administration denigrates and disadvantages our friends and allies while conferring significant advantages on our enemies. Never before has a president openly attacked law enforcement officers while supporting communist activists and agitators that have laid waste to cities with their looting, destruction of private and public property, and their promotion of anarchy.

We can no longer tolerate official racism in government. Where color over competence and sex over substance has produced corrupt, inept, and dangerous leaders who lead us in the wrong direction. How can the racist Congressional Black Caucus exist – or any other caucus for that matter, when each caucus is little more than a fundraising scam aimed at a particular segment of our nation?

How can we continue to allow a single person in either chamber of Congress to withhold or withdraw legislation; using legislative tricks to pass last-minute legislation that few have read and even fewer understand in the middle of the night? Using legislative tricks to pass sweeping legislation that cannot get a straight vote like the Senate version of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection act that was passed by the Senate and deemed passed by the House. An act that was a lie from its title – neither affordable nor protective of patients – to its unconstitutional modification by presidential fiat.

How can we allow nine people in the Supreme Court to make law – the sole purview of Congress – from the bench. Their job is to rule on the constitutionality of a law and return it to congress if it is found wanting. Not to invent new and novel interpretations of the Constitution to empower the government to act in an Orwellian manner. Claiming that it is constitutional to take private property from one individual and convey it to another individual for profit, with the government paying the original owner a pittance of what the property is worth. Claiming that the President can lie to the people and tell the court a different story in order to seek a favorable ruling.

We are so screwed and we must take a stand.

We must not allow violations of the Constitution. We must not allow the soft tyranny of administrative rules and regulations that benefit the politicians and the special interests in this country. We must not allow provably corrupt, criminal, and lying politicians to assume office – buying votes with little more than promises that cannot be kept without further damaging America.

Wake up people. Your country is being flushed down the drain by the progressive socialist democrats and the GOP is pulling the chain. Other than Ted Cruz, a principled conservative, each of the GOP candidates represents the past. Most refuse to tell the truth. And, some are simply outrageously unbelievable as candidates.

But it is our call, and if we do nothing, it will be us that suffers.

-- steve

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