If you are of a “certain age” I am positive that you would never, in your wildest dreams, believe a major political party would champion un-American values …

  • Promote a candidate whose lies, corruption, and criminal behavior is on page one for all of the world to see.
  • Promote division within America by proactively fanning the flames of racism to create dissention between Americans.
  • Promote policies that drive productive Americans and their corporations from their homes by onerous regulations and skyrocketing taxation.
  • Openly welcome socialists and communists into the highest levels of government.
  • Allow a corrupt and racist organization to exist in Congress.
  • Obstruct justice in both civil and criminal matters to the extent of ignoring blatant and sanctionable acts of criminality.
  • Allow the tyranny of the minority to override the best interests of a majority.
  • Create a class of professional politicians whose self-interests supersede the interests of their constituents and the country they purport to serve.
  • Allowed affirmative action, where color trumps competence, and sex trumps style, to produce.
  • Allowed political correctness to trump free speech and discussion; most sadly in the realm of science. 

What the hell have we done to America …

How have American citizens gotten to the point where they will sit idly by and watch our elected officials betray the United States Constitution and the rule of law?

I can understand the dilution of the American culture by embracing millions of illegal aliens, many of whom will not assimilate into American life and continue to be loyal to their former country, embracing their language, food, and customs as if they were trying to recreate their country on top of American social safety nets and entitlements. But what I can’t understand is how we are allowing our politicians to gerrymander our districts specifically to create safe districts for politicians who continue to pander to a minority portion of the electorate to the exclusion of the interests and welfare of the majority?

I can understand why politicians would ignore their country and constituency for the large donors and special interests who provide campaign funding, voter support, and media attention. But not to the detriment of their personal honor and sworn allegiance to the Constitution and their constituency.

And, I can understand why a corporatized media would bend or break journalistic ethics and practices to secure corporate advantages, including tax breaks, favorable positions in monopolistic markets such as cable franchises, and access to content and political figures. But not to the extent of selling out our nation to foreign sovereigns or criminal interests. Where a white police officer dealing with a black thug is endlessly covered while black gangs the murder hundreds of people a month get little or no mention.

Bottom line …

But the true shocker is that I am not speaking exclusively about the progressive socialist democrat party – but the GOP whose “go along to get along” policies and refusal to uphold their oath of office has severely compromised our country.

Where political animals like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is as detrimental to our nation as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who used a political rule trick to enable the passage of the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). And where House Speaker John Boehner is every bit complicit as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when it comes to putting their politics before the people who are currently suffering in America.

Unless we cure the corruption, we are totally and thoroughly screwed. The idea of a Hillary Clinton, a Jeb Bush, an open socialist like Bernie Sanders, or a clown like billionaire bloviator Donald Trump being accorded respect as a future President of the United States demonstrates the clear and present danger facing our nation. Sadly, In one respect, the open socialist, Bernie Sanders, is the most honest one of all – not engaging in cronyism and clearly stating his core beliefs.

So what are you going to do?  About voting for corrupt politicians as if they were celebrities? About donating to politicians who cannot manage to tell people what they actually believe in? And, about a mainstream media that has been so thoroughly corrupted as to become unbelievable?

We are so screwed.

-- steve 

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“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

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