Hillary Clinton wants to be a champion of the poor and middle class, ordinary Americans, disadvantaged by the system that allows Hillary Clinton to raise a reported  $2.5 BILLION dollar campaign fund from Wall Street, corporate interests and the very people she is attacking …

Why would billionaires, multi-millionaires, and other corporate honchos support someone who can easily raise taxes, impose more onerous rules and regulations, and generally raise havoc with their livelihood?

Could it be that Hillary Clinton is right when she says these elitists, the top 1%, have theirs and could care less about the middle class of average American?

Or could it be something more insidious: this cohort buying unprecedented access to rule-making, regulatory actions, and tapping the limitless spigot of special interest cash from the United States treasury? Knowing that they are knowingly helping to elect a corrupt individual to champion their equally corrupt causes?

The progressive socialist democrats are no strangers to political corruption and rewarding party favorites …

One need only look at the politically-connected Jamie Gorelick. Has anyone noticed that Gorelick has a pattern and practice of being the politically-connected democrat who gets off scot-free when there is demonstrable malfeasance and bad judgements in the neighborhood.

Gorelick was the person who erected the wall between the FBI and the intelligence agencies that was one of the proximate reasons that 9/11 went undetected when substantial evidence that could have revealed the 9/11 plot was placed in the government’s hands – and then could not be accessed. How did she manage to get appointed to the commission investigating the terrorist plot – eventually recusing “herself from reviewing her own role in the regulation of information about terrorist activities.”  

Former Clinton Official Paid $26 Million by Fannie Mae Before Taxpayer Bailout Now on Obama Shortlist to Run FBI

Jamie Gorelick, a former Clinton administration official who reportedly has made the Obama administration's short list to become the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was paid more than $26 million in total compensation as a top executive at Fannie Mae--before taxpayers had to bail out the mortgage giant.

Gorelick, who left the Clinton Justice Department in 1997 to work for Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines, was paid $26,466,834 in salary, bonuses, performance pay and stock options from 1998 to 2003, according to the Report of the Special Examination of Fannie Mae (2006), conducted by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight. Raines had served as Clinton's budget director before assuming the top post at Fannie Mae.

Gorelick served as vice chairman of the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) when the government-sponsored enterprise was bundling subprime loans into securitized financial instruments. Prior to that, she served as deputy attorney general in the Clinton Justice Department under then-Attorney General Janet Reno from 1994 to 1997.

Gorelick was named in a story in the Wall Street Journal as someone being considered for nomination as the next FBI director.

Source: Former Clinton Official Paid $26 Million by Fannie Mae Before Taxpayer Bailout Now on Obama Shortlist to Run FBI | CNS News

And, the democrats are yelling about income inequality and white privilege! Look around at the Clinton crowd and you will find a bastion of white privilege and income inequality.

Clinton’s cronyism will be problematical …

Presidential appointments – There is little doubt that Hillary was behind the recommendations of Zoe Baird (withdrawn), Kimba Woods (withdrawn), and Janet Reno for United States Attorney General. Even Bill Clinton has acknowledged that Janet Reno was one of his worst mistakes.

Does anyone remember another of Hillary’s suggestions, Lani Guanier for the Civil Rights Commission whose nomination needed to withdrawn when her radical views became known to the public?

Of course, other suggestions were even more egregious: her law partners Web Hubble (jailed for fraud at Hillary’s law firm) – Justice Department, Vince Foster (suicide/murder?) to the White House and William Kennedy (resigned) to the Department of Treasury. Then there was Craig Livingstone for the Director of White House Security who was investigated for accessing FBI files for political purposes and allegedly quelling a White House drug problem among staffers.

Who is Hillary Clinton likely use as advisors or nominate to high government positions? Socialists? Communists? Political operatives? Special interests? Or, possibly, even people suggested by the largest foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Bottom line …

Hillary Clinton is a proven liar, corrupt as a three-dollar bill, and all about money and power. She is the epitome of white privilege and is trying to sell ordinary Americans that she can relate to their “situation.” Of course, she hasn’t driven for 20+ years, uses chauffeured vehicles and private jets, does not shop, and is manifestly out-of-touch with both ordinary Americans and the reality beyond her pampered existence.

There is little or no doubt that Hillary Clinton is using her name recognition, woman’s issues (abortion, contraception), and socialist attacks on whites and the wealthy to drive her campaign.

Now, it remains to be seen if the GOP has the cojones to stand up and call Hillary Clinton out for the white, pampered, 1%, corrupt, lying socialist hypocrite she is in reality.

-- steve

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