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What is happening to the America I know and love?

Our nation has lost its way, beset by political correctness, multi-culturalism, and moral equivalency.  And, what makes this so dangerous is that it is done in the name of doing good. Not a new concept.

“Virtue is more to be feared than vice, because its excesses are not subject to the regulation of conscience.”

~Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations

We can see we are in trouble …

  • When our laws are used against us to fund our enemies and their agenda.
  • When we pretend enemies are our friends and allies, sending them billions in so-called humanitarian or foreign aid.
  • When naming our enemies and telling the truth about their behavior is deemed ‘hate speech” and carries criminal penalty enhancements for uttering certain words and phrases.
  • When we allow millions of gallons of water to be flushed to the ocean in a time of drought, where our crops lie fallow, jobs disappear, and people are punished for using water in ways that have been deemed politically incorrect.
  • When our leaders declare that our soldiers are worth less than our enemies and tamper with the rules of engagement to confer an advantage to our enemy combatants?
  • When we institutionalize political corruption in the name of protecting employee rights.
  • When our leaders declare that our soldiers should be paid less and treated worse than the illegal aliens who a pouring into our country. Importing poverty, illiteracy, and crime, while simultaneously destroying our social safety nets. Creating super-citizens who are not subject to the same laws as legal citizens.
  • When we allow the Congress to vote on laws no ordinary American has seen, is authored in a way to hide its special interest provisions, and cannot be read or understood by those voting on the legislation. Even worse, allowing legislators to “horse-trade” their votes in a quid pro quo deal to get their own self-serving legislation passed.
  • When we pervert science and corrupt institutions and researchers to promote political agendas that would spark a revolution among the people where it not for the pseudo-science rationale. Declaring planetary emergencies that must be dealt with immediately by public policies even though phenomena time scales are measured in hundreds, thousands, and millions of years – and there is absolutely no accurate way to directly measure man’s impact on nature.
  • When we allow billionaires and the special interests to override our representative’s duty to their constituents. As if we do not recognizing the fact that these billionaires and special interests are acting in their own special interests; and in many cases do not know what they are talking about. History is replete with brilliant, well-credentialed, and prestigious individuals who were crackpots.
  • When our media watchdogs misuse their constitutional protections and pander to the regime for access and corporate advantage. Failing to tell the full story, hiding the story among inconsequential trivia, or simply parroting lies without question. Quoting a falsehood without challenge is equivalent to implicitly attesting to its truthfulness. 

How can we live in an era when the average attention span is that of a six-year old and that serious crimes and misdeeds are swept away as “old news.” And that, too, is nothing new.

 “Time is a violent torrent; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and
another takes its place.”
~ Caesar Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 A.D.

How can we rely on celebrity when the chief attribute of celebrity is to read the words written by others with believable, but feigned, sincerity. Where most of these individuals are severely flawed and have little or no working knowledge of what they speak. Shameful, because under this description we find the President of the United States and his omnipresent TelePrompTer.

Bottom line … 

To the extent that the progressive socialist democrats and their republican-in-name-only cohorts are allowed to pursue an anti-America agenda, is to deny that America is being attacked by a fifth column, acting on behalf of our enemies, both foreign and domestic, and subverting America from within.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba”-- take nobody's word for it!
"Acta non verba" -- actions not words

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS