• Jeb Bush acts like he is pained by the political process and wants to be somewhere else where he can do “really cool” things” as if there is something cooler than obtaining the GOP presidential nomination and winning the Presidency of the United States.
  • Jeb Bush appears to be “tone deaf” in debates.

    When asked by the debate moderator about his “biggest weaknesses,” he replied, “I am by my nature impatient. And this is not an endeavor that rewards that. You gotta be patient. You gotta be — stick with it, and all that. But also, I can’t fake anger.” Quite telling for a position that demands persistence, attention to detail, and above all, to display the appropriate emotions when dealing with domestic and foreign leadership.

    With all of the major problems in this world: North Korea, the potential of a nuclear Iran, Muslim immigrants, and a host of other issues, Jeb fails to deflect a question on fantasy sports gambling by noting “Well, first of all, I’m 7 and 0 in my fantasy league. Gronkowski is still going strong. I have Ryan Tannehill, Marco, as my quarterback, he was 18 for 19 last week. So I’m doing great. But we’re not gambling.” Only to be nailed by Chris Christie: “Carl, are we really talking about getting government involved in fantasy football? We have — wait a second, we have $19 trillion in debt. We have people out of work. We have ISIS and al Qaeda attacking us. And we’re talking about fantasy football? Can we stop?”

  • Jeb’s campaign decides to attack Marco Rubio on his attendance in the Senate while campaigning, but leaks the tactic a week in advance; allowing Rubio to prepare and deliver a knock-out punch when Jeb delivers the line with no emotion as if he were trying to remember the script.
  • Jeb’s team is both sloppy and unaware of realities in politics. From one of Jeb’s “Confidential Briefings” that was widely leaked to the mainstream media, we find Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi turned into Palm Bondi. And, trying to tell people you are conservative and listing among your notable endorsements Eric “big government” Cantor and the uber-liberal Susan Collins is not a great idea. Then there is Orrin Hatch, the amateur song composer who carries progressive Hollywood’s water when it comes to invading your privacy and having the government investigate copyright infringement as if it was a drug deal. Bill Frist, and his dodgy dealings in healthcare, is hardly a notable endorsement.


Bottom line …

It is almost like Jeb Bush is a Vice President in the family business and is expected to “step-up” and take a turn at the helm to preserve the perks and privileges of crony capitalism, keep the family’s retainers faithful and gainfully employed, and to further burnish the Bush escutcheon that was tarnished by the Bushes when it came to taxation, wars, and the failures of crony capitalism. 

This is not to say Jeb Bush is not a nice guy. But he lacks the raw energy and killer instinct that are essential to battle a corrupt liar like Hillary Clinton and the relentless pressure of a progressive socialist democrat mainstream media. His very candidacy becomes a rehash of the Iraq war and the economic policies of brother Bush that led to the ascendancy of Barack Obama.

He does not look like he can get the job done … much less stay awake and sharp on the debate stage where he will certainly be torn apart by Hillary Clinton. He may purport to be his own man, but his family breeding tells a different story. A presidential father with a lackluster record of accomplishment. A presidential brother who refused to fight for the Constitution against the progressives, a man who did not wish to become the head of the GOP, a former president who refused to speak out against the excesses of the Obama Administration – and most of all, a man who claims that Bill Clinton is his brother from another mother. All passed genetically to Jeb Bush.

Bush is the big government, Northeastern liberal elite choice – and it appears that have selected unwisely.

We are so screwed. 

-- steve

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