What you want in the United States Attorney General is a person who does their job free of outside political influences and does not attempt to corrupt the legal process by even considering a “legacy.” 


Lynch’s Biggest Challenge as Holder Successor Is Ticking Clock -- She'll have just 21 months before the president leaves the Oval Office.

When Loretta Lynch is sworn in next week, one challenge will loom larger than the rest: a ticking clock.

As the new U.S. attorney general, tasked with combating corporate crime and prosecuting terrorists, she will have just 21 months to leave her imprint on the Justice Department before her boss, President Barack Obama, steps down.

She just isn’t going to be around long enough to think in terms of a huge legacy,” said Douglas Berman, a law professor at Ohio State University. “She will likely keep her head down, continue with most of Holder’s policies and make an impact and perhaps shift emphasis where she can.”

Lynch, who was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday, will become the first black woman to serve as the nation’s top law enforcement official, replacing Attorney General Eric Holder. Her confirmation on a 56-43 vote ended a five-month wait over her nomination, which was marked by partisan fights over unrelated legislation and Republican concerns that she won’t be independent enough from Obama.

Holder had more than six years to craft a legacy on issues ranging from civil rights to pursuing terrorists and reforming sentencing laws. Because Lynch agrees with Holder on most issues and faces such a short tenure, she’s likely to make only slight changes to Justice operations.

It is events more than anything that will dictate her legacy,” said James Garland, Holder’s former deputy chief of staff. “Terrorist attacks, police shootings, financial scandals -- these are the sorts of things that will come across the transom and that she will have to respond to. That is mostly how people will judge her.”

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The idea that the top law enforcement official will pick and choose cases based on personal considerations should be an anathema to all citizens, especially since it opens the door to abuse of the process where individual prosecutors will engage in prosecutorial misconduct, evidence tampering, and withholding exculpatory evidence as we have seen in the past.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s legacy …


While some consider Eric Holder’s legacy to be rooted in civil rights and terrorist prosecutions, his real legacy is rooted in political fraud and corruption – starting with the machinations of the Marc Rich pardon and ending with the obstruction of justice that comes with the never ending investigations to protect the Obama Administration, the refusal to prosecute documented voter intimidation by the Black Panthers, the refusal to investigate and prosecute Lois Lerner for IRS scandal which interfered with a Presidential election, and worst of all, providing rulings that appear to sanction President Obama’s unconstitutional activities.

Bottom line …

Enough with the “historic” nominations and the promotion of color over competence and sex over substance. If America does not reverse its trend of political corruption by self-serving elected officials, we are as doomed as the late Roman Empire. The most important nation on the face of the Earth done in by political suicide and the actions of its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

We cannot trust the progressive socialist democrats in matters of morality, legality, constitutionality, safety and security. In fact, they appear to have become the neo-Communist Party of the United States.

Be careful with your vote, it is as dangerous to your health as a loaded gun in the hands of a child.

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