Eight years and I am still saying out loud what you may be thinking.

April 15, 2015 -- Today is the eighth year since the inception of my personal blog "One Citizen Speaking."


What have I learned since 2011 …

  • Human nature: some people will love you, some will tolerate you, some will hate you, and some will troll you – but most will ignore you in favor of living their own lives.
  • Technology: the tide is turning back to favoring closed platforms over a free and open Internet as content providers and distributors want to lock you into their payment models. Our electronic devices present us with ever more options that we do not normally use and find ways to keep up even more connected to an increasingly insane world. Children are increasingly dysfunctional, poorly educated, and anxious if separated from their electronic devices.
  • Healthcare: it has become a game of numbers, incentives and restrictive protocols; and very few physicians take the time or the effort to treat the whole patient. There is rampant waste, fraud, and abuse that the government overlooks – yet use these hypothetical savings to cook the books on their legislation. A common drug in Tier-II goes from a five-dollar co-pay to a Tier-III forty-five dollar co-pay because nobody cares to fight the special interests.
  • Politics: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Both parties are relatively corrupt and treat the citizens who vote them into office as objects to be manipulated at election time by clever media personas and positions. Increasingly dividing and polarizing our nation for political purposes and presenting a poor public image to the rest of the world. Continuing to loot our national treasury and serve their own self-interests.
  • Finance: the government and the large financial institutions are working hand-in-hand to recapitalize those financial institutions that lost money with their imprudent actions – all at the expense of the taxpayers who must bail them out and at the expense of those who rely on fixed income for their retirement. We appear to have overlooked that politics, government rules and regulations, and the failure of the “revolving door” regulators were the proximate cause of the mortgage meltdown and the spread of the contagion to our broader economy. And, we are blindly and stupidly repeating the same scenario under the progressive socialist democrats and their special interests.
  • Law: it is no longer about justice, it is about win/lose ratios and the ability to use individual cases and legal issues to further one’s career and political ambitions. Law enforcement is of the same mindset and crime control takes a backseat to accommodating classes of criminals for political reasons. As we saw in Ferguson and elsewhere, politicians are willing to support thugs and miscreants while ignoring and denigrating law enforcement.
  • Immigration: we are being destroyed from within by illegal aliens who balkanize neighborhoods, pursue their own customs and use their own language – all while massively draining resources from those legal citizens from whom they demand recognition, respect and citizenship. Of course, this is exploited by the politicians for their political self-interest. In California, we see population growth impacting everything from water and road usage to the decimation of our educational institutions, medical facilities, and social safety nets – and yet the progressive social democrats openly welcome even more people who have no legal right to be here.
  • Israel: still standing among the Arab (and Persian) nations which ignore its contribution to humanity and call for its destruction because their success illustrates the Arab’s (and Persians’) failure to humanity and their own people.
  • AARP: still willing to sell out their core constituency of senior citizens by endorsing Obamacare; primarily for commercial advantage. They are a progressive organization and seem to avoid conservatism.
  • Gun Control: the politicians still do not understand “crazy,” accidents, and criminals as they continue to confuse gun control with crime control. What they really want is to abolish the Second Amendment which provides the ultimate penalty for politicians who betray their countrymen and become tyrants in a tyrannical world. Pretty much ignoring that even the police can do bad things with their weapons as can any other individual. 
  • Environmentalism: same old progressive social democrats using our own laws against us. Making up the science as they go along and pumping enough money into the system to corrupt institutions and individual scientists to provide a “believable” hypothesis to support their political ideology.
  • Communists: they are here, they are now and they are slowing collecting the keys to the kingdom with the help of the democrats, unions and other political alliances.
  • The United Nations: still failing to live up to their charter while they openly ignore ethnic cleansing, atrocities against civilians, and attempt to deny free-speech by making religious opinions a hate crime. They continue to cook the books, put forth dire climate and medical warnings in the hopes of building a self-sufficient bureaucracy with real political control over member nations and a self-funding mechanism that does not rely on donations. They are more about wealth redistribution and siphoning off money than they are about insuring aid packages get to their intended recipients.
  • Media: In the mainstream media, corporate interests dominate and true journalistic integrity and credibility has gone missing as evidenced by the failing business model. They failed to vet our political candidates and now seem eager to cover up their malfeasance and misdeeds in office. Television, a vast wasteland of “me too” reality shows that highlight dysfunction for the amusement of others rather than celebrating the best and brightest who are accomplishing amazing things.
  • Large companies: seeking to create additional profits by charging more and delivering less rather than investing in innovation and discovery. We are seeing the major companies jumping into bed with the government to spy on individuals and curtail Constitutional freedoms in order to curry regulatory favor and government grants and contracts. Companies such as Tesla would be gone if not for government subsidies and tax credits although it makes a great vehicle.
  • Infrastructure: a continuing pattern of neglect as politicians have used money that was collected to repair or replace our decaying infrastructure to purchase votes and political support by funding non-productive social programs.
  • Education: continuing on a downward spiral, supported by phony test scores – made worse by administrators and unions who are sucking the money out of the classroom while claiming “it’s for the children.” People are starting to look at education as big business and one that is failing its clients. Prestigious institutions like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and others are offering courses at little or no cost thus disrupting the traditional educational model. Intolerance for diversity of opinion and academic freedom continues to decline.
  • Religion: continuing cliquishness and accepting of a toxic interloper, Islam, which does not recognize human rights and religious freedoms. There is but one religion and it is Islam – the rest of the world be damned seems to be the prevailing attitude.
  • Government: no longer works or respects the people, as bureaucrats are granted extraordinary privileges that insulate them from the consequences of daily living.
  • Celebrity: some of the most ignorant “bat-shit crazies” and self-promoters are accorded media recognition and prestige that is undeserved. Many wind up testifying before congress which continues to be “show business for ugly people.” Why a celebrity is qualified to offer medical advice that wind up killing or injuring children beats me.
  • Science: continual amazing findings – except for those disciplines like climate science which have merged into social activism and believe that physical laws can be influenced by a consensus opinion of mostly politicians. That we did not fund the Super-Collider and FermiLab Tevatron still annoys me greatly.
  • NASA: annoyed that they discontinued the next generation of space vehicles in order to praise the ancient scientific accomplishments of the Muslims and continue to produce specious computer climate models. We are still paying the Russians to carry our people to the International Space Station and have pretty much disbanded all of the talent that made space exploration a reality.
  • Unions: A large number of good people have absolutely no say about what their leadership does in their name; all enforced by peer pressure or actual thuggery. Traditionally, unions are associated with progressive socialist/communist causes and the control of the means of production. I continue to hate unions because they produce little more than political corruption, act as a hidden tax and wealth redistribution mechanism, enforce their edicts with thuggish behavior. Featuring mediocrity over merit, the status-quo over innovation, higher prices without corresponding higher productivity and work rules designed to require more unionized workers.
  • Republican Party: could care less, I am no longer a member. They talk about fiscal responsibility and yet we see crony capitalism and the same old special interest perks and privileges. It’s still the party of old white guys sitting in back rooms plotting the future with their across-the-aisle counterparts.
  • My sister and her liberal friends: she insists I take out this section because it might offend her liberal friends. 
  • My best friend Al: I have learned that my best friend Al continues to be more right than wrong when he explains the futility of tilting at windmills or spending time on things which I cannot directly control.

But, mostly I learned that it still takes concerned, caring people to change the world.

Bottom line …

To those who subscribe to my page and read my work, thank you for your attention, kind words, suggestions and criticisms.

And as I said last year: while it is natural to somewhat fear the unknown, let us embrace the opportunities these challenges may bring. Let us continue the journey today with a resolution to become better people, more prosperous people and people who are capable of seeing evil and dealing with it at the ballot box.

I am thinking about a new platform based on managing change in the near future – send me an email at steve@onecitizenspeaking.com if you want to sign-up for progress reports or be a part of the program.

-- steve

Déjà vu …

April 15, 2007

The purpose of this blog is to make me feel good. Most of us spend our lives tilting at windmills or its electronic equivalent, shouting at the television. But nothing much happens because our range of communication is limited.

Well, the Internet arrived and made it possible for those with like minds to connect, to debate the important subjects and to take concerted action when prudent and necessary. Independent thinkers coalescing into a forceful tide of action takers.

If you doubt the importance of this communication medium, just witness the number of multi-national companies with their special interest lobbyists trying to curtail free speech or program development on the Internet.

Having said that, all of the opinions, unless specifically attributed, are my own. So, please join me in discussing whatever is on MY mind. Want to feel good, start your own blog. Want to disagree, start your own blog.


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