I would hope that the GOP would ditch the grey-beards that appear to run the party and put forth a bold platform that defines the difference between the GOP and the progressive socialist democrats. Instead of attempting to fineness the election with RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who represent democrat-lite crony capitalism, I hope that the party will present a Reagan-style conservative. My choice would be Scott Walker for President with Marco Rubio for Vice President.

The front-runners in the GOP …


jb sw



Jeb Bush

Scott Walker

Marco Rubio




  • Jeb Bush has the infrastructure and access to funding, but would allow the progressive socialist democrats to rehash the Bush era and point to the cronyism and its impact on the failure of key regulatory agencies to prevent the financial crisis from spreading. Significant because many of these same advisors will be providing advice and material assistance to Jeb Bush. Add to that Bush’s open border stance and promotion of common core.
  • Scott Walker, behind in name recognition, but successfully fought off the progressive socialist democrats and their unions seven times (including the two proxy races) in a blue state.
  • Marco Rubio is bright, articulate, and may bring the Hispanic vote. If not a presidential contender due to age and experience, certainly a solid vice president to a Scott Walker Presidency.
  • There is one open space left in the top tier. Personally, I would like it to be filled by either John Kasich or Ted Cruz.


Ted Cruz

Rand Paul

Mike Huckabee

Chris Christie


  • Ted Cruz (Tea Party) certainly is articulate and can put forth the conservative viewpoint without hesitation. Whether he can corral independents and some moderate democrats is unknown.
  • I considerRand Paul (Libertarians) a small-time grifter who speaks conservative and who found himself in the race due to his father’s organization. He reminds me of Lyndon LaRouche and his LaRouchie cultists.
  • Mike Huckabee (Evangelicals) appears to be overly religious and reminds one of the Southern evangelical movement. Like Hillary Clinton who wiped her server’s hard drive, Huckabee destroyed all of the hard drives in his office.
  • Chris Christie (RINO moderates) is certainly pugnacious, but does not appear to be deserving of high office. Christie reminds me of Newt Gingrich and his anger issues.

And the third tier …

I believe Ohio’s Governor, John Kasich, could easily break into the second tier and make it to the first tier if he so desired.

Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Mike Pence, Rick Santorum, Rob Portman and Carly Fiorina do not appear to be viable, although Perry and Pence appear to have a shot to make it into a wider second tier. While Ben Carson appears to be a great guy, he has no chance of becoming president due to the lack of political experience, political connections, an organization, and a fundraising ability.

The GOP women …


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And while Carly Fiorina, the past CEO of Hewlett-Packard is loudly telling people that she would be the counter to Hillary Clinton playing the race card, I see absolutely no reason why Fiorina would be preferable over Susanna Martinez. Martinez, in my opinion, is a tested political fighter with a proven history of success, whereas Fiorina is touting her business skills as if America can be run like a business with a powerful CEO.

Bottom line …


I would be most appreciative if the GOP candidates did not fatally damage each other and provide ammunition to the opposition during the primary debates and focused solely on defeating the progressive socialist democrats. I would appreciate if the decision on who to support was made early, the non-viable candidates dropping out, and then everyone supporting the candidate of choice.

I hope the GOP is smart enough to avoid allowing progressive socialist democrats and hyper-partisans like CNN’s Candy Crowley who damaged Mitt Romney with her lies.

We saw what happened when a majority of America voted color over competence and we cannot allow sex to triumph over substance. It is time to restore America to her rightful place on the world stage and to undo much of the damage that the progressive socialist democrats brought forth on America with their failed policies, both foreign and domestic.

-- steve 

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