There is no doubt in my mind that Jay-Z is a talented rap artist and exceptional businessman, but he also appears to be a master at racial agitation and social discord. Profiting from the miseries of his community while sowing additional racial discord and social despair. And like most progressive socialist democrats, he engages in class warfare, wealth-shaming, name-calling; all perpetrated by a multi-millionaire that lives a lifestyle almost beyond comprehension. 

So this is how he responds to his critics who allege he is overcharging customers of his streaming music service just because his name is on the brand …  

Jay-Z Blasts Cops for Killing ’N*ggas’ During Freestyle Rap Defending His Fledgling Streaming Music Business

Jay Z ripped into everyone who's bashing his new business ... as only he can -- by uncorking a blistering freestyle in which he compared himself to the founders of Apple and Nike.

The lyrical attack came during Jay's 'B-Sides' concert last night, which aired on Tidal ... his music streaming service. Critics have accused the rap mogul of charging users more for Tidal -- compared to similar services -- simply because his name is attached to it.

He then connected Tidal’s poor performance with the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray, and inferred his competitors’ attacks were racially motivated:

“Well I can’t tell how they killed Freddie Gray, right, shot down Mike Brown how they did Tray, right?

Let ‘em continue choking n—as, we gonna turn style, I ain’t your token n—a.

You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich, Phil Knight is worth trillions, you still bought them kicks, Spotify is nine billion, they ain’t say s–t.

Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do, the only one they hating on looks just like you.”

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Bottom line …

Like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Jay-Z appears to be using racial and social discord to sell his brand. Nothing wrong with marketing your brand, but when it adversely affects your community, that’s quite another thing. If you want to see someone who does it right, consider the work of Daymond John, an entrepreneur who makes money without disparaging his community or others.

We are so screwed when we allow politicians, celebrities, and others to lie, distort, and provoke others for their self-serving profit.

The truth is that Tray (Trayvon Martin) was a thug who challenged and attacked an armed Neighborhood Watch captain. The truth is the Mike Brown was a thug who just committed a strong-arm theft and then attacked a police officer and tried to gain control of his weapon. And, as or Freddie Gray, there is no official explanation for his death.

So, to dishonestly use these people to connect with Jay-Z’s brand is just wrong. It’s trying to divide Americans into us versus the man; and then dishonestly pretending the purchase of our overpriced crap is a blow for freedom, equality, and social justice. To which I say: BS.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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